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  1. joshik

    12G long Mr Aqua with a LID?

    yeh i'm a fan of glass lids. i had a custom one cut for my nanocube 24 and love it. i never have problems with salt creep as the water line is well below the top of the lid. As for condensation, there is a lot of condensation build up but it ends up dripping back into the tank so no issues there. thanks for all the ideas everyone. i'll prob get a custom lid cut and it will mostl likely sit on top. Thanks!
  2. I'm thinking hard about starting a new small tank and I love the look of the 12G long Mr Aqua tank. However, as much as I love the look of rimless tanks, I would rather have a clean looking glass lid. Anyone ever done anything like that to a Mr Aqua tank? any pics?
  3. just cleaning up the tank and trimmed back my chaeto. about softball size. im in Vista off the 78 and Sycamore. Come and pick it up! Will be available all day today. PM is key
  4. eunicid. not an actual pic of the one in my tank after i brought home a large piece of live rock with a HUGE green hairy mushroom on it, i started to notice frags missing. Sometimes frag plugs would be cemented to the new large rock. I'd pull them off and put them back but there was always some moved or missing. I picked up the large rock one day and found an old dying acan frag upside down stuck to the rock (which i was able to save). so at i wanted to investigate. I was looking into the crevices of the large rock at night with a flash light and i saw this iridescent colored segmented worm pass by the crevice! i nearly fell back it freaked me out. I googled it and found that it was a eunicid worm. i ended putting the rock in the sump. dont know what happened to the worm but i hear they can get to be like 6' or something!
  5. joshik

    Favorite Public Aquarium?

    and huge tuna! what i would give to be sitting up to with a rod and reel
  6. joshik

    New percula clown has ich.

    buy or borrow a fish trap!
  7. joshik

    Red sea max 130D looks like a better offer

    mp10 is worth $150+ alone
  8. joshik

    baby_tunas ADA 45f!

    yashas are DEFINITELY jumpers, especially if spooked. Keep a close watch.
  9. joshik

    HELP! Chromis in QT - Heavy Breathing & Disorientated

    for me, chromis are hit or miss. some are bulletproof and others not so much. out of all the chromis i've bought (maybe i just buy from a bad supplier) but I always loose more than 1/2
  10. joshik

    Red Mithrax Crab question

    i've had red and green mithrax crabs. GREAT at eating hair algae and bubble algae. BUT i did have one that picked at my zoas and other softies. He got banned to the sump until I needed him to clean up some algae. He would clean up everything really fast and then I'd find him and put him in the sump. ive heard similar stories too of mithrax crabs picking/eating softies
  11. joshik

    Getting 29g biocube, advice?

    build one of these. i have one on my tank and it works perfectly. there is a short video on the bottom too http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/299435-diy-internal-algae-turf-scrubber-for-biocube-29/
  12. joshik


    go for it. i love fire fish, esp the purples and helfrichi.
  13. joshik

    Our "Little Jetty"

    love the pygmy possum wrasse. one of my favs. i had one in my old nano
  14. joshik

    Sold- Thanks man

    any pics without the blue glow?