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  1. xMutil4teR

    Par38 LED DIY Fixture over my 20G Tall

    Pics of the tank at night.
  2. really nice setup! this looks awesome. I love the shrooms and the way you have the scape laid out is amazing. nice work.
  3. xMutil4teR

    Par38 LED DIY Fixture over my 20G Tall

    Nice tank jcgilmore. You're setup is really nice and the Coral is really popping. I wish I didn't have to buy a new bulb but if its better for the tank then I should. That being said, I have an LED strip hanging on the inside of the tank too...so the coral is definitely getting a lot of light. An extra Par38 might not hurt though. Thanks for the rec @Zoo!
  4. xMutil4teR

    Par38 LED DIY Fixture over my 20G Tall

    Thanks for the input! What do you think is a good Par38 light? What would you recommend? I know Ecoxotic makes one, they are somewhat expensive but definitely nice. What do you think?
  5. xMutil4teR

    Boomer's 10g Nano

    My 10g is resting in piece. Hurricane Sandy destroyed it ;(. I've since set up a 20g tall. Check out the new lighting fixture I built at this thread! http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/341890-par38-led-diy-fixture-over-my-20g-tall/ Comments/questions welcome. The tank is about 4 months old now.
  6. Here are pictures from the most recent project I did for my 20g tall. The supplies: 1 x ABI 12W PAR38 LED Aquarium Light https://www.jacobsparts.com/items/GR-PAR38-12W-BW/ From Home Depot: 1 x 3/4" PVC Pipe cut to appropriate size for tank 2x 3/4" 90 degree PVC Elbows 1x Replacement Cord Set 1x Weatherproof Socket 1 bag of butt connectors 1 bag of 3/4" PVC holders Black Spray Paint Electrical Tape So I first started by using a hack saw to cut the PVC to size using a hack saw. I cut an additional piece of straight PVC to hang the light over the top of the tank. The pictures will show it best. I then spray painted the PVC black and waited for it to dry. While it was drying, I placed the clamp on the back of the stand where it would be holding the PVC. I drilled the holes for the clamp. I then ran the replacement cord set through all of the PVC prior to crimping and assembling. I used the butt connectors to connect the light socket to the replacement cord and wrapped them with electrical tape. I tested the light after connecting the cables and everything looked great! I fixed the PVC together, and tightened it behind the tank with the clamp at the correct height. It came out exactly like I needed! Looks great and the shimmer effect from the light on the water through the versa top looks so awesome! Comments and questions welcome.
  7. xMutil4teR

    Pong's 20L College Reef

    Long time no talk! Just curious what exact model lighting fixture ur using?
  8. xMutil4teR

    SPS Bleached?

    Feeding as recommended. Mid position in tank. How about flow? Would you all reommend low? Thanks so much for the support.
  9. xMutil4teR

    SPS Bleached?

    Bummer man I still has some darker green in it. It's not totally white. But the blue tips are non-existent. Any way to be sure?
  10. xMutil4teR

    SPS Bleached?

    Hey Guys, I got this frag and it was already somewhat bleached out. Do you think, by the looks of it, that it is now completely bleached out? Sorry for the crappy phone pic...
  11. xMutil4teR

    The "Mini" World! PIX!(rimless 10g build)

    Any august-sept fts?? I want to see
  12. xMutil4teR

    Boomer's 10g Nano

    I'm just keeping the clowns in it now. Too much of a bio load to do anymore than that. I am really into the reef idea too. Any suggestions?
  13. xMutil4teR

    Boomer's 10g Nano

    Hey NR, It has been quite a while since my last post. My tank crashed and I got really discouraged . I have since decided to re-establish the tank and start over. So here's the scoop! Equipment - Filter: AquaTech HOB Lighting: ZooMed 50/50 Florescent/Actinic & a Blue Stunner Strip LED Skimmer: BioCube Skimmer Heater: 100w Standard Other: Koralia Nano 240 Livestock - (2) Ocellaris Clowns So I re-cycled my tank and started all over again. I am excited because I have learned a lot since my last journey and I am ready to spend more time than ever. Here are a few updated pictures of where I am at now. I just placed an order from mrcoral.com for a bunch of nice frags which I am ready to grow as well! Let me know what you all think or if anyone has any questions! FTSLED: FTS1: FTS2: -John
  14. xMutil4teR

    Is this a good deal?

    Definitely reef. I know that copper ruins inverts. Bad. Lol so i will definitely ask him. It was a cichlid tank freshwater for the previous owner. Any ideas why he would use copper? Also, what do you think about the Fx 5 filter? I know if i do coral I should have a protein skimmer but I'm not sure. I want to do this setup the right way and haven't had a tank this big before. I'm going to continue to research but any insight would be great.
  15. xMutil4teR

    Is this a good deal?

    If he treated the tank with copper its not worth it right?? Thanks so much. I'm going to continue on my 10gal nano. Then set the 90 in about6 months or so. I gotta save some $$ haha.