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  1. Starting a BRS groupbuy! Begins 3/27!

    I'm in - PM sent.
  2. Salifert Ca test

    When it goes from pink to blue (as you said a pretty dark blue) that is your calcium level. Doesn't do any good to keep adding reagent cause the blue is not going to change much at all from that point.
  3. Meanwell driver question 60-48

    Yes you can. I run 2 Meanwell drivers plugged into a regular power strip and use a Reefkeeper Lite to control power (0-10 V). Saves me 2 PC4 outlet positions.
  4. Maeda Needs Dimmable LED Advice

    I agree with that. I could never locate a driver that would ramp down smoothly below about 10% (1V) output. That's why I suggested the ALC. You can get DA lunar pods that are direct plug in to the ALC for simple moon lighting. The ALC has a simple lunar lighting function.
  5. Maeda Needs Dimmable LED Advice

    I usually just read but decided to post finally.
  6. Maeda Needs Dimmable LED Advice

    If you use Meanwell ELN-60-48D power supplies with the DA Advanced Light Controller (ALC) it should do everything you need. That's how my system is set up. Learned how to set it all up from searches on Nano-Reef and the Digital Aquatics forums.