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  1. I bought a Solana XL67 a few years back and then wound up moving to KC from Torrance CA on short notice and my build went into storage at my mom's place. My mom has been pretty patient and has let me keep the tank in her garage, but it's looking like I'll be in KC for the foreseeable future and the cost to ship the tank is more than I want to pay. I'm looking to sell the Solana XL 67, Precision Marine R30 Sump/Refugium, Pukani Dry Rock, & some potable water tanks while I'm in LA for Thanksgiving for the next 2 weeks. I'll be in Los Angeles/Torrance from November 19th through December 3rd and want to sell these items locally since the cost of shipping is prohibitively expensive. Once I get into town I'll take some new pictures and update the thread, but since my window is limited and I'll only be available in LA for 2 weeks I thought I'd post some older pictures ahead of time and try to set up a time to meet before I actually get into town. Only available for local pickup in Torrance CA since shipping is prohibitively expensive or I would just ship it to myself. I'd like to see: - $1000 for the Solana XL67(Tank + Stand with under cabinet lighting installed, paid $1,477.48) - $150 for the PRECISION MARINE REFUGIUM R30(Paid $329.99) - $50/each for the 20 Gallon Portable Utility Tanks(Paid $192.68 for the pair) - $2/lb for BRS Pukani Dry Rock (~50 lbs available, paid $159.50 for it) But I'm open to offers and if you want multiple items I can do come down a bit, offer away, the worst I can say is no. Below are some pictures I found from my old build thread when I was trying to get it setup. None of the listed items have touched water and they're all in storage right now so they probably have a bit of dust on them, but they should be in good condition. Inside of tank stand(Installed some under cabinet lighting, would be included, could easily be removed if you don't want it for whatever reason) Installed an SCWD which could easily be removed if you prefer not to have it.(Taken before I painted the back black) Pictures of sump in the stand with the undercabinet lighting that's installed and the skimmer/return pump that I planned on using(Skimmer & return were sold). Pretty sure I also have 2 x 20 Gallon Rotomold tanks(never used)
  2. I had high hopes when I bought the AFS, unfortunately when I received it I found out that using Neptune's own food the Crossover Diet I had very little control over how much food was dispensed. I did 15 rotations on the following settings to get an average dispensing rate the results were as follows with the stock AFS: Before Modification(15 Rotation Results): Smallest Opening = 28 pellets dispensed (1-3 pellets per rotation, average of ~1.9 pellets per rotation) Second Smallest Opening = ~878 pellets dispensed (53-66 pellets per rotation average of ~58.5 pellets per rotation) With these results and a 60 cube with ~ 6 fish in 60 cube dispensing enough food ~2 pellets at a time (with at least a minute between each rotation using the built in Apex Food Profiles, might be able to trim it to ~30 seconds between rotations using advanced programming) I had to find a solution.(My wife and I moved half way across the country and haven't really made friends since moving, but we go back to visit family a few times a year and spent 2 weeks at home last year and are hoping to spend another 2 weeks there this summer) My requirements were that: Keep the AFS adjustable in since I'm looking at upgrading tanks in the future and really don't want to have to buy another AFS. Be able to revert the modification since I've had a few mods not work out so well in the past and if the mod didn't do what I needed it to I needed to be able to sell it rather than just eat a ~$100 loss. Here's what I've come up with: 1. Remove the stock adjustable shutter by slipping the back side of a knife between the tab and the pellet container. 2. Use the sample bag or another thick, but pliable piece of plastic and cut out a strip that's about half the width of the shutter (you can change the width of the strip depending on how much ofan adjustment you want/need to make to the original portion sizes) and at least one and a half times the length of the biggest opening. 3. Tape the strip cut in the previous step to the shutter and clean up the scotch tape along the red lines in the picture to make sure that it's still adjustable and consistent. 4. Put the modified shutter back into the pellet container and you're good to go. Here's what it should look like after the modification(these are just 3 examples, I think there are 15 possible settings between the smallest and largest openings. Smallest opening: Middle opening: Largest opening: After Modification(15 Rotation Results): Smallest Opening = 19 pellets dispensed (1-2 pellets per rotation, average of ~1.3 pellets per rotation) Second Smallest Opening = 155 pellets dispensed (8-13 pellets dispensed per rotation, average of ~10.3 pellets per rotation) If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc let me know and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
  3. I wish mine did that, when I put the new one in place of my old one water just went under acrylic piece and around my mediabasket instead of over and into my mediabasket.