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  1. Coralife BC 29 Water deflector

    I ordered and today received an intank media basket...I had one for an 8 gal before, and the product is fantastic, and I have nothing but great things to say about it I just have one question regarding the water deflector that it came with They are black and one piece, as per this picture: http://shop.mediabaskets.com/media/Water%20director%20explained.jpg I find that it's directing all the water to one spot on the floss and wondering why it's no longer designed as the clear ones were with a bunch of holes? Is there any particular reason for this? Can I simply make a few holes with the drill or is there a reason that should be avoided? I am guessing there's a reason for the change, I just don't see it Thanks!
  2. Not interested in Kessil, thanks, but replied to your PM about the MP10
  3. Selling 2 AI Sol units + controller. Looking to sell them as a package ideally, but will entertain offers to part it if enough interest They have roughly 4 months of usage. I purchased them for a tank build that never happened, and I've been holding onto them for over a year now, and I just got a BC29, so I doubt the build will happen at this point, and I could use the money on some items for my BC. They are in mint shape, and all pucks work with 0 issues Included: Two AI SOLs + power bars Controller + Data cable 2 x data cables to link the units together Asking 480$ (USD) Shipped Anywhere in the US. I am located in Canada, but often go to the US, so will ship them from the US when I cross over to avoid any fees/duties. They will be shipped insured. Pictures can be found: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3F3IFcfXhD2TVk3clF0QnY4VGM&usp=sharing Will also consider trading for MP10 + $ Or LED's for BC29 + $ Pm me any offers
  4. Coralife BC 29 Moonlight/PC plug

    got it figured out turns out the white PC is controlled by the thin 2 prong wire the blue PC is one of the 3 prong wires and the LED's are another 3 prong wires I had assumed it wasn't the case, and I should of checked thanks for your help
  5. So I am looking at setting up my two PC lights on a timer, and having the moonlight running 24/7 The issue is that the moonlight is on the same plug as the blue PC bulb, so it would be off most of the time Is there an easy way for me to put it on a separate plug somehow? I saw that there's two thick grounded wires, and one thinner wire... Is the Thinner wire control the lower 2 LED slots? If so, can I simply move the blue LED strip from the top (between the PC's) to the bottom and have it controlled by that wire? Thanks
  6. If anyone has one they're looking to get rid of, please let me know!
  7. Awesome build! Can't wait to see where you go with it! I got a quick Q for you, in the parts list, you've said you have an IM Mini Reactor, but I didn't see it in the back. Which chamber do you plan on putting it into?
  8. Thanks for the feedback! For the shrimp, what type do I cut up and put? Is it just uncooked shrimp from the grocery store or something else?
  9. I've been out of a game for a couple of years, but thanks to an awesome xmas gift, I have a biocube 29 that I am excited to get going again. I still have most of my previous equipment, but I am just a bit rusty on some things and hoping someone can confirm if my plan is accurate/offer suggestions? I ended up setting it up yesterday, and for flow, here's what I ended up with: I ended up setting up a MJ1200 instead of the coralife return it came with with a hydor water deflector I put 2xnano 240's as well to help move water along, one on each side of the tank I am figuring that's about 800GPH of return, about 2.5-3x the rate of the tank...sufficient? too much? (I know it will depend on corals/live stock to some degree, but for the time being/cycle, how does it fare) I had a bunch of 'old' live rock that I had sitting in buckets for a few years that came from my old tank, I washed them before putting them away and washed them again before putting them in the tank, I filled it, got it stead at 78-80, salt level is 1.023, and added some fish food, as well as a small 1x1 rock from a friend's tank to help seed it...it stinks quite a bit this morning, and my levels are: ammonia: 0.5 nitrite: 0.5 ph: 7.9 do I need to do anything additional to help the cycle? I am NOT looking for a shortcut, I just want to make sure, that going forward, I am taking the right approach? If not, should I add some shrimp or will the die off from the rocks suffice? My plan going forward is once the tank has cycled, get the in-media basket, and a tunze 9002 (have it, but not set up yet). but for now I am just using the filter the biocube came with. For lights I am not sure if I will buy an LED kit and do that, OR mount one of the AI SOL's I have, but I don't really feel like butchering the hood to make it fit Any feedback/confirmation is appreciated!
  10. I am selling a used coralife super skimmer same as: http://www.marinedepot.com/Coralife_Super_...ES33004-vi.html I don't have a few of the parts (lost during a move), but its' working great/fine...here's what I have and is included: only reason I am selling is because it's too tall to fit in the stand ( 2 feet tall) works fine! 100$ OBO shipped anywhere in NA
  11. pending sale! EDIT: SOLD
  12. 30$ shipped (canada + us) also comes with water direction piece works great, only reason I am selling is because I upgraded tanks and will no longer be using the biocube 8
  13. Update time...and it's not looking good I've treated them both with erythromycin and he does not look any better...if anything he looks worse...today was the last day for the first treatment: day1: add packet day2: add packet day3: 25% water change day4: add packet day5: add packet (where I am now) still won't eat, he looks like he has popeye now...breathing VERY heavily...I'd almost say he's on his way out any ideas? do I take out the 'healthy' fish and just leave nemo in there or leave them both and do another cycle? or try something else altogether? any ideas helpful...I really don't want to lose this fish!