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  1. Thanks! I am about 4 hours. The longest part is crossing the bridge and getting through the East Bay, they have ridiculous traffic on that side lol. Once I get on 120 it's generally a breeze. Not that I wish for forest fire damage but I was hoping it would have been a little more smokey for better light. It was still super bright out.
  2. Right now it is just an 18" cube with micro sword covering the bottom. I had a lot of die off of the christmas moss on the tree and took it out a few months ago. I've let the micro sword grow back in where the tree is and now thinking how I want to scape it next. Old photos:
  3. Little Sunday morning yard work ______ Pictures from the other day, these were edited on the computer versus typical iPhone VSCO ______ yosemite sunrise yesterday Yosemite sunset on Friday. Forest fires nearby gave the sky some nice colors
  4. Thanks! Mangroves are doing well, I took off all the shaping wire and re did it. Looks much cleaner now. I still regret how I planted the mangroves, as I always wanted them to eventually show their root system which I can't see happening anytime soon. I can't imagine how the mangroves haven't strangled each other. They've been in the 8" cube for over 2 years now. The ADA 60f mangrove tank I have going is showing all the roots and I can't wait to see how that one progresses.
  5. Can't get my wife to play lol. Player retention is the biggest hurdle the sport faces. Basically anyone under 50 has heard of paintball, it is keeping people coming back that is the issue.
  6. Yes they do, but I think they might charge for the pro field ($5?). It is definitely interesting if you've never watched tournament style paintball. A lot of action but honestly a little hard to follow. 5v5 and just people shooting at each other, no center action point. Lot of running, diving, and people yelling at each other haha. The fields are wide open though, so you can easily see all the action taking place. (netting around the perimeter of the fields) Paintball is how I know Nanobox Dave (didn't know him personally back then, but had pictures of him. His avatar on here a few years ago was a photo of mine and that is how we reconnected lol). my paintball instagram is . I started up a print magazine last season.
  7. I would say saltwater is 95% of: 1. Impatience (90% of all issues really lol) 2. Weekly water changes solve nearly every issue 3. Putting your hands in the tank too much Other 5% of the time it is a legit issue
  8. Should be a good event. Chicago in September should be decent weather and the park it is at looks legit.
  9. I think a lot of you try too hard with saltwater and make it seem so much more complicated than it really is.
  10. Very good light and substrate to thrive. Poor light and bare bottom to survive, like 95% of the people do.
  11. Doesn't look like the top of a nano cube, more like the biocube.
  12. Chasing Coral on Netflix was beautiful and sad. Definitely recommend watching it.
  13. Too kind <3 You should come out to NXL Chicago in September