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    I'm a history and Biology human emphasis major, with career ADD. Lets see how this goes. I just really love fish, enjoy kayaking, and all things ocean related.
  1. Worst Aquarium Related Smell You've Encountered

    My Fluval Edge HOB just got jammed while i've been out of the house since six thirty yesterday morning - I totally vouch for Lalani's olfactory related horror
  2. Diver's Paradise - The Original

    Hey great pictures from your dive!
  3. Troubled Torch

    Thanks Weetabix! I just get so worked up sometimes, because even after I read and read, i have a black thumb when it comes to most corals! I'll see what happens when i get back from my clinical rotation today.
  4. Troubled Torch

    Hey guys I brought home a good piece of torch last night from my LFS and he opened up fine after acclimating, but this morning he looks kind of chunky. Could he just be getting ready for the day or maybe there isn't enough flow? I've got two Aqueon 700's spaced on opposite ends of the tank pointed to the long walls, and an aquaclear 70 HOB filter system. I'll try to post a video later, but it really wouldn't be me without overreacting about something. Thank you!
  5. Hawaii Zoas

    I can't wait to add pictures from my shipment tomorrow! I know i sent you a PM, but you really are a gentleman and a saint and can't wait to see these in my tank!!!
  6. FS: Blue xenia cespitularia and Pink pulsing xenia

    If you decide to ship i'd love some pink. Only going to Bakersfield 93308
  7. ugly's fugly natural tank

    Tank looks great! I love the scape!
  8. I'll Try Not To Love Our Fish More Than You - Our First 20

    So almost everything is still running. Long time no update right? I started Nursing School and he is no longer around, and i moved leaving my babies at my moms house down the street. Everything was fine until the filter clogged. Lost my anemone and my pom pom crab, and several corals. :/ Moving everything to a forty gallon at my new house. I missed seeing my fish everyday. Just started a cycle with forty pounds of live sand and eight pounds of live rock. More rock is going to be moved over from my twenty and i have the fifty pound box from BulkReefSupply headed to me as I type this. Can't wait.
  9. Peanut's Paradise

    Following. How long are you running your lights for?
  10. Awesome $10.00 Frags

    Tried to send a PM but your inbox was full!
  11. I'll Try Not To Love Our Fish More Than You - Our First 20

    Our sandbed is actually about 4.5 inches deep
  12. I'll Try Not To Love Our Fish More Than You - Our First 20

    Don't get me wrong, he is very cute with his singular vertical stripe. My main problem with him is the fact he is ruining the deep sandbed i was trying to cultivate. And no i can't catch him, even if i actually put some effort into it.
  13. I'll Try Not To Love Our Fish More Than You - Our First 20

    we haven't updated in a while so our tank is kind of old news but heres a video from the 11th! we added a small derasa clam who is now completely opened and then today a large zoa frag, and a hawaiian feather duster worm. Everything looks so awesome! Also not seen in the video is my boyfriends engineering goby, whom i have come to despise but can't seem to muster up the courage to trade him to someone else or sell him back to the fish store.
  14. I'll Try Not To Love Our Fish More Than You - Our First 20

    Ok! Thank you for the input!