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  1. mike c

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Holy crap, Kat!! Your tank has had awesome growth, since the last time Ive been on the forums.
  2. mike c

    Red solo cup safe?

  3. mike c

    Red solo cup safe?

    You shutting the pumps off? With no flow in the water, you might be able to catch it a little better. Although to answer the original question, the Big Red Big Cup will be fine I'm sure.
  4. mike c

    Red solo cup safe?

    Why would you waste a perfectly good, red neck wine glass? I'd use a fine brine net.
  5. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Picked up a few acros from Reef Odyssey, a locally run coral supplier here in Santa Barbara. Some top down, and other random pics for growth comparison. This Pearl Berry was bleaching out when I got it. You can see nice blue starting to come back, on the right side. This was sold to me as a trip color. It was completely bleached. I got to darken up, and now its getting a little lighter, and its polyps are turning bright green. Another milli from Reef Odyssey. Hard to see, but its getting pinkish around the polyps. Red Planet starting to color up.
  6. mike c

    laguna's 40 breeder

    Dude, so sick!!! Some serious reef porn here.
  7. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Welcome to the threads! I may have explained it wrong, but I'm running the full 6 bulbs in the fixture. 3 blue+ ATI's, 2 coral+, and an actinic. I am actually thinking of adding a Reefbrite LED bar. I actually debated the same thing when I was setting my system up. I personally don't think 1 Sol module would be enough. Yes it'll probably grow coral just fine in the middle if the tank, but you'll probably be limited on the outer edges, and/or upper left/right areas of the tank. Its been done, it can work, but I suggest 2 Sols for a 40 breeder.
  8. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Well, its been a while since I've posted anything on my thread. So how's bout a little pic update?! Some recent frags I picked up. Latest FTS
  9. mike c

    ecoxotic panorama led problem

    Same thing happened to me. And I cut my hood to fully expose the heatsinks.
  10. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Lol, probably the the easiest post I've had to answer.
  11. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Thanks!I have an ATO set up, but when I used to top off manually, it was about 8-10 cups daily. So about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon. As far as dosing, I only dose Seachem Advantage Calcium powder, and Seachem Builder for Kh. 1tsp of each daily. Kh in the AM, and Ca in the PM. I use 1 1/2 tsp of each, the night, and morning after my water change, as it drops a point. Levels are pretty steady at 9.6-10.0, and 415-420.
  12. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Thanks, brotha! I tried to place that monti frag in a crevice of the rock. Hopefully it'll encrust the rock, and have an even look, opposed to obvious hump that montis have when you leave the frag under them. Know what I mean?
  13. mike c

    mike c's Forty-B

    Thanks, bro. Some top down pics.
  14. mike c

    Please Help with RBTA!

    Established for two years? Frozen cubes, whole? karensroseanemones.net is a good place to start.