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  1. So i've been running biocube 29 after my move for about 3+ months. Ever since I decided to downsize to a nano ive been thinking of how to integrate an algae scrubber into the tank so that i don't have anything sticking out the back. i really wanted a clean look. no hood just a glass top without things like skimmers sticking out of the back. i knew that i could fit a algae scrubber into center back chamber and started to brainstorm on how to make it simple and efficient. originally i wanted it to be double sided but i had a hard time coming up with a way to have a waterproof led lighting system that would go inside the middle chamber on both sides of the screen. i could have done some diy led system and waterproofed it but that was too complicated and i would never get my scrubber done. i settled for single sided. the screen was going to be 7" x 10" which has an area of 70sqin which is plenty for a 29g tank according to's standards (they have new standards now though). so single side is plenty. so here is what i came up with I scrapped off the black paint (quite easy yet messy) off the back. i tried to scrape off only what i needed for the light to come through. i used the Skkye Light - Utility Light because of its slim profile. i didnt like the jbj nano glo bc of the magnet needed. i might try to hack up my skkye light and change out the leds to red 660nm for better algae growth i made this tray out of acrylic. the idea is for the water to flow over into the tray like so: now for the screen. instead of pvc pipe with a slit in it, i made cut a slit in a rectangle piece of acrylic. i doubled over the screen and secured it with zip ties. and it sits in the acrylic tray like so. the water flows into the tray and down the screen. here is a week and a few day's worth of growth after the scrubber being in use for about a month or so... i have 10 fish in my tank (check my sig for my tank specs) and i tested my water last week. nitrates were at 0 and phosphates were around 1. i feed atleast 2x a day and sometimes more when i'm home and bored.