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  1. Personally I am using an AI Prime but I would assume this would apply to any programmable light. Is it better to have a longer ramp time with a higher overall peak of light for a short amount of time or a shorter ramp time with a lesser peak that stays for a longer period of time? Scenario 1 I set my LED's to around 20w of power with the spectrum of light I like and a ramp time of 3 hours. This light starts at 6am and gradually reaches it's peak of 20w at 9am. It will stay in it's peak for 6 hours until 3pm where it will gradually reduce itself to moonlight. Scenario 2 I set my LED's to full power at 40w and a ramp time of 5 hours. The light starts at 6am and gradually reach it's peak at 11am. It will peak at 11am until 12pm where it will begin degrading into moonlight at 5pm. I understand these might not be optimal time settings I am just using these figures as an example. I'd like to focus more on the concept of a higher period of light for a short time or a lesser amount of light over a longer period of time. If you know of any good articles I'd be happy to read through them as well.
  2. Sorry for the late response. Didn't get the email notification like I normally do. I also have an Innovative Marine Fusion 10. I like the MP10 it's about the only powerhead I would put in here because it has a relatively low profile. The only thing I am not loving about the spinstream is that it causes just a little too much water distortion for my leds. The whole bottom looks like a disco ball. I lost the stock piece so I can't revert to that right now. I just want to get an attachment to the stock return that moves the water but doesn't bother the surface so much.
  3. I don't find mine to be all that loud and it definitely does not bother me, BUUUUT it would also be cool to have the tank as quiet as it can be. Just curious if anyone has heard of/used any alternatives? I'm not even sure what to call it other than a spinstream so even a point in the right direction would be appreciated. I know there's much better flow alternatives if I go with a powerhead like an MP10 or Jaebo or something but I like the clean look.
  4. FS: Innovative Marine Nuvo 10G Accessories

    Updated the prices to include shipping.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a few extras from my Innovative Marine 10G Nuvo build. I'm open to working out some deals especially if someone wants to take a few things off my hands. Prices now include shipping within the U.S. 18W Innovative Marine Skyye LED - I have two of these for sale. ($80.00 ea. Shipped) both for $140 Shipped. Innovative Marine AUQUA Gadget Ghost Protein Skimmer Desktop ($100.00 Shipped) - With the protein skimmer I will also include the media basket and filter sock. They are not incredibly valuable so once you factor in shipping it's not worth it for me.
  6. I called AI Prime customer service and they are shipping out a new light and mount for me. Customer support is really good. Hoping the new light does not have the same issues. I think an AI Prime is good for almost everything. I think its a 40W - 45W fixture over a 10G if everything is maxed out. However I suppose one might not like the color with everything at 100%
  7. I haven't looked into the Maxpect thanks for the recommendation. I could barely hear the spin stream with the stock pump. It's a bit noisier with the maxi jet but not loud at all. I hear the waterfall of the overflow more. I've also got the AI Prime light and it's got that weird buzz people complain about. I hear all those over the spin stream. The Ghost Skimmer from IM was the noisiest so I don't use it now. Plus I could never get it dialed in.
  8. No build thread yet. I'll probably start one soon. I'll definitely let you know. The spin stream is great for what it is but I'd pick an MP10 over it any day lol. I just couldn't justify the cost right now with all the other junk I bought! I'll keep my eyes open for a good deal though
  9. Luckily there's a ton of posts on the Nuvo so it wasn't difficult to find a good alternative to the stock return pump. I was a little apprehensive at first and was not sure if it was going to be too much. When I originally set up the Nuvo 10 the flow was pathetic.. Then I took The stock return pump out and realized there was an adjustment and it was fully closed. I should probably not instantly throw away the instructions because it probably mentions that. Once I adjusted it to the max output it was a lot better but the Spinstream really cuts down the flow regardless. It wasn't stirring up stuff on the top of the sand like I wanted so crap was accumulating. Immediately after turning it on my tank was filled with so much of the debris the old pump wasn't picking up. It actually cleaned up the sump area quite a lot too. I think it's the perfect amount of flow for this tank. I swear it's cut the time my tank needs to "clear up" after a water change or algae scrub in half. I used Fiji Pink live sand which tends to be finer but it does not blow it all around. An Ecotech MP5 would be ideal but since it only exists in my head I opted for this combo. I never liked the look of traditional power heads so I opted for a cleaner look "imo" over a more randomized flow. I might change my mind in the future but for now I'm very satisfied.
  10. Gorgeous! Congratulations. That tank looks great.
  11. DrGibbys 10g shutting them down :(

    Lol what's the trick? Throw it away? Mine has an air leak at the top so you can't properly adjust the skim unless I put tape on it and they want me to pay shipping to send it back
  12. i can see why people sell their reef tanks

    I think we all go through this at some point. It can be a very challenging hobby sometimes. Whether the mistake is our own or just simple bad luck, it's one of the worst feelings. As crappy as the advice sounds now just try to take something away from it and remember you're part of without question the best community I've ever seen. I'm sure some local reefers wouldn't mind donating some small frags to get you going again. Heck I would ship you one myself but I don't have any coral yet. I've taken some long breaks but I always come back! I regret selling off stuff because I end up spending so much to get it back. Sorry again, and wish you the best!
  13. FS zoas and more

    Just put an order in through this guy! Very quick responses, really nice and has some really cool Zoas. Going the extra mile to make sure they get to me happy and healthy.
  14. New Type Of Frag Website

    Even EBay started out free. If the site was free you'd have a lot more interest but I'm not sure if ad revenue would be enough. I don't have a Facebook but I'm like the .5%
  15. A lot late but I was just reading through. Absolutely love your tank. This is exactly what I've always wanted. Since I suck I'm going to ask that you take a high res photo nice and centered of each side and I will then print and glue them to my tank. You can send me new photos periodically