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  1. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    You beat me! My dendro head is still bigger, but I don't have any babies yet I thought I had a vermetid problem, but you make me feel much better now lol. Your stuff, albeit maybe not doing so hot at the moment, is looking good. If I had a light source for it I'd definitely hit you up for some chaeto, I've been wanting to turn one of my biocube chambers into a fuge for a while now. Once you get into a good routine in cleaning/etc. you're tank will bounce back, I'm sure of it. As for the vermetids, I don't know of a for sure way to kill them, but whenever you get in the tank to clean snap several of the tubes off at the base as you go, that might put a dent in their population
  2. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    Nice! I've been contemplating one of his pygmy wrasses he keeps getting in! My dendro has yet to show signs of putting out some babies as well, but it does eat great and look great! Awesome new pieces! The new BN looks a ton better, loving the progress
  3. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    Holy cow from the FTS your acans look fuzzy they're so extended! The second light was a great addition, it really gives it the full coverage you needed
  4. Justin's Mini S

    w00t! Those tiny toger gobies are awesome!
  5. rbaby' 60-F Dual View Panorama

    Man you get some amazing pieces! Moar pix!
  6. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    Good, cause I want some fruit loops, and CARs. I haz true PH if you'd liek
  7. Reshore/JBJ/Nanocustoms Unibody LED!

    cappy, they just mean manual control, unless this is compatible with controllers out there its got no automation of its own. At this point until I see PAR numbers and if it will be able to be dimmed via a controller the price point isn't worth it over an AI Nano + controller (About $30 more) to get virtually full control and timing and ramp up/down schedules, specific settings, and thunderstorms (albeit gimmicky as they are, it sells) I did see the RB article on them adding the reflectors, a nice touch for not using optics as well. I really like all the different colors they offer.
  8. Estes Marine sand

    I use it and love the stuff, once it gets settled and you get the bubbles out its a great sand. Its a nice fine grain while staying put despite flow. I'd say if you want a shallow sandbed its great, anything else and I probably would say no
  9. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    Sooo... we're gonna trade zoas/palys when ours grow out.... right?
  10. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    Nice camera, my fiancee and I actually are getting a Canon S95 for christmas, it looks like the best thing without actually getting a DSLR in terms of control and features. But I think you need to frag me some of those acans!
  11. Kylebeano's 4g Finnex Mixed Reef

    Lookin good! I just got a polyp of Sunny D and some KM myself, awesome zoas/palys Btw what camera are you using? I've been half-heartedly looking into a new camera myself and I like how well your shots turned out, especially under LEDs
  12. IMO the GLA will be a great choice, at that price the ADA doesn't seem worth it. Let's get this goin!
  13. Reshore/JBJ/Nanocustoms Unibody LED!

    Agreed, the AI controller does a ton more than the box for the JBJ. AFAIK the AI Nano without the controller is the same (as far as features) as the JBJ unibody, possibly more since I don't think the JBJ's box controls the different blues where as the AI Nano has the 3 channels. Personally if I were to get one of the other I wouldn't get the controller (at least at first) since it takes away one of my personal favorite features, the touch controls. But I truly am waiting for the AI Nano warm white version
  14. Now what?

    He didn't say it had to be mounted in the hood. AI Nano would blow panorama pros out of the water FWIW I wouldn't use any of those LED fixtures listed in the hood, its just not worth spending that kind of money to keep in a sealed box with poor airflow. Also maybe a JBJ Unibody LED as an option? They are supposed to be coming out soon