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  1. Not sure 1 orbit would be enough for the width. I think something has to be better than getting 2 for $150 a piece though.
  2. Yes. This was my 5 gallon evo before I moved. My montis were doing well under this light. How wide is the 20 gallon?
  3. Following. I am dealing with some nasty stuff myself right now.
  4. Both reading zero, but I assume that’s because of the Dino’s. I don’t have any green algae in the tank. I have 1 Clown, fire shrimp, skunk cleaner, and my small Dracula Goby jumped out so it’s not a big bioload.
  5. Thanks. I am hoping I can keep doing with what I am doing and also vacuum the sand during the water changes and it will go away. I was thinking too that it’s also due to the tank being so young but this is the first it’s happened to me on any of my tank start ups.
  6. I’ll start vacuuming it. I just figured the small stuff would blow all over forever like it did last year when I had this tank going. The tanks been going for about 3 months now so there shouldn’t be much for detritus in the sand, I guess. It should help take more of the Dino’s out. Thanks for the help.
  7. Yeah, I am not sure I want a Goby again after the whole ordeal with the Dracula. Too much of a worry and hassle. Everyday it was, is he in the back or on the floor? It seems to go away a little at night but not a lot. I have been blasting the rocks regularly, and trying to get it off the sand as best I can without stirring it up to much. I have 2 different types with a larger grain on top that I try not move a ton. Changing out my floss every day to every other day. The small amount of corals I have absolutely hate this stuff though.
  8. Dinos or cyano? Stringy, brown, sticks to everything. Kind of hard to blow off the rocks and keep it off. It doesn’t come off of the sand really well. I don’t see bubbles in it. Turning on just the white lights, it’s floating in the water everywhere. I have never seen anything like it and I am not sure what to do to get rid of it. I have a skimmer, change out filter floss regularly, I use 4 bags of chemipure blue that I change 1 out every week. I do a 3 gallon water change weekly.
  9. Forgot to mention. I found him on the floor at the very front of the tank. So he definitely went through the screen.
  10. My Dracula Goby jumped out of the tank last night. 😢. Found him on the floor today. This guy really hated this tank. I probably found him in the back chamber 20 times, not exaggerating, and I also found him on top of the screen top in enough time to save him. He seemed like like he was doing well this week. He made his home and was out and eating way more than any other time. There’s just nothing I could of done to save this guy. I never had a fish so eager to get out of the tank. The .25”x.25” mesh couldn’t stop him. I really want another one, but he would have to be bigger. Too expensive of a fish to lose this way. I am not sure how much bigger they get though.
  11. Have you priced out what you could get for the lagoon and how much a non all in one would cost? Just thinking you might be able to make some money back. I would probably sell the aio and get the ext. http://www.innovative-marine.com/nuvo-aquarium/nuvo-ext-lagoon25.html
  12. I use a 75watt neotherm in my 25g. It holds the temp well. But, my first took a dump on me after 6 months and my new one clicks every time it turns on and off. Pretty annoying when using it with an apex.
  13. He’s at it again. No pistol this time. The only time I ever see this fish is when he’s in the back like this.
  14. I’ll try and figure something out. This pistol is pretty small though. I might have to look at some really fine mesh or something. Need to see if that would cause a flow restriction though.