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  1. x-mas tree worms are mad cool except that they normally come on a big piece of rock. Through all of my searching i have never found them on a friendly sized nano rock. Basically they filter feed so no real care and they do not require that much light. They come out of the rock and when they are disturbed they retract into the rock. They are very similar to feather dusters.just a lot cooler looking and much smaller. If you can get your hands on a small specimen and have a place in your tank with lower water flow... go for it.
  2. i just got back from Cozumel mexico and brought back a few little pieces of dead live rock from the beach(if you know what i mean) and i was just wondering if it is safe to put that in my tank since it looks so cool!
  3. i have a 5.5g nano and i just noticed after being on vacation for a week that at the bottom of one of my live rocks, there seems to be a pile of almost dustlike material; definately looks like something is digging or eating my live rock. I know mantis shrimps do this but i generally keep a pretty good eye on things in the tank and a mantis is probably too big for me to miss... or is it? also is this bad? I have an emerald crab and a few hermits, snails and a porcelain crab. Could any of them be doing this? Should i set a trap?
  4. i don't think that you should have a problem with the six line and the percula together. I would max out at 2 though because at 3 fish. I have never know anyone to have a problem with a six line and inverts so give it a try but remember, once he is in, he is mad fast and hard to catch!
  5. i was just wondering if snails can breed in a tank? if so does anyone know what to look for? i have some really awesome snails who are always on top of each other and if they are like humans, maybe they are mating but i have NO CLUE!!! does anyone know? also what about blue legged hermits?
  6. i have a 5.5g with a 20w mini compact 50/50 light. my friend game me a cutting of a hammer coral. if i place it neer the top will it survive?
  7. good idea ,do u have any pics now with the new light?
  8. what kind of light is that?
  9. you should be able to. it has been working great for me for the last 3 months now. Before my 50/50 i just had a crappy light on the tank but now everthing in there seems to be very happy
  10. i was in the same situation that you are. i have a 5.5g nano but i have a fixture where you screw in the bulbs. i went to bigalsonline.com and found a 20W 50/50 mini compact and it is working VERY well. i have a red brain, yellow zoos. several mushrooms,ricordea and a candycane in the tank. Since you have a fluorescent tube, i know that they have some on the web site and i would say go with a 50/50 or a plain old 10000k. There is a lot of debate if actinic is just for esthetics but it does look nice
  11. sorry can't help with that guy, don't know enough about him
  12. Just to know, if i have a well established refugium producing copopods on a 20g reef is it possible to have a mondarin goby in the tank? has anyone done this?
  13. i currently have a red brain coral and sometimes it will be all awesome and open up all huge and expand and look all cool but other days it just puffs up a bit and looks all bad. Is this normal? also i was just wondering how to tell, in general if a coral is doing well. i have looked on the net and all but nothing sems to be comming up. I have yellow zoos, ricordea, mushrooms, green candy canes and a red brain. All my stuff open up and look good but is there a way to tell??? tank has been going now for 4 months or so thanks a bunch!!!
  14. i had the same problem with my re brain but ever since i moved it into the sand it has been perfect. i also felt that it never expanded to it's fullest but now it really does and it is substancially bigger than i ever saw it and it's tentacles stick out now... put it in the sand man!!!
  15. what kind of shrimp is it?