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  1. eBay Auction Madness has begun!!!

    Nothing's showing up on the click here. Would love to see some sps on the sps auction page though.
  2. Thanks for the help. I'll look into it some more as well when I get home from work. I wonder if it would hurt to not dose for a couple of days and see how low it gets? Doesn't sound like it would be a good thing. I really want to see how much it drops daily. It's been a while since I have not dosed to keep the numbers up.
  3. Just counted. I have 40 sps frags, one being a 5"x5" thick monti. Couple mini colonies. Also have a 14 head candy cane.
  4. Here are my calcium and alkalinity readings over the past month.
  5. Definitely! If I shouldn't be or don't have to dose this much, I definitely do not want to. My numbers drop from 8.5 alk to 7 in a few days without dosing. I am trying to keep it right around 8.5. That's what my DD h2ocean mixes at. You could be ablsoutely right, I just don't know what the reason could be that my consumption is really high from what I can see and not see. I think I saw too somewhere that new tanks numbers get out of whack really easy or consume a lot of stuff? I don't know. If you find anything, or anybody else, let me know. I am open for anything. This is my first sps dominant tank and first time dosing.
  6. Thats what it's at. I have a lot of sps already and coraline is starting to form on my rocks. I check alk and calcium every other day. Red Sea for calcium and Hanna for alk. I do my logs in the apex. Both calcium and alk are the B ionic 2 part gallons that were diluted 50:50 with water. I don't see any precipitation on the back walls or anything in the water column.
  7. is one snail better than another snail?

    Turbos die quick for me. Can never keep them for more than a couple of months.
  8. Haha, it's going to be a lot of of 2 part. That is for sure. I'll let you know about the b team. 😂 I am going to make sure all of these are going great for a while, if I can hold off, before I get into the crazy stuff. Everything on the SPS auction page is so tempting though. Some crazy stuff on there.
  9. 😂. Yeah, it's going to be a ton of 2 part. I am already at 17 ml of each a day right now. Tanks is almost full for frags. I have 4 more frags coming from Triton Corals next week. After that I will be full and in grow out mode. If I want anything different after that it will strictly be really high end stuff that will have to replace some of the the more basic corals in the tank.
  10. Thanks! Look just like the photos he used to sell them. Definitely A+ seller.
  11. phosphate test, what?????

    I have the Hanna ultra low range Phosphorus. I like it. You have to convert it to phosphates though.
  12. Here's a couple of more crappy phone pictures haha. Not sure if it's noticeable but I had my blue and green staghorn brown out on me. It was always on the brown side but it went all brown. Not sure why. Colors on the rest look good. Strawberry Fields finally getting some green in her. It had zero green when I got it about 1-2 months ago.
  13. Took a few quick iPhone photos of some recent additions. I won a bunch of auctions on Vivids Facebook page recently. BadFish Jungle Juice Ring of Fire Freebie not named Wolverine, Code Blue Tenius, Northern Lights Granulosa were hard to get photos of. I will take some better photos with my Canon soon and get some new full tank shots and see if I can get photos of the other new frags. So 7 frags from VividAquariums. I also got a an Ora Plum Crazy from Ora. They had delivery issues and it took 48hours to get to me! It's in pretty rough shape. Not sure if I should call them or wait and see what it does. Random photo from above the tank.
  14. I don't know anything about the rings. I wouldn't use any thing outside of the tank at first. I would test periodically with just having the purigen and chemipure and go from there. If your water quality is fine with just that, no need for other moving parts.
  15. I think you will be fine with just chemipure and purigen. You don't want your water too clean, especially with soft corals.