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  1. The *NEW* Tunze 9001 is Here!

    Haven't seen anything yet, but anyone have pics of the 9002 and 9001 side by side from all angles? I'd love to see the difference in size before giving up my 9002 who's been a workhorse! I know you have pics Stevie you always doooo. Nevermind found one on the forums!
  2. New 2x 14w T5 Odyssea Actinic 460nm bulbs

    Price drop to 15, still with shipping included.
  3. I've got 2 brand new 14w, T5 Fluorescent 15.25" (Pin to Pin) Actinic 460nm bulbs I was sent these instead of the 18w, and was told to keep them after I received my replacements. 20 for both that's with shipping included. US only Thanks!
  4. Beyond awesome CS lol

    Hmmmmm I may need to get more creative on my next order then lol
  5. Beyond awesome CS lol

    Readers Digest version/ Cliff Notes/ TL;DR version Ordered AC50 Media Basket, then sent a request through the contact form asking if someone could draw a Clownfish wearing a tin foil hat. Got an e-mail back saying "Your wish is my command" Needless to say I wasn't disappointed. I busted up laughing. You rock Stevie, thanks for the laugh I needed it lol.
  6. ☼ I'm on a Boat ☼ Out of office Notice

    You're not supposed to go out of town! You're supposed to fill my order dangit! lol Have a great time, cruises rock!
  7. Lots of Nano Equipment!

    Got my light today, thank you much!
  8. Lots of Nano Equipment!

    He got it new for the tank so about 2 months lol
  9. Lots of Nano Equipment!

    Already bought and paid for yesterday afternoon lol
  10. Lots of Nano Equipment!

    Let me know what shipping on it would be to 85027 (since you're heading to the PO anyways lol). Thanks much.
  11. Lots of Nano Equipment!

    Is the 10w submersible light that you got to go with the media basket up for sale too?
  12. WTB: Interceptor

    Just remember to follow those instructions to a tee.
  13. WTB: Interceptor

    Ok, after double and triple checking forum rules I see nothing wrong with posting this link to another forum which shall rename nameless and unknown unless you actually look where the link is pointing too. Another option for redbugs Seems to do the job and won't kill your corals off. Just don't dose the tank with it. That wold be bad.
  14. WTB: JBJ Nano Glo Fuge Light

    Try now http://sto00.mailcar.net/catalog/index.php...de=s&schm=1