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    Thrassian Atoll ~ Fluval Evo V

    This little tank did great! Unfortunately I just took it down yesterday because I’ll be moving a couple thousand miles soon. This little guy didn’t need much. A water change here and there. The tank was really starting to grow out well. Not sure what I am going to do with after I move. I’ll probably start it back up but not sure which direction I want to go with it.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras

    I haven’t posted in a long time. The tank ended up crashing pretty much so I took it down some months ago. The only thing I can think of is I was doing to much to it. Dosing, huge water changes, always testing it. I didnt want to start it back up because I didn’t know what my future had in store for me this year and the possibility of moving to a different state. Well that time has come and I am actually moving to a different state with a new job opportunity. One of the first things I will be doing though is starting my tank back up in probably October. I’ll probably keep it the same with the equipment and rockscape and keep an sps dominant tank. Whats crazy is I barely have any money into my 5 gallon, never test, do water changes here and there and that thing is thriving. It’s weird how that works.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras

    Thanks! Appreciate the kind words! Definitely not going to give up on her. It’s still a young tank too, so that may have helped with the instability. Think it’s 6 months old to the day almost. I am going to do a 50% water change tomorrow, test everything really well and go from there. Seeing some algae on the back panel, so I know there’s some nutrients. I am going to keep the alk around 7.5ish and get my lights to around 250 par and go from there. I’ll grab a frag or 2 from a friend in a couple of weeks and see how they do.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras

    Hey! Thanks for asking. I found stability but my sps kept deteriating to pretty much losing everything. I am not sure what the deal is. I got a black cap basslet recently. He’s doing well. So 4 fish total now. The hybrid is prett nice. My buddy is suppose to come over tomorrow with a par meter so I can get it dialed in. I have have an sps order from Vivid that I will have him send once I know things are better. I also have 8 colonies in my buddies tank that we split the purchase. He’s going to chop those in half once it’s good too. So I pretty much have nothing right now, but once the I know the tank is back to normal, I’ll have a bunch of sps waiting. What’s crazy is my 5 gallon is doing amazing. Granted no sps, but LPS and softies are exploding. I have barely any money into that tank and just do water changes pretty much. This tank I put so much money into it and have a billion things going and it’s the one to basically crash coral wise. I guess keeping it simple is better. 🤷‍♂️ So we shall see how the tank does this month and hopefully I can start filling it with corals again. Been a roller coaster for sure.


    Looks great!


    A large water change. I would be careful rapidly reducing anything though as to not stress out the corals.

    how do you do that?

    I always forget about it because it doesn't show up on my phone.

    Gold tip hammer

    I think I have seen some on @AquaSD

    New NanoBox Lid Kits

    Kind of girly. Then again, I got a purple lid.
  10. I have ordered from ORA a couple times. Both times a piece of sps was bleached.
  11. TILTON

    The Wait Is Over: Pre-Order Your COR Today!

    Too bad this wasn't the Trident.
  12. TILTON

    WTB Sicce Syncra 1.5 - found !

    Maybe? 🤔