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  1. I forgot to say, the fish I have now are a Blackstorm Clown, Helfrichi Firefish, Longnose Hawkfish, Orchid Dottyback and a 4 Line Wrasse.
  2. I added an Orchid Dottyback on Tuesday and a 4 Line Wrasse today. Both are doing great in their new home, cruising through the rocks. Both are around 1.5”. I made sure to get them small so they wouldn’t bully the other fish. My Longnose Hawkfish has been picking on the Helfrichi a little bit, but they are on opposite ends of the quickness spectrum. The Firefish just shrugs him off and still stays up at the front of the tank swimming around. It’s not constant just once and a while. These will most likely be my last editions. I may end up getting a Charub Angel or something else that’s blue down the road. I am going to wait a while and see how all of these fish do and see what my nutrients are at and what I can maintain them at. I am actually hoping everything increases my nitrates and phosphates at this point. I took one of my nano chemipure blue packs out, which I have 3 at a time now. I am going to try and get some new photos tomorrow. It’s just a process taking decent ones.
  3. Not all are nps but I think most need really good flow to stay clean. That’s a great price though.
  4. Easiest way is probably uploading them to YouTube and just linking it here.
  5. I had a fan on my biocube back in the day that did well. I didn’t have a lid with my lights though. That’s going to be tough. AC in the house is your best option. You could always have your lights cutoff at a certain temp. Maybe even run your low temp a little higher so the temp doesn’t swing as much? I am not sure if say leaving your low as 79.5 would raise it to 82 in the afternoon though.
  6. I really liked my setup my first go around with my 25 Lagoon but it ran out of space quick for corals so I opted for a flatter terrain this go around. I get way better flow without the higher peak too. Origional Now
  7. Apex Trident will be the most overpriced piece of equipment, but I can’t wait. 😂
  8. I got a Longnose Hawkfish on Tuesday. He’s doing well. I thought for sure he was a going to be goner because the plane he was on broke and he took 48hrs to ship. He has not eaten food yet that I have fed yet though. Frozen, flake, pellet. I see him pecking at pods though, so at least he’s eating something. He’s getting along with everything though. I have only seen him shoo away my cleaner shrimp, but the cleaner pretty much harasses him to want to clean him. 😂 I also have an Ora captive bred orchid dottyback coming on Tuesday. He’s less than 2 inches so I am hoping he does well with everybody. I got 11 new acro frags as well that I couldn’t pass up the deal on. I’ll list them and take photos of everything tomorrow. I know I said I was going to hold of on Acros but I feel like my tank is in a pretty good place right now stability wise.
  9. Filtration looks good. If it really is dinos there may not be a solution.
  10. Are the euphyllia still eating?
  11. Definitely sounds like a lot going on. Have you tried spot feeding the hammers?
  12. Yeah, it just flows opposite of the spectrapure. I think that’s why people are thinking it’s backwards.
  13. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2251463
  14. My DI doesn’t fill up on the end. The first two do. O TDS out and like 4 in on the meter.
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