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  1. joshik

    FS: Ultra Maxima Clams

    only #3 left.
  2. joshik

    Need ID please

    nice! i will have to try to buy some from you when it grows out!
  3. joshik

    FS: Ultra Maxima Clams

    no prob! let me know! willing to possibly trade but not for a clam. things im looking for: paly grandis car sunny d purple hornet
  4. joshik

    FS: Ultra Maxima Clams

    bump. ill be at RAP for those in SoCal.
  5. keydiver has a nice variety of macro algae for sale. i bought all mine (except this one) from him. good seller.
  6. pic not working....? ill take it if its a good size PIC working now. it was my company internet that was blocking the pic. ygpm. ill take it if its still avail.
  7. joshik

    FS: Ultra Maxima Clams

    yes, will ship. buyer pays expense and selects speed of shipping and if they want a heat pack or not. i include box, styro lining and heat sealed bag. Where you located so I can calculate a shipping price. Thanks for the kind words Reef Goddess!
  8. have a few clams for sale. they are about 1.25-1.5" Ultra grade. The camera does not do them justice $55 each SOLD SOLD
  9. I have extra ogo. i dont have tangs but i use this ogo for display and also to keep nitrates and phosphates down. perfect for food or the fuge/display! awesome tang and other herbavoire food. full of nutrients for ur fishies! half a sandwich baggie -1/8lb - $5 sandwich baggie -1/4lb - $10 not including water weight. hit me up if you are interested in some. i am in vista,CA willing to ship - min 1/4lb.
  10. joshik

    Hammer broke apart during shipping

    i'm sure its fine. it might take a little while for it to adjust to your tank and fully open. you can definitely glue it back together as it is just a calcium based skeleton.
  11. sorry about that. inbox cleaned. express is next day priority is 2-3 days (if i sent today, it would get there fri according to USPS) thanks. i cant believe these were $60pp and even more back in the day!
  12. joshik

    sick zoas

    i thought there were "sick" (as in crazy awesome) zoas for sale. if those are white growths on them and not specks of sand, could be zoa pox. if it were a light thing, and they were stretching out, i dont think they would close. i think they would open more to get more light. but i have seen zoas that were always "stretched" out, even with ample light.
  13. gotta sell some stuff to fund my other new hobby (scuba). willing to trade for scuba accessories. i'm looking for a dive light, and lobster bag! =] local pickup or shipped at buyers expense. buyer can select whether to have overnight or priority. Red Hornet Mini Colonies A. 25+ heads - $OLD B. 20+ heads - $OLD C. 15+ heads - $100 D. 18 heads - $100 E. 9 heads - $OLD F. 15+ heads - $100 G. 20+ heads - $OLD H. 10+ heads - $OLD these all probably have more heads then listed. i just counted what i could see. i know one of the frag plugs have them growing under the plug too Meteor Shower All growing well and fast. they have growth under the plug/rock too! $10 or $20 Macro Algae Halymenia (dragons breath) - $15 for 3" piece Codium - $10 for 4" piece with multiple branches Red Titan - $10 for 3" piece Red Grape (Botryocladia) - $15 for 7" piece with multiple branches macros can be cut to custom size as well for more or less $