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  1. Currently splitting :
  2. Thanks. Canon 6d with Sigma 35 ART.
  3. Thanks! Hopefully more clams to come. I always wanted them in there but wanted to wait for the tank to mature. I was able to hold off for 15 months
  4. Managed to get one just now with my iPhone
  5. Clam Clown gang Growing up quick The mandarin is still alive and well but he lives in the cave and nearly impossible to get a pic to come out.
  6. Went to the Bay Area coral farmers market today. Pretty underwhelming to be honest. Very small pieces and over priced. I picked up a clam from Unique corals then went to my lfs and got a couple monti cap frags. Overly blue iPhone pics Legendary corals: Neptune aquatics stores display tanks Their peninsula tank is amazing
  7. Not sure, no heater or thermometer. I'd estimate around 75
  8. Not too much thought yet, not sure when the FW to SW conversion will happen. Seahorses crossed my mind, but haven't done any research on keeping them yet. You had seahorses in that old shallow cube, right?
  9. Really looking forward to this. Like the way you're photographing it from the side, as I feel that is what I dislike most about dropoffs but the dark shadows continues the dropoff effect nicely.
  10. Everyone should go blast but not follow this IG page - I don't care about getting the credit, especially when I don't post any pics on IG and want to drive traffic for followers, but it is annoying and wrong. They've also taken 4x5 photos, and I am sure plenty of others from here.
  11. Thanks man. 5am to 10pm right now
  12. There are definitely slight daily changes and when they're splitting, it's hourly changes.
  13. 12 hour update This one that has been in the background of the one above has been splitting at the same time