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  1. PAR requirements for LPS and softies

    I would think so. I have been told a lot lately that people are running sps tanks now with par as low as 200 and doing great with leds. I don't know a ton about lighting but I think leds do a lot better at lower pars than metal halides do at higher pars. If that makes sense. Maybe somebody will chime in that knows.
  2. I raised my po4 to .003 and nitrates to 10. I just added a small bag of chemipure elite tonight. I am going to test frequently and see where it takes those.
  3. 2part Dosing In a Nano

    Yeah, that's a good call. I don't think it would be enough to raise it to cause issues even during the day, but would be something to think about for others that are starting to dose.
  4. 2part Dosing In a Nano

    Do you monitor PH?
  5. 2part Dosing In a Nano

    Make sure your checking alk levels regularly when you start dosing. I screwed up and wasn't testing enough to realize that that the alk uptake randomly decreased by a ton and I raised my alk to high to fast and nuked my sps.
  6. 2part Dosing In a Nano

    If your going to dose by hand I would space it out to like 3ml twice a day. 6ml might raise your ph a lot. If your dosing into the same place, space out the alk and calcium by a minute or so. I have mine spread apart by 5 minutes, but that's with dosing pumps and dosing every hour.
  7. Smart ATO Micro worth the cash!?

    I like mine, just hate the alarm.
  8. How do I get rid of the cyano without removing too much of my nutrients? Nuked my sps when I changed my chemipure blue and stripped my nutrients, but the cyano was gone. I removed my all of my media and am raising nutrients but the cyano is back. Lol. It's a no win.
  9. Biocube 32 vs nuvo fusion 20

    I would get a Nuvo30 or a Lagoon 25.
  10. 20170416232422.jpg

    Looks great!
  11. Algae Light Reactor

    The guy selling chaeto on the classifieds uses one for sure. Forget his name off the top of my head.
  12. Nano tank from Bali

    Looks great. Hopefully mine can look this good one day. Interested in the size.
  13. Cyano?

    Grow it out and sell it if it's red dragon. That stuff goes for a decent price.
  14. Would Adding Another Fish Be Feasible?

    My buddy was telling me that black caps are really aggressive. Anybody have any experience with one?
  15. Fluval Spec V - Stand Ideas

    Small enough to put on the edge of our kitchen counter.