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    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    I painted the wall behind my tank recently. Here’s how high the light is as well now. Painted the wall made a big difference with esthetics I think. It looks way better.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Tank is cycled! It’s been 3 weeks today. Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates are all at 0. I am sure the Nitrates are higher than zero, but I tested it with the api kit. I’ll check with the Red Sea later. I used a raw shrimp, api quick start to start the cycle. I threw in a pinch of food a couple of days ago too. I went ahead and ordered my first fish and most of my clean up crew. That should be here Tuesday. I’ll take some photos and list what I got when the shipment is here from LiveAquaria.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Thanks! Stability is key for sure. That’s going to be the tough part. Test, test, test. I need to just log the values for a while before I even think about dosing again.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Once the corals start to grow out the par will go up as well. Seemed like every inch was 50+ par more.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Led par I have read from some vendors that they keep it in the 200-300 range. It’s not like halides back in the day where people had it at 500+. The white intesity is halfway. The T5 actually help with light color pretty well and hopefully will help keep the coral shadowing to a minimum. I know I need to take it slow with the sps, but man it’s hard to do. Haha. I am definitely going to take it easy on the dosing of 2 part and trying to change my parameters around. I am sure that’s what did me in. I was testing a ton too but I think something was off. I am definitely going to take is super slow with high end acros. I will probably grab some monti caps and some easier Aquacultured stuff. I just can’t get into the softies anymore. I might grab a few LPS. I actually had my little 5 gallon going pretty well. I didn’t do anything with that. It was definitely on the kiss method and did better than this tank.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Seems like a lot of stuff is mariculture nowadays. A lot of vendors get stuff and sell it within a day or 2.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    It makes sense now. The middle led cluster is closer to the left side since it’s not centered. 🤦‍♂️

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Thanks! I would always adjust my light intensity based on what others have said. With this being a custom light, it would have been hard figuring it out without doing the par testing. I am glad I was able to see everything first hand for once. The spread is pretty good. It’s nice not having drastically different areas so I can basically place most sps anywhere. The sand will be able to handle a clam as well I think on the left side. The higher light intesity corals can go up on that left rock. I just hope that the sps I get don’t really need to be acclimated to the light because I can’t really go up levels with them besides on that left side.

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Par results are in for most of the areas in my tank. I got a little lazy and wrote them down on photos. Whats weird is the lest side of the tank has a lot higher par than the right side, including the sand bed. A couple inches above the rocks in the middle is around 250 and an inch or so higher is around 300. This should help a lot with coral placement and I got a better understanding of how much par the light puts out.
  10. TILTON

    •The ‘Box

    Looks good man.
  11. TILTON

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    Yeah, I think reflectors would double the output of the T5s. I think any sps will be able to do well in regards to the lighting. I am not looking for a lot of par out of the T5s, I just hope it does well to help keep shadowing down on the sps.
  12. TILTON

    Coral Kingdom Of Thras ~ Tank Is Cycled

    I moved my light down a couple of days ago to 4.5” above the tank. The par meter right now is in the middle about 10” from the light. The par is exactly where I want it though. Right around 250 at peak times. I am going to adjust my hours a little though and adjust the rise and fall time amount to make it more of a gradual rise and decrease I think. This weekend I am going to take readings all over the tank and map it out over some photos of the tank itself to have a blueprint of the numbers everywhere. I will also see what just the T5s are without the reflectors. I beleive the area around 200 par at the beginning is without the T5 on so it’s only putting out around 50 I beleive.
  13. TILTON

    Question on calcium dosing

    What’s your alkalinity level? Your calcium should increase with the salinity level as well.
  14. TILTON

    SOLD - Nanobox Duo Plus M - SOLD

    Awesome! Will ship tomorrow.