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  1. Hi all, I know there are tons of threads on this, but i'm hoping for some help. I have had this skimmer running for 6 months now and I am still getting a lot of micro bubbles. I've tried moving the cup up and down and adjusting the air intake. What are you guys doing to fix this? Anybody still having this problem? I believe the skimmer is broken in by now... Thanks!
  2. questions about hybrid and sunpower retro

    I have three light fixtures from Dave. The latest being an ATI Retro. Cool fixture and great customer service. I recommend them.
  3. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - GBG's are here!

    The tank looks great! Sweet acro too!
  4. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Very impressive. Keep it up.
  5. Let's get small! IM Fusion 20G Build

    Any updates? Anything you would do differently?
  6. Freguz Elos Mini

    Nice tank. Did you try the Elos Skimmer at all?
  7. Nate's Elos Mini

    Added a Six Line, Chromis, Flame Angel. and a couple SPS today.
  8. Nate's Elos Mini

    Update: Sump: FTS: Ich killed all of my fish a couple months ago and I haven't added anymore. Just hooked up the doser, so ill be adding sps soon.
  9. X-Aqua X-Inout overflow + return

    Where can I buy one?!
  10. {insert-user}+{insert-tank} = topic_title

    Where can I buy that overflow?!
  11. Brown Algae ID Please

    I know this is old, but i have the same problem. Any update?! Need help ASAP.
  12. Jacob's Elos Mini

    Where can I find more info on swapping out the LEDs? I have a Sol Blue too.
  13. Nate's Elos Mini

    This mushroom is nuts... found them browned out in a tank for $5 -As you can see, I steered away from SPS for awhile. They weren't holding up. Ill give my tank more time to mature before I add more of them. Oh and the fish (one of each): ORA Black Clownfish (Jay Z) Sixline Wrasse (Super aggresive) ORA Neon Goby (Always perches on corner seam of tank) ORA Orchid Dottyback (She's super tiny and found a cave) Potter's Angel (Favorite fish) -All parameters are doing great. Finally getting my Alk in balance. Stays around 8.0 with dosing 5ml of 2 part daily. I do a 20% water change about once a month. -I still don't have any coraline algae yet, I think i need to introduce it on a rock. And yes my Calcium stays around 440.