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  1. FWADiver....avoid this seller

    I just saw this. If the box was shipped, damaged, and then returned to you how come no tracking info was never sent to me? How come no communication at all? I didn't bash you at all. I stated EVERYTHING that transpired between us. If you had the common decency to respond and tell me the package was damaged this thread probably wouldn't be here. Everything that transpired was your fault and your fault alone. I paid, my end of the bargain was completed at that point. As the seller the rest was your responsibility. A little better communication on your end would have prevented a bad review of your selling practices.
  2. Have the seller fill it for you before you go. Bring a small pump and hose with you to pump it out while the two of you have a beer and BS
  3. Duncan? or am I way off...

    Flower nem?
  4. "The Claw"

    Open the hood of your tank and say "Release the Kraken" see if it comes out or not
  5. Flower anemone

    My suggestion would be to send it to me. Absolutely beautiful
  6. Tank rescue...advice?

    Try a weed wacker
  7. White dots ID

    I believe that they are some type of snail eggs. My rocks were covered with them at one point.
  8. AC70

    AC Moore all the way!!!
  9. AC70

    Water volume, size of compartment, better to have something too big and be able to slow it down than something too small that will not work.
  10. AC70

    I have one on my 20l mantis tank. Never had a problem with it other than every once in a while the cover vibrates and sounds like a damn train coming through the living room
  11. Help me stop killing shrimp

    Stop buying shrimp....problem solved Have you checked the water for copper?
  12. Is there a thread size in between 3/4 and 1 inch?

    There is no NPT pipe thread between 3/4 & 1". But there are also several different types of threads. A picture may help.
  13. Blue And Red Hornets Zoas For Sale!

    I think he changed it to individual pricing after the above warning. Just never changed the title.
  14. Dosh.0 - The UNOFFICIAL NR crapper. Bring your own TP.

    I had one for years. He was 130lbs of pure stupidity lol Broke my heart to put him down. We managed to find a AB mix at a local shelter a couple years ago. Best dogs you could ever own. Kabosh in his prime