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  1. Gimmpls is a great seller, I received the sump. That thing was packed so well they could have dropped it from the plane to my house and there wouldn't have been a scratch. A++ Seller.
  2. Payment has been sent a few days ago for the sump, still no tracking number but not jumping to conclusions just yet.
  3. Bunch-o-stuff for sale

    Payment sent for Nano, Hydrometer, and any other free stuff laying around.
  4. Price negotiable or is it firm?
  5. AI sol Nano

    You can do a minimum post/minimum time. Reef Central for example has a 50/90, minimum of 50 posts and 90 days to even see the For Sale section. I think that would help out a bit, you're always going to have crime and scammers but the key is to make them work as hard as possible to try to do their fraud.
  6. AI sol Nano

    +1 Ty Smith would like to be paid through PayPal. Merchant Ty Smith Note from merchant The merchant hasn't sent a note. Description Amount Service $225.00 USD Total $225.00 USD That part that is bolded, "Service" is what made me concerned.
  7. Willing to ship that Aqueon ProFlex yet?
  8. AI sol Nano

    Payment has been sent. Awaiting shipping confirmation.
  9. 45 gallon corner tank if florida


    If anyone has a spare Nano for sale please PM me. Thank you.
  11. Any chance you are willing to ship that sump?

    Lol still don't understand why I'm not mentioned as part of the club but here goes again.

    75 gallon rimless tank, 20in deep, 2 ai nano units over it with the factory mounts. Just purchased some sps saw some light bleaching so I cut them in half as follows; 2:00pm 5/20/20 60m 4:00pm 15/30/30 30m 5:30pm 30/30/30 30m 6:30pm 10/25/25 30m 9:00pm 10/10/10 60m 10:30pm 0/2/0 15m 12:00am 0/1/0 5m LUNAR Anyone have a better schedule or any ideas how I could better my corals and heal them from their minimal bleaching, also I get up early and go to bed before midnight usually so I would like to see something going on in the tank in the early am. Just looking to see if anyone has any thoughts or ideas. Thank you guys. 3:00am OFF
  14. selling complete setup

    Would you ship to Miami? 33155

    Tron how've you been sir! That biocube is still keeping half of my stuff alive til this new tank finishes cycling.