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  1. Shrimp ID

    Ok after a bit more research into glass shrimp im fairly sure that what they are. There is no possible way they could be peps. Thanks for your help!
  2. Shrimp ID

    I thought glass shrimp where fresh water? I found these out in some tide pools with no rivers near by
  3. Adding new Anemone

    The surest way to kill aptasia is with a blow torch, a more natural method would be peppermint shrimp. As for your tank since you recently added the LR its probably still going through a mini cycle. The tank is no where near ready for any hosting nem.
  4. Shrimp ID

    Can anybody help me ID this shrimp? It came from the pacific side of Costa Rica. I want to see if i have any chance of raising the babies since this one is prego. Also is there something like fishbase.org but for inverts? Thanks!
  5. Adding new Anemone

    You cant frag LTAs, move it to the bigger tank and hope for the best
  6. Maze coral hitch hiker

    ohh, im use to seeing the yellow ones from a tank i had a while back so thats why i didnt recognize them as hydroids. These look purty and dont seem to be bothering the coral so i think they shall stay, for now. Thanks guys!
  7. Maze coral hitch hiker

    This came on a piece of maze coral that I got from the Caribbean. Any idea what it could be?
  8. What is the difference between ocellaris and percula?

    Percs tend to be a bit smaller and harder to breed also
  9. Corals that suck for SPS tanks

    Usually corals that aren't SPS suck in a SPS tank, just sayin breh
  10. The Official Snorkeling/SCUBA Diving/Beach Looking Thread

    Just one where i was trying to ID the puffer lol. There really isn't much to show, the tank had been running 4 months with nothing but a hermit in it and when i went to the beach i only picked up stuff that had washed ashore ( that includes the fish that were flopping on the sand and probably would have died if i didnt pick them up) and as for the actual tank, its a AIO 20 long, 150w MH, old sapphire skimmer, and a maxijet 1200. Im exited for my christmas bonus so i can finally get a housing for my S95
  11. The Official Snorkeling/SCUBA Diving/Beach Looking Thread

    Finally went to the caibbean side of CR last weekend, lots of tangs, wrasses, sergeant majors and a few puffers. I tried the camera in a plastic bag tip but all the pics come out fuzzy to the point where its better to not take pics at all. I picked up some macros 2 fish and a chunk of coral that had washed ashore. Here are some pics from where I was at ( Punta Uva) And here is my tank with the macros, fish and coral i picked up.
  12. Show off your anemones here!

    Not the most colorful out there but i like them
  13. Trunkfish or Puffer

    I was thinking that the exoskeleton from the shrimp in Rod's might do it. Il try to find small crabs/snails to feed it though
  14. Trunkfish or Puffer

    iball, from the first 2 pics how you say his/her belly is? I had been reading that they eat small crustaceans to wear down the teeth. Considering that its only about 1.5in long it cant eat hermits yet whats a good alternative for puffers this size? Thanks for the advice!
  15. Trunkfish or Puffer

    From what i was reading they get up to 4in long so i think it should be happy in the 20long with macros i have set up. I found it washed ashore almost entirely dried out, at first I put it back in a tidepool that had other puffers but it wasn't swimming too well and kept getting washed up so i decided to "rescue" it