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  1. quietest skimmer

    Not to hijack but I can tell you the noisiest - a HOB Aqua C. I actually had a feed timer to turn it off while I watched TV.
  2. Why do people get rid of their MP10?

    Mine was just noisy in certain modes. Not a bad bearing (I tested another dry side). I guess thats the trade off for not having the motor housing within the tank.
  3. Alternative to Glass Cages

    Have you considered reef savvy out of FL? Never had a tank from them but I've heard great things from other vendors.
  4. FS: AquaC EV120 w/ Avast Swabbie

    Bump for price drop. $200.
  5. Decided to go skimmer-less for now with auto water changes. This skimmer works well - Swabbie makes a ton of difference in performance. Justin installed it himself and it has two blades so the entire foam tower gets clean. Unknown skimmer age. Swabbie installed a few months ago. Injection port added for ozone. Pump not included but I ran it with a Sicce and worked great. Recommended pump is a Mag 5. The versatility of pumps is an advantage of this model - no proprietary mods or venturi. Can be used in sump or external. $250+shipping.
  6. Avast ATO vs Tunze ATO

    I use the Avast ATO with their peristaltic pump and have not had any issues. I actually use three more of their switches to alert low water storage and to alert if the display tank water gets too high from a clogged overflow. They are very reliable and durable and have no moving parts.
  7. Deep Blue Professional aquariums

    I have had a 24x24x24 DBP for about 2 years. I like the dimensions of the 80 as well but have some reservations about DBP. My first tank developed a leak. Given, they replaced it under warranty but what a pain to move everything over. I'm also not thrilled about the color transmission of the glass but given I don't have a low-iron version. The seams and alignment are also acceptable but not great. If I had to do it over, I would save and buy a higher quality tank. But if that's not in the cards its not a bad tank for the money and they do honor their warranty without much hassle.
  8. AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer

    Still available?
  9. FS: Nano Reef Systems ISN50 skimmer

    SOLD! Mods please close.
  10. Hi everyone, So my poor planning could result in you getting a good deal on a skimmer. I just picked this skimmer up in November. I decided to go with Reef Dynamics since Jeff had a good reputation at Euro-reef. It took about a week to break in and was doing great. I added a drain for a Davy Jones skimmate locker from Avast. I was away for work for a few months and my sump cracked. When I got home last month I designed a new acrylic sump based on some previous plans but like an idiot forgot to check the baffle height needed for the skimmer (8.5 inches). So now I have an awesome sump with 6.5 inch baffles and an awesome skimmer which won't work at that water level. Anyway, these go new for $225. I'd like to get $120 out of it + shipping though I'm in the Washington DC metro area if anyone wants to pick up. Just gave everything a good soak. It's very quiet and pulls out good stuff. But do keep in mind they need at least 8.5 inches of water. Also, customer support is great from Jeff. Feel free to text me at 571-455-6665 with any questions. Mark
  11. Tube Holder

    I use this. http://www.avastmarine.com/ssc/do/product/...ing-Tube-Holder