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  1. CadLights Mini 4g

    Hey guys, Not a hole lot has happened. I got a clean up crew and most of it was doa, and other than that I have coraline algae growing on the glass. but i should have some zoa's coming in the mail some time next week. I have been working on designing a media basket the last few days I still have a lot to tweak on it before it's done, but hear's a 2D front view of it. I should have a 3d pic soon. let me know what you guys think of the chamber set up. It's should be 3-1/16" wide not 3-3/16"
  2. CadLights Mini 4g

    teeny reef, Thanks for the advice! And your tank is sick bty. I took these pics last night, but today the tank is clear to the point wear I can see the rocks and back glass
  3. CadLights Mini 4g

    The cloudy water was what was bothering me; I'm impatient for it to clear. the tank looks 10x better though. I'm definitely going to be removing sand this weekend. I will post some pics of it tonight or tomorrow. teenyreef, can I have your opinion on what I'm going to be stocking in the tank. It will change over time I just want to have a idea of what I'm going to put in the tank.
  4. CadLights Mini 4g

    Okay thanks for the advise. It is starting to clear now, they gave me a bio-magnet pack that says it will help clear the water but I'm hesitant to add it.
  5. CadLights Mini 4g

    My sand and cobalt heater a rived today from brs. I added the sand and boy is the water cloudy, I can even see the rocks. I'm most likely going to do a water change if it does not start to clear with in a the next 3 days or is that a bad idea? I also added the whole 5lbs of sand witch is way to much. I'm going to remove some sand, when would be the best time to do it? Im just waiting on a few more things from drs. foster and smith
  6. Snowflake's Transparent Reef

    Hey has any one had there firer fish hang out with there goby and pistol shrimp in the same cave? when ever my firer fish isn't hanging out with my clowns he is with the pistol goby pair. Is that odd behavior? I'll try and get a picture if any one is interested
  7. Yet another CadLights Mini 4G

    Wow those rics look awesome
  8. CadLights Mini 4g

    No not really. I'm just going to do the 1g water change. The water change should keep the water crystal clear any way. It would probably be cheaper and less maintenance In the long run as well . I'm going to just ditch the sponge and most likely go with a basket. And also I'm going to order Hydor Pico 800 after the cycle is over Thank you guy for the input, Max
  9. CadLights Mini 4g

    So heres my order so far. I'm swopping out the heater I have in there now for the Cobalt, which looks like it should slide right in to the last chamber. I think 5lbs of sand is plenty. The second rear chamber is 2-1/4"x2-3/4"x10 so I was thinking on putting a reactor in there and this should fit http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/minimax-desktop-all-in-one-media-reactor-innovative-marine.html but it would be a tight fit so I was going to ask for some thoughts. I'm still looking at return pumps. The Hydor Centrifugal 400 should fit, but I'm trying to find a few more options before I oder a pump
  10. CadLights Mini 4g

    They'er awesome right, and I did take look at his tank thread and the NanoBox does look the best on the CadLights. And i am going to upgrade, imo it's kind of a weak pump . Sweet, Im using auto cad to design my basket it's very similar sketch up, and if you have any pictures of the basket you design it would be much appreciated. I have a few spare power head parts laying around that should work for now. I think I'm going to up grade the pump, once I get some coral in the tank. Hey Larry, no the pictures are not reversed, my pump sits on the right. Larry, I like what you did with the pump I'm going to try that with the left over power head pieces I have. The tank looks nice by the way, the the rock work looks killer. Thank you for the advise, I was going to try using that light but i guess I will keep looking for a better alternative. And nice tank btw. I added some live rock and some dry rock to help get the cycle started, before I put sand in, I'm going to do a water change to suck up any thing that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank. Thanks, Max
  11. CadLights Mini 4g

    Hello Nano-Reef, Why is reefing so interesting? Maybe because for most of us reefing has become a passion; a passion to learn. There is always something new, and interesting to learn about our tanks everyday. So I would like to just say a little thank you to the members on this forum for writing, and sharing information about their tanks, and the informative guides to go to when something is going wrong with your reef. So thank you guys and girls for sharing the wealth of information. Thus helping me and others reach their goals with our tanks. Anyway I have just purchased a Cadlight's Mini 4 gallon, and I wasn't looking for a tank at first but it was on sale and a saw a few in person and liked how they looked, and how quiet they are. I was looking at some other 4g, before I made the buy just to be sure I'm going to be happy with what I got, but nothing really stood out to me much. For now I'm am defiantly going to keep the stock light, and pump. Maybe in the future I will upgrade the light to the nano box tide mini, but we'll see what happens. I have I few question that I couldn't find on other 4g mini threads. There's three chambers the 1st chamber is a big sponge, but has anyone made a basket to fit in there? and the second chamber is for a skimmer but I don't think i will be running one so could I turn that in to a refugium? It has a short baffle so could I put something there to stop it from going over and into the return pump? Like something like eggcret. And the third chamber is just going to be the pump and heater. My stock list is mostly going to be zoa's and other soft coral until I change the light and then I will try some sps's. Live stock a few shrimp most likely sexy shrimp and maybe a Porcelain or pompom crab not too sure on that yet though. And I'm going with a 3g jbj quick crew from reef cleaners and around 1" deep sand bed. Nothing interesting but here it is - me leak testing it hears the rear chambers hears the sponge that goes in the back and heres a CadLight 30g the back chambers are the same, but a clear back just so you can see a bit better of what i am taking about Thanks for looking, Max
  12. Snowflake's Transparent Reef

    Hear are some pics i got of the Fire Fish i got from a local store , and a YWG i got from reefs2go. Both of witch I'm very pleased with.
  13. Snowflake's Transparent Reef

    well i gess all is going good i have got a pair of black darwin clowns 6 months back and coral are doing wonderful. I'm going to be getting rid of some coral soon i would like to trade for other mushrooms and polyps i don't have. ill be posting up pic's of my tank progress. but if any one is interested in a trade let me know
  14. Snowflake's Transparent Reef

    i got some sweet new shrooms last night
  15. Snowflake's Transparent Reef

    How long can can soft coral live durning shipping