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  1. The fiance took me to the Vancouver BC aquarium for my birthday a few weeks back. Thought I would share a bunch pictures i took that day. Camera used is a Sony Cybershot DSC-H50. I've lived in the northwest since i was a kid, but i didn't appreciate any of this stuff until recently when i got into reefing. With that said, i was actually surprised by the cool inverts in the local waters. These are baby Grunt Sculpins. Cool looking things. The whole aquarium was having a Baby themed event so they had a bunch of exhibits with baby creatures. They had clowns but we see that all the time here on the forums. This looked like something out of the show tanked. It's all coral inserts but it was still nice. It was a frenzy when they fed the tank. Live coral tank This Kole Tang was the biggest one I've seen. I'm used to seeing medium 4-5 inch ones. This guy was easily 7 or 8+. Not 100% sure of what kind of Anemone this was, LTA maybe? Whatever it was, it was absolutely massive. It was hard to tell if it was multiple nems but i'm pretty sure the center has 1 gigantic mouth. You can't see it since I've re-sized the image but it's pretty clear in the original. It was easily more than 2 Feet wide. Couldn't tell if they were trying to catch this guy or it's just how they feed seaweed. I was surprised to see this beast roll up on me. There wasn't a tag for him so I wasn't expecting him. The biggest Mandarin sausage I've ever seen. beast. I don't know why but I feel like this picture below needs some type of caption. I was super proud of this shot. It was nice and sunny for once. Always cloudy/rainy up here.
  2. Gumdrop Coral Crouchers

    there is currently a pair of these little guys in DD on liveaquaria http://www.liveaquaria.com/diversden/ItemD...amp;ddid=151231
  3. Gumdrop Coral Crouchers

    I think I saw that little guy! The one that was blind in one eye?? He was about $20 cheaper than usual too I will keep checking the divers den for another!
  4. Gumdrop Coral Crouchers

    thank you!!
  5. Gumdrop Coral Crouchers

    thanks! they are really neat little guys. Very curious, and definately have their own personalities.
  6. Gumdrop Coral Crouchers

    here is a link to my video of me feeding them
  7. Gumdrop Coral Crouchers

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to post some pictures of my gumdrop coral croucher pair. I have had them for about 5 months now and they are doing great. They were very shy at first but come out often for food. They both love my birdsnest corals, and sit in them all day. If anyone else has pictures please share I would love to see some other gumdrops since they seem to one of the rarer fishes.
  8. My 27 Gallon Frogfish Tank Journey

    aww thanks for checking in! He is going great and so is mushu his "friend". You could still get a froggie, but the percs would disappear hehehe. They are really awesome fish, keep trying to convince her! I swear they feel like my children, i talk to them and take endless pictures of them lol. Im sure that will change when I have real kids of my own someday. Anyhoo, yeah my fiance made me the LED fixture and its been working out great. I really love it and how customized it is. I can turn up and down the blues/whites how I like, so its easy to acclimate corals. I will keep posting pics as i take them
  9. Zoa garden

    bowser my frogfish hanging out in the zoa garden
  10. HUGE amphipods killing my zoas

    i love this picture evidence! I hate pods with a passion. If possible, FW dip some rocks for 30 seconds, kills em quick and you will feel so much better having diminished the population a bit (since you dont have anything in your take to keep the numbers at bay). im with you! seriously, they are so nasty!! they seem to move from zoa colony in packs. Once they have finished off one colony, they find another and work on it for a while. After i dipped my rocks i actually found a small rock with two polyps on it (that had come from the larger rock with my colony in the picture, they must have ripped it off and carried it away) in their "den". They had this spot in my tank under a bunch of empty shells where they gathered . . . it was really creepy and irritating to find!
  11. My 27 Gallon Frogfish Tank Journey

    new tank pics
  12. HUGE amphipods killing my zoas

    Also, here is an updated picture of my zoa frag that got destroyed. A few polyps lived and are now opening!
  13. HUGE amphipods killing my zoas

    So I preserved one of the amphipods i took out of my tank. It measured 1cm (not including its antennae). I took it to the lab I work at just because i was curious to see what it looked like under the dissecting microscope. I snapped some pictures and here they are!! The zoom is in total about 30x.
  14. HUGE amphipods killing my zoas

    WOW that thing looks like a large isopod (like the land rolly pollys, aka potato bugs!). SCARY! umm its not so much the size of them, but the NUMBER of them that were in my tank and with no predators, they got out of control. Most of them measured at about .5-1cm I must have gotten out over 500 that size, and they were eating my zoas . . . agreed! awesome, i would love to hear your progress! My zoas are growing again and fully out and happy