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  1. 20 gallon reef

    i have a 20L and i have 3 powerheads and i still find that i would like to have more water movement. i recommend adding at least one additional powerhead.
  2. Green lobo for trade

    so is anyone interrested in a trade
  3. Green lobo for trade

    Very nice there we go everyone my first pic.YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Green lobo for trade

  5. Green lobo for trade

    does this work???
  6. Green lobo for trade

    ok well u guys are gonna have to deal with the lack of photography skills and i will try and post the best pic that i can tommorow. i just wanna know cuz this will be the first pic i post, how do i do it?
  7. Green lobo for trade

    hey so i have a green lobophylia in my tank that i wouldlike to trade for some blasto frags or some other cool lps? anyone interrested?
  8. can i keep this???

    cool well i know that there are alot of cool sps that ican keep but i am not able to get that many nice ones where i live for cheap so i was thinking of maybe a clam to color up the tank a bit.... really all iwant is other colors then the opinks of xenia and the green of candycanes...
  9. can i keep this???

    ok so i have 130 watt coralife PC hood over a 20L tank. i was just wondering if there was any clam or sps that i could eep successfully in my tank?
  10. suggested fish for a 20L

    hey guys i just wanna know what fish you recommend that i keep in the 20L that i am presently setting up
  11. Eek! Holy Bristleworm!

    i have so many bristleworms, none of them are small. i swear to god one of them was as thick as my watchman goby. I took them out cuz they ugly!!! but they do do an awesome cleaning job!!!!
  12. powerhead question

    I was just wondering, how many powerheads are recommended for a 20L tank. It's 30" long. I was thinking 3 would do the job. I am also planning to run an aquaclear 300 fuge on the tank so it will have that as an incomming flow as well. I was also wondering, where are the best places to place the powerheads? thanks
  13. need urgent help please.................

    fish don't stop growing because of a small tank they will just stop gowing because of ######ty water quality and having 2 tangs and a clown in a 15G for 2 years is one of the cruelest things ever!!! good job!!!
  14. Rip nano cube hood off or not??

    the cube is a very cool looking tank and i was thinking of getting one also but as was mentioned earlier in this thread, AGA's are a lot easier to work with and are like a blank canvas. Then again, so many people swear by their cubes!
  15. Nuby with questions on Coral setups.

    ya bikelock it was just a question settle down there big fella