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  1. bowser my frogfish hanging out in the zoa garden
  2. Im from Bremerton originally, but I live in Bellingham
  3. My 27 gallon frogfish tank as of 10/21/2011
  4. Bowser and Mushu, my two frogfish. Had them for over 6 months now. So ugly they are cute! Bowser (right) is an Antennarius pictues (painted frogfish) Mushu (left) is a lophiocharon lithinostomus (marble-mouthed frogfish)
  5. My Lophiocharon lithinostomus (Marble Mouthed) frogfish Mushu hanging out.
  6. hehe his looks are deceiving He lets me pet him when i clean the tank! You should get one, they are awesome.
  7. thank you!
  8. thank you! I looked it up and i think that is what it is
  9. his name is Bowser
  10. new full tank shot, 8/4/2011
  11. my ORA purple maxima clam under actinic lighting
  12. here are my new playthoa/zoas under actinic lighting. I am not sure of the name of these, if anyone knows, let me know!
  13. my small zoa garden. Some pinks, radioactive dragoneyes and unknowns.
  14. Bowser, the little monster (frogfish) who lives in my tank, just hanging out on a sunny day
  15. thank you! i just recently started getting corals, about 3 months ago. i never had enough confidence to properly care for them but i have been researching and reading forums like crazy. I am totally addicted to zoas!