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  1. My guess is that these anemones are too small to be of interest to collectors, so the wholesalers never gets any shipments of them.
  2. I saw one of my crab doing this "convincing" to another crab once (back when their nems used to be alive). It involved a lot of wrestling and grabbing. Anyone up to the task?
  3. lljdma06 and neuwave, both of you have anemones that are growing very well. Do your crab's anemones ever split without the crab's help? It would be great if you guys can provide one or more of the anemone that someone can then try to raise just by themselves. It sounds like these guys should be relatively easy to care for as far as anemones go. Then with enough propagation, we can help those pom-less crabs that a lot of us (like me) have I would be up for trying to raise some anemones if I can get my hands on an anemone.
  4. The anemone can live fine if it has enough light and/or you feed it regularly. I think the issue is its size and that it will probably get buried or killed by a neighbor. I wish you were in SoCal. I have 3 pom pom crabs with no anemones
  5. Clam in my 10 gallon strategy

    Crocea is the slowest grower and is much smaller than a Maxima at max size. But since I have only had one clam (Crocea), I cannot comment on their relative ease of care.
  6. Feather duster

    I got two feather dusters for my 5 gallon once. I was feeding 8 drops of Reef Nutrition phyto feast per day (more than what some people feed for a tank 10 times the size of mine), and the two dusters still died after about a month. My theory was that they still weren't able to compete with my Crocea clam in terms of filtering, since the clam is an active filterer while the dusters were passive filterer. The clam definitely was pooping all the time when I was feeding the phyto, and I haven't seen it poop yet now that I don't feed phyto anymore.
  7. I bought 2 pom pom crabs each with 2 anemone. When I bought them, they each had 2 of the same anemone, but different from the other pom pom crab's anemone. I also had 1 pom pom crab already in the tank with no anemone. After I introduced the 2 new crabs, one gave (or had it taken) one of its anemone to the anemone-less crab. Then in a fight with the other new crab, it took one of that crab's anemone, then that crab fought it back, but instead of taking back the same anemone, it ended up taken the different one, so it had 1 different anemone in each claw.
  8. If a pom pom has 2 different nems in each claw, would the nems kill each other when the crab accidentally touches them? If you read from my earlier post, after some fighting over nems, I ended up with 2 crabs with different nem in each claw. It looks like the ones with 2 different nems would have one nem doing much better (bigger), while the other one just shrinks to a tiny size. As of right now, the 2 with different nems: one only has one now, but that one looks healthy, the other one has 2 different ones, one looks much bigger, the other one is so tiny that it is almost invisible to the naked eye (and the one that is bigger looks almost transparent, might have ejected its zoozanthelle due to stress from fighting the other nem?)
  9. Do you have fish in your tank? I think this is partly due to the fact that I don't have any fish in my tank. The only things bigger than the crabs I have are snails and a tridacna clam. Also, it seems if they have the anemones, they are bolder. But from the picture, looks like yours has her anemones? I first got 1 crab without anemones, and there was a period of a month where I didn't see it even in my 5 gallon tank. Then I got other crabs with anemones, and this one managed to get 1. Then it started appearing more often. Of course, that could also be due to having 3 crabs and maybe they don't like sharing the same hiding places and there just aren't that many hiding places in the 5 gallon for all 3 of them.
  10. Just witnessed one of my pom pom crabs molting in public. I guess this one wasn't shy..... It actually started molting while holding both anemones.... then after it molted, it just grabbed the anemones from the shell.
  11. Encrusting clams

    what is an encrusting clam?
  12. hey hey, let's keep this thread PG rated
  13. I think one of my pom pom crabs left one of its tiny anemone (newly split) on top of my Poccilopora
  14. PinkDamsel, I see the circle you are talking about. I"m not sure what it is. It is not the mouth. Update on the crabs: Now that things settled a bit, here's what's going on with the three crabs and their anemones. After the fight between C3 and C2, it looks like C3 took back C2's original anemone while C2 kept the anemone it took from C3, so C3 now is holding a different anemone in each claw, but they are both in relatively good shape. C2 has now also split its anemone and is holding one ok looking anemone and one very very tiny miserable-looking anemone. I hope that little chunk survives. So now all three crabs have 2 anemones each.
  15. Update: I've just witnessed a skirmish this morning. But before I get into the details, let's label the crabs first so people don't get confused. Crab #1 (C1): my original pom pom that I got about 4 months ago, it was anemone-less when I got it. Crab #2 (C2): one of the two that I purchased 2 days ago, this one gave (or maybe had it taken) one of its anemone to C1. Crab #3 (C3): second of the two that I purchased 2 days ago, had both anemones. So at the point of my last post, C2 gave one anemone to C1 so they had one anemone each. C3 has 2, and I can tell them apart because C2's anemones and C3's anemones look different. Well, this morning, lights weren't on yet, so I was watching the crabs doing their thing. C2 was sitting in the rocks, C3 was searching around a clump of caulerpa where a lot of bristle worms tend to gather. I've seen C1 eat bristle worms all the time, so I know they eat them and so I don't really feed C1 since there are plenty of worms in the tank. C3 was able to grab a bristle worm and starts munching on it. At this point, I think C2 smelled the cut-open worm, and quickly moves from the rock towards C3. Then they gets into a little tangled ball as C2 jumps C3. In the struggle, C3 dropped the bristle worm, then C2 managed to grab a hold of one of C3's anemones, and starts munching on the anemone. I think maybe they were really hungry from sitting in the store for a week and in the heat of the moment, C2 didn't realize it was chewing on the anemone instead of the worm. Then when C2 and C3 broke apart, C2 had managed to take that anemone from C3. Then a few seconds later, C3 attacks C2 again, and after some more struggle, C3 managed to take back its anemone from C2. At this time, I noticed C1 had also come out of the rocks, perhaps smelling the worm. I also noticed that C1 had split its anemone that it got from C2 in two. So now C1 is hold two tiny miserable looking anemones. C3's one anemone looks kinda torn up from C2 munching on it and then the two of them fighting over it. At this point, I had to go catch my shuttle to come to school. The lights should also come on in a couple minutes which hopefully will calm down the crabs and make them go hide in the rocks. I hope the poor anemones make it Maybe I should feed them a bit for now so they aren't so hungry