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  1. Hecdr34


    Ok thank you. I will let you know soon
  2. Hecdr34


    Ok I have to make sure Underworld2.0 wants the other one for $100 shipped I can meet you tomorrow
  3. Hecdr34


    I can do $90 each picked up
  4. Hecdr34


    No mounts. I painted a 1x4 black and mounted them to it with the original mount included
  5. Hecdr34


    I'll let you know if I seperate them. Thanks I'll take some pictures tonight
  6. I bought the pair new and set them up for a new build but I found a t5 setup and I'm going with that instead. $200 shipped and fees included
  7. Hecdr34


    Pumps sold 18" led with tank mount, controller and remote $70 shipped
  8. IM Ghost skimmer desktop and IM reactor desktop. Both for $90 shipped
  9. 18" led, mount, controller and remote $70 shipped
  10. If you need more power I have a Sbox Sprite and mount that I'll like to trade for a Kessil a80 Tuna Blue. At 84w, this is the most powerful Nano light you can get. dual channel dimmers allow it to be gentle with a 5g Pico or hammer a 20g SPS dominant tank. Dual power cords so you can run wall timers.This light has 28x3w leds at 84w over 5x stronger than the Kessil a80. Let me know if you're interested. Thank you Trade for a Kessil a80 or $80 shipped
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