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  1. I think I am good right now. This is more of a question for down the road when all of my sps start growing out. I have a 25 IM Lagoon that has roughly 20 sps pieces so far. I do 4ish gallon water changes per week and dose 16 ml of calcium and alkalinity of B Ionic 2 part each day. I keep my alk around 8.5 and calcium around 420ish. Thats about to go up too because I just added 7 more acro frags and will add 5 more next week.
  2. What are peoples thoughts on Pajama Cardinals

    I personally think they are the ugliest fish. They remind of betas that just stay there in suspension.
  3. How do you know when trace elements such as iron, potassium, iodine are low? I don't beleive there are test kits for these are there? The big 3, Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium can get replenished with water changes but when you have a lot of SPS dosing is pretty much mandatory with those. If I didn't dose those and only relied on weekly water changes my calcium and Alkalinity would be really low. So if I have to dose Alkalinity and calcium, would those other trace elements slowly drop to below the amount for a healthy reef? I know they make products to replenish these, but if you can't test for them, it's hard to really know how your balance is. Would it be recommended to do a really large water change ever so often to replenish these trace elements? Are these elements absorbed by corals too slow to matter?
  4. TOO Many tanks.

    Thats awesome man! Thanks for the story.
  5. Fishfreak's C.C. pico

    You should of used the ketchup bottle. 😂 Just kidding. It would be sweet if you could use the coffee pot machine as the heater. 💥
  6. How long to make rodi

    It's the same with every forum and every Facebook page. The same questions get repeated over and over or there's simple answers on google. The thing is though, some of the stuff gets burried on the page or this and that. It helps spark conversation and helps newer people who may have the same question. Some stuff on some pages get beat to death though. I usually just move along though and don't bother. It's either read this or read one of the 476 pico threads right now.
  7. TOO Many tanks.

    What made you get into all of the filter feeders and algae? Pretty cool though.
  8. How long to make rodi

    Wonder why yours is that much faster than mine with the same unit and almost the same pressure? Could I have too much waste water? Might have to check that again. I am guessing it also depends on how dirty the water is being filtered right? The higher the tds the longer is takes?
  9. You make the wood work look so easy. Haha. Looking good.
  10. How are you going to plug the bottom once the cords are through?
  11. The Beginning of my SPS dominant IM20G

    Well welcome back! Looking forward to seeing your tank progress.
  12. The Beginning of my SPS dominant IM20G

    Haha. It's just funny talking to you on the sps page and see ya pop up on here.
  13. How long to make rodi

    I have not. I need to look into it. Not sure why it's so low. Water is always warm here in Phoenix.
  14. How long to make rodi

    Couple of hours. My pressure is 40.
  15. The Beginning of my SPS dominant IM20G

    Looking good man! Wondered if you were on here.