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  1. I was doing a water change, but technically they could probably survive in that little bit of water. I was thinking of adding some mollies this past weekend, but didn't have a chance to get to the LFS.
  2. Bringing the mangroves in a bit
  3. Reefing is always at least 10 years behind what FW aquarists do; backlighting has been going on for many, many years. Check these before and after photos (not my tank) With backlight
  4. Thanks. Probably stain the outside edges in a dark stain to match the stand, then thinking of just doing a white wash finish. We also thought about painting it some blue/gold/white. We will see. It just sits there for now, might add something to the bottom so it slides a little easier. Wish we could get rid of this carpet too.
  5. Hard to pass these just sitting in the garage everyday. Might need a garage tank soon haha
  6. Just looked them up, cool fish but says they need 125 gallons +. This is 5 gallons lol Thanks!
  7. After having this tank up for almost a year and a half, finally finishing up the door to the stand. Just need to decide how to paint it now
  8. Hahaha, sorry! Thanks! Now that each mangrove has 2 sets of leaves, I have started pruining them. I will most likely start wire shaping them like in my other tank.
  9. Never happened, Urbanek's thread is the first thread I've commented on since the update and now getting notifications. Yea, just annoying they reverted the settings. I like NR too much to move away, but there have been other forums where it wasn't worth the hassle after they made various updates lol _______________________________________________ What does everyone do when they get bored of a tank? I love this tank but it is just there to look at, at this point. I think a lot of us chase that initial design and build feeling.
  10. You now also get automatically subscribed to topics when you comment. No good.
  11. Yea, pretty much every FW aquascaper uses backlighting
  12. Feels like it is bulkier. More clicks to achieve the same action.
  13. Anyone else hate this new Nano-Reef update? I post from my phone 99% of the time and it is brutal compared to the old form version.
  14. He seems to be doing well. Couple days away from having him for 2 months now.