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  1. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Thanks, I'll definitely be back down the road from now. I'm looking through this thread again right now, and I'm really missing my reef and all of it's inhabitants.
  2. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    I'll be sure to bring some back to Greenwich Aquaria for you.
  3. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Sorry Thanks, definitely!
  4. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Check out my post below! Thanks! I love Xenia and always will... I'm sorry I haven't been posting often, I've been busy with other things. Recently I put the entire 17.4g reef setup for sale on a local forum. I did this for two reasons. Firstly, I completely lost the battle against Chondria. This invasive Macro Algae completely took over the rock work and is covering almost all the corals and preventing them from growing and living healthfully. I remove as much as I can each week but it just seems to grow back stronger each time. I tried almost every method in the books to get rid of the stuff, but nothing worked for me. Down the road when I set up a new reef tank, maybe after college, I'm starting with dry rock. The hitch hikers that can come with live rock make this hobby a lot less enjoyable. Secondly, the maintenance is becoming too much of a nuisance for me and I always want to avoid doing it. I still do it, but it's getting annoying. Once you stop wanting to do maintenance, everything goes down hill. I'm not going to let that happen because I'm selling off the set up, though. I know this is pretty sudden to say that I'm leaving the hobby but I certainly had a good time and will return when I can. I'm leaving for college at the end of the summer and probably won't have another reef tank until I graduate, but we'll see. Overall my experience was a very positive one and I'm glad I chose to delve into the reefing hobby. This forum and it's members are awesome and I thank you guys for all the help.
  5. Hydor Slim Skin Nano Noise

    The air line doesn't seem to be vibrating. I'll wait this out for a few more days to see if the skimmer quiets down.
  6. Hydor Slim Skin Nano Noise

    Normally my Hydor Slim Skim Nano is very quiet but I cleaned it over the weekend and now it's quite loud - I'm having trouble falling asleep with it on. It's making an annoying vibrating noise that changes pitch every few seconds. I can't seem to find the source of the issue. Maybe someone here has experience with this and can chime in with a possible solution. Thanks!
  7. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    I might as well dip the rock in gasoline too!
  8. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Sorry for the lack of updates guys, I was recently on vacation and I've been quite busy. I am still on the losing end of my battle with Chondria. I scrub the rocks each week to remove as much as possible but it always finds a way to grow back. Besides the Chondria issue, the tank is thriving and all of the fish and corals are as happy as can be. I will post some new pictures soon.
  9. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Thanks! I love the Xenia too - it's so mesmerizing. Haha, thanks! Yup, it's usually the first coral people notice when they see my tank, and everyone loves it!
  10. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

  11. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Thanks, I was going for a relaxing kind of feel.
  12. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Any more thoughts on the new video?
  13. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Thanks guys!
  14. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    I present to you, the new video: Enjoy, and please comment and like the video! Also, watch in HD!
  15. Mitch's 17.4g Reef

    Thank you for your condolences. Me too! Alright guys, I have the video uploading to YouTube right now. I'll post it as soon as it's ready!