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  1. Thanks!

    Got my order in earlier today and just finished getting everything acclimated. The blue knuckle hermits are sweet. Very active. The Ringed Cowries are really unique. Pretty cool little guys. The thin striped hermit is a lot bigger than I expected, but should be fine. Thanks John! Appreciate the great customer service!
  2. Thanks!

    Thanks! Just placed my order! Looking forward to having the new creatures in my tanks! My orders always turn out great!
  3. Thanks!

    Looking forward to my new order. Was a little sad that you ran out of the ringed cowrie before I got my order in, but will just wait till I see them again. Thanks John!
  4. Shipping Prices

    Lol...too old...I think women are coming out of the whiny stage by then. Dark hair covers all the flavors. Hahaha
  5. Shipping Prices

    Cool. Put it on my tab. You know I am good for it
  6. Shipping Prices

    The more the merrier. Age: 25+ Hair: Dark
  7. Shipping Prices

    How much to get my package delivered with the Jet? Thats what I would like to know. Might be worth it to pay for the hand delivery!
  8. Thanks!

    I will keep an eye on it and see how it comes along. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks!

    Placed another order last week. Once again, I have no complaints! Always seem to get more than what I ordered. The fish food sample has worked well. I am loving the decorator crab! That guy is sweet! Again, glad to be a loyal customer! Thanks!
  10. 3 gal iced tea dispenser pico build

    Any updates? Liking the build!
  11. Tybor's 15 cheap tank

    Nice! I want some more info on your DIY light.
  12. WTB Complete setup Pico/Nano

    I have a Fluval Spec I have been thinking about selling. I currently just have some zoas growing in it only 3 months old. http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/prod...ELAID=864032484 Have this light on it with one LED strip. The white and blue, included in the price. http://www.ecoxotic.com/aquarium-led-light...-arm-light.html Have the original box for it, so it could be shipped. Would just have to break it down and pack it up. Would include all the equipment that comes with the stock tank, $110 shipped. I could through in the heater also. Can sell you just the aquarium with out the ecoxotic light if wanted.
  13. 17g Rimless Mr. Aqua reef

    Nice Setup! Great pics!