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  1. No gel lens or anything else buddy. The Samsung S7 takes amazing pictures. I have tried taking pics with my friend's iPhone 6 and 7 and the pictures turn out pretty crappy. I believe the camera on the Galaxy 7 is much better than the iPhone.
  2. You sir have an impressive collection of RFAs and I noticed that you have been getting some pretty nice babies.
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to share a few pics of some RFAs that have been born in my tank. They look terrific under my new Nanobox Duo Plus M that I received few days ago. I highly recommend Nanobox fixtures. My anemones have never looked better! These pics are taking with my Samsung S7 and truly represent how awesome the RFAs look in person
  4. BlinkUp Help Please!

    Got it working!
  5. Progress on Orders : Check your order and others!

    I just purchased a Duo Plus M and I can't wait to have it over my Rock Flower Anemone tank
  6. I go by my personal experience and not by what somebody else tells me because I have tons of experience when it comes to RFAs. I have been keeping RFAs for over 10 years, way before most of you knew they even existed. I fed more often when I first started collecting but I stopped long time ago and I didn't notice any difference in the number of spawnings/babies. By the way,I have never lost one and they have babies often, in fact right now I have about 100 that am raising. I must say that feeding the babies does make them grow faster......but I rarely spot feed the babies because I am simply too lazy. I think I have plenty of experience when it comes to RFAs and I know what works and doesn't work (at least for me).
  7. I highly doubt that overfeeding was what killed your anemones. You should also know that feeding RFAs is not a must. Mine have babies on a regular babies and I practically never feed them. Sometimes when I feed the fish they catch something here and there but I don't spot feed them, and all of them are super happy and multiplying. People go nuts feeding them....some feed them daily, others few times a week and I think that's a bit much Take a step back, enjoy them and simply let them be.
  8. That anemone does not look like that in real life. This seller is using blue lighting and on top of that he/she "enhanced/oversaurated" those pics. It's just a run of the mill rainbow anemone. I have lots of them but I didn't know you could sell them for that much....lol. This seller is totally deceiving people.
  9. Thought I would share a pic of one of my babies. I love the colours on this one. Tentacles are bicolor (green & orange) but it's hard to capture that in pics. Tentacles look red but they are actually orange. This one is about one inch and a half.
  10. I would say yeah, turn the flow completely off if you happen to see them releasing babies....but not when the males are releasing sperm because you want it to go all over your tank and allowing the females to take in.
  11. Rock Nem Spring Planting

    Beautiful anemones
  12. Bounce Rock Flower Anemone...?

    This last one was born in my tank. It's a beautiful and very unique RFA, never seen anything like it. Now, I have been collecting RFAs for the past 10 years or longer! Some were purchased from the US ( same stores you guys have purchased from) and some other ones from Canadian shops. Finally, I use a Kessil 160 Tuna blue over my tanks and my anemones love this light. I run it at 100% and everything is doing well.
  13. Bounce Rock Flower Anemone...?

    No idea what causes it. I sold some babaies to a friend and they all turned out this bouncy/bubbly. I asked him to sell them back to me but he didn't want to....lol. I also don't think it's age or gender related. Here is another one that's a bit bubbly ?
  14. Bounce Rock Flower Anemone...?

    I have about 100 RFAs and only a handful are this "bouncy/bubbly".
  15. These already had color when they were born. I give lots of light! Lighting cycle is usually from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and I also feed them few tim s a week.