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  1. Just add two new fish to the tank I picked up a yellow tang and a pink spot goby. I also received my order from reef cleaners and I am very happy with that as well . I am currently looking to replace my PC bulbs on my tank but it seems like the 96w strait pin bulbs are getting harder and harder to find locally so I may have to order bulbs and cross my fingers the come in one piece. Also I am researching DYI ideas for protein skimmers I will keep everyone in the loop on my progress.
  2. Everything is looking good you have lots of space what are your stocking plans in fish and corals.
  3. Just added a few more things to my tank this week. My wife loves Zoas so I think I will try to fill the right side with as many unique Zoas that I can get my hands on and the left will be were I will grow my SPS .So far we have Bam Bams, AOG, Utter Chaos and a few no namer Zoas will post them in the tank late this week. Also will be receiving my CUC from reefcleaners tomorrow .
  4. Starting to see patches of green algae all over the tank so decided it was just about time to make an order to reefcleaners. I bought the 75 gallon quick pack and I also bought some Reef Pods to seed my tank with a strain of tisbe pods.
  5. Thanks for the start Cronic. Looks like I'm going to have to do lots of research on the sizes of these units and the recommend water levels.
  6. That would be a negative. I have never had a protein Skimmer so I don't even know where haha. have a 7"x 11" space to stick one in there. I did a quick search for skimmers for my size tank and I believe a made a box to accommodate any skimmer that i could want in the future. If anyone could recommend a few to look into it would be very much appreciated .
  7. Last night I installed the sump took a bit of handy work and a bit more water on the floor than my wife would like ​ but it is now installed. Bought a clamp light at Home depot they were also having a sale on 65w flood lights 6 pack for 3 bucks . Had to remove the guts from the drawer so the light could fit also had put some Velcro on the outside part of the drawer so it would appear to still be in there and so the sump can still be maintained .
  8. Nice scape with lots of great locations for coral placement.
  9. Thanks Cronic it was a very interesting leap into DIY reefing . And that's great I will definitely be following your 75 it will be fun to have tank to follow that started around the same time as mine.
  10. Just finished my first attempt at a DYI sump it looks close to my 3D renderings. My overflow box came in the mail today and I found my aqualifter and ATO from my old tank so once the 48 hours for the silicone to be fish safe pass my sump should be ready to put into good use.
  11. Brother planning the build to the T will really help it run lots smoother. I did a 3D rendering of my sump using sketch up with the exact measurements and it really brought the sump to life.
  12. Got all the glass cut started putting them in so far 4 walls up and two more to go. Tomorrow should be the tricky part with the vertical wall for the filter socks. I cut acrylic for that part have to get a 4 inch hole saw for that tomorrow. Definitely a learning curve with using silicone to put these walls in made quite a mess of the first wall but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Haha it was a lot easier to do this on the computer than real life.
  13. Just got all the glass measurements for the sump build so I did a 3D rendering just to make sure everything is going to look right haha. This design will be for my 20L that I am converting into my sump. Chamber 1- Will be water from the overflow Chamber 2- Water will overflow to two 4” filter socks Chamber 3- Will be 7” compartment for a future protein skimmer Chamber 4- Will will house about 8 ½” refugium area with macro algae Chamber 5- Then a bubble trap leading to my return
  14. Can't wait to see what your going to do with your 75g. This is a lot different from a nano tank haha I bought 4 frags and they look like pimples in my tank. I almost got all the equipment for my tank's refugium: My wife bought me the hydor L40 for Christmas and I ordered a KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow box with a giftcard. While I wait for the box I think I will start the plans to cut sections for the refugium so it may time to start looking at designs .
  15. Went ahead and bid in some auctions for my first test corals so far so good. Here is some images from the auctioneer my tank currently has only 10,000K MH so you can't really see the colors in my tank yet. War Coral Orange and Green Acan Echinata Green Favia Brain Flamethrower Goniopora
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