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  1. Rings of Fire...I believe. Same ones I got.
  2. Definitely look like snail eggs.
  3. I tried Kat...and failed. The only recorder I have is my phone, and the videos look like crap, regardless of claiming HD video...
  4. Those are freakin' gorgeous!! Just wait till they're all grown out!
  5. Eh, just about $600 worth of Scolis...lol. Looks sick!!
  6. My little fat girl. She eats mysis, brine, ova, and even picks out her favorite pieces of Rod's Food. I also toss in a bag of Tisbe pods every couple months.
  7. Those are its feeders, and you sure that's a candy cane? Drop some mysis shrimp in it when its feeders are extended like that.
  8. Do I see a skimmate thread in the making? Who's is bigg...darker than who's!!?? Looks like honey. Steve eats skimmate like that for breakfast! lol