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  1. Ohio reefers!

    Aquatic tech-dude is a jerk, but the livestock selection and prices are decent, especially on live rock Two Turtles and Aquatic Interiors- both are small but the critters a healthy, employees are generally helpful and know their stuff Reef systems- good selection, helpful employees, watch out for high prices (ex. 1" frag of pink monti $50, could be that they are just looking for suckers, they've cut the price on everything i've actually bought) and reef cooties (dip!!)
  2. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Corals! FTS Actinic Addition! (this may be short lived) FES
  3. My Walmart Paint-by-Numbers Pico

    Doggone it! You've got some pulsing xenia, I've been looking for some since I got the tank going. Looks great and I love the placement. I doubt you're a bad parent, softies are just weird like that.
  4. Sandlot's "Return-To-Glory" Pico Tank

    Nice! I love the coral selection you've got in there.
  5. Streetsong's pico-de-guy-o

    Just got a rebel myself, so not much help, but welcome to the camera nerd club! Unfortunately I've found that the higher quality images look too good, meaning that I can see every imperfection in the plastic. Focusing really tight on an small spot helps though.
  6. Our Wal-Mart Pico contest entry thread

    I love the daycare reef idea, the younger they get the addiction the better
  7. Rural Walmart Reef

    I've added an ecopico led for moonlight and a heater, otherwise it's all stock. The leds were a potential upgrade, but I really don't like the lack of color, so it's just running an actinic strip. That was a bummer since I was considering swapping out my metal halide for a sol at the next bulb change. I suspect that the newer full spectrum units might look better/more "natural" but they are a bit out of my price range atm.
  8. Rural Walmart Reef

    CORALS!!! Craigslist Score! 25 bucks and I've got about half of the critters I plan on adding. I'm letting the little guys get settled and then its off the plugs and onto the rocks. The palys are not very happy, they seem to either stretch like crazy when lowered an inch and squish down like they are getting too much light in their current position. Hmph. Mr. snail is slowly catching up with the algae, which is good since I haven't seen oz the emerald crab in my big tank for weeks.
  9. Rural Walmart Reef

    Tiny town update! I've added clove polyps, zoas (no clue, will be the zany zoas henceforth,) palythoas ( light pink and currently closed up pouting,) and an itty bitty leather. Looking for a bit of the short stalk pulsing Xenia, happy to pay shipping. I know this breaks the parameters set out in the beginning, but i doubt I'll be able to get it otherwise. Pics in the morning!
  10. To "Dive In" Or Not?

    The 20 won't be any more expensive to get going, just be sure that no copper based medications have been in it. Keep in mind you'll be spending 15 or so each month to keep it going. Even with a little tank, budgeting for an RO unit will save you money. Welcome to the addiction!
  11. Canon xt?

    I got these with an elph that is 4-5 years old. I'm pretty happy with the way they came out considering, but I think the new camera will help with placing my focal point where I want it and getting rid of the "flat" feeling. Although the elph is really not lacking in shutter speed
  12. Canon xt?

    You clearly live in a better CL area than me. I've been keeping an eye out for about 4 months and this is the best deal I've found. Didn't really want to spend much since besides the corals, I want to take this out to a working cattle ranch this summer. I'll try to get a few pics of the awesomely gorgeous torture it will endure up shortly.
  13. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    This is quickly turning into the "I can't see through the scratches on this otherwise adorable tank, so I must win the micro reef one" contest. I've been using a little nib of filter floss to clean, slow but effective.
  14. Canon xt?

    I always thought that I wanted bent glass until I had it. Built a pentagon corner tank when I was broke, I'd love to have it now.
  15. Canon xt?

    Thanks for the quick reply, you have just given me a reason to upgrade my tank Stupid nano cube bent glass will have to go!