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  1. Red Sea NO3/PO4X.. Has anyoe used it?

    How long have you been fighting with byropsis? Im thinking of adding a large amount of critters to my existing CUC. Ive added emerald crabs and they're worthless. One of em just hangs on my acros at night with his arms spread, upside down catching food instead of doing his job. Kinda funny to see actually. Most all of my orals are doing great. The only ones browning out are my green SPS. My blue, red, purple sps are still bright and happy. But the greens look pissed and ugly. Where does byropsis come from? Does it have to be introduced into your system or is it just kind of a luck of the draw sort of thing when purchasing rock?
  2. Ive been battling algae pretty much since my cycle completed in my tank about 4 months ago. The algae (byropsis) is getting worse and Im about to toss in the towel. Ive tried starving a few rocks at a time in the sump with no light, but havent had any luck. I tried peroxide, but just couldnt deal with how brown my SPS were turning. Plus, peroxide in a tank doesnt really go well with me and my thinking of "this cant be good for my fish/corals/the tank etc. so Ive stopped. Im getting desperate. With the money and time Ive invested into my tank, it is hard to give up, but this pest is about to break me. So, Ive been researching on some additives for algae control and this product stands out the most. Anyways, lets get to the point. Has anybody used Red Sea NO3/PO4X? If so, I want to know some of your opinions and experience with it.
  3. Radion photo period question

    NO3- not sure where they are right now but tested a couple weeks ago and they were low. Camt remember exactly where... I need o start a log and should have been a long time ago. PO4- Tested with Salifert test just now and coming in at 0. I need to pick up a hannah checker for more accurate readings, but theyre spendy. Salinity- 1.026 I have 6 fish and about 40 cerith snails and hermits. For filtration my skimmer is a reef dynamics INS80, also run GFO, and have around 50lbs of LR. Water change schedule is 10g weekly with IO Reef Crystals. Water volume is somewhere around 50 gallons. I feed every other day.
  4. Radion photo period question

    Haha thats what I kind of figured.. It has to be something else in my tank, not my lighting. I actually think my rock is leaching P04. I don't over feed at all and all my SPS look great. It's just that I have an algae problem.
  5. Radion photo period question

    Hey all- I've had my radions for about 3 months now, and am having an algae issue. Deep blues come on at 8am and ramp up 20k at 20% around 10, then to 14k at 45% around 11pm. At 12pm, lights are running 12k at 75%. They stay at 75% till 6pm and ramp down to 14k at 45% around 7pm, then to 20k at 20% at 8pm, then to all blues around 9pm, and finally at deep blues at 11pm, ramping down from 20%-0% by midnight. Could my photo period be causing this algae because of it being too long? Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated!
  6. WTB mp10

    I am looking to buy a used but in good shape mp10. Does not matter if it is wireless or not, I am just in need of a second one. Thanks all!
  7. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    Ok thanks for the info! I appreciate your guys's help!
  8. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    Ya it was an API test kit. I know API doesnt pick up small traces of PO4 but i thought id test it anyways. Im thinkin of getting some GFO and just see what happens. Would chemi pure elite be as beneficial as running GFO in a reactor? And would using the CPE and GFO in the reactor be overkill?
  9. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    Hahaha It kinda looks like a macro tank! I have the phosban reactor made by Two Little Fishies, but purchased it for future use BECAUSE I thought using other filtration mechanisms, other than biological and your skimmer, on a young tank slowed down the so called process of "tank maturification"..... So thanks everyone for helping clear this up! I figured since its just algae that lighting wouldn't matter so much... Sheesh I'm a noob to this whole refugium/sump thing! It's exciting tho! I do like a challenge! Thanks for the bulb link! I'll definatly save up for a different bulb seeing that a cheap $3 bulb or whatever they cost does not cut it. The bulb Im using now seems to be doing absolutely nothing. A lot of the dead chaeto is in my DT and strung over baffles in my sump.Since all this started happening its been pretty discouraging, but patience is a virtue! Here's a couple pictures of the algae growing.. I only took two because its pretty much like this all over my rock Don't mind the diatoms please.. hahaha I've been turkey basting my sand small portions at a time to see if it would help with anything.. Figured some experimenting wouldn't hurt
  10. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    Do you just put the carbon ROX in a bag or do you need a reactor? I'll have to look into BRS's options, thanks! Im just using an everyday house hold bulb screwed into one of those shop light things or whatever they're called (the round silver ones you find at home depot). The algae in the DT is GHA, Some long stringy stuff, which Im almost certain isn't GHA, and some red algae that looks like GHA but its red.There's also some flat oval looking algae thats sprouting out of one rock. Oh, and another algae that looks like little sprigs, its grouped in 5's? that are clustered together. It's safe to say that there is at least 3 different types of algae growing
  11. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    I think he did too haha Im planning on picking up some salifert kits soon, because obviously it is easy to confuse which test is which if you don't own them! Ok, i'll grab some GFO too. What GFO would you reccomend? I used Chemi-pure Elite in my nanocube and had amazing results.. I have a 30g sump as well as a skimmer that is rated for 250g. I was under the impression that my system could handle bigger fish, but obviously not this early in the game I know! All lyretails I've seen as well as the ones I bought were just sitting on rocks or laying on the sand bed being super lazy! They're beautiful fish and I would hate to kill them sooo catching them is definatly first on the to do list. Something else I forgot to mention earlier is that I have (well had) a really nice ball of chaeto in my refugium, and it is struggling. I have sufficient light above it, but it seems like everyday it looks worse and worse...
  12. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    I may have read it wrong. I was under the impression that in a young tank, running GFO isn't beneficial because it pulls out those nutrients needed by the you colonies of bacteria. Am i completely wrong?? The >2.5 is for nitrates, and I had my water tested by a friend because my test kit is expired. The nitrates vial was blue (API test kit) and he said my nitrates were fine and were sitting at less than 2.5ppm. I didn't believe him because of all the algae in my tank.. Phosphates tested to be 0. HOLD UP. Nitrates<2.5ppm. Sorry, forgot my less than greater than signs
  13. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    I wasn't trying to be a jerk. And I'm not on here enough to know jedimaster isn't a troll. And Im not going into denial haha. I obviously knew I made a mistake when I said I may have stocked too fast. Anyways, back on topic. So the best option to this is just to let it ride and do water changes as well as cut back my lighting? Since posting today, I've been trying to program my radion's photo period so it isn't on so long, but the damn coord is a piece of junk and I've gotta find a new one. Seems like you can never research too much in this hobby. Welp, looks like the anthias will be going back to the store. Thank you for the input blup! Will GFO prevent the needed bacteria from colonizing? I was reading that GFO can pull out nutrients the bacterias need to colonize...
  14. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    Are you just being a troll? Im sure wild anthias may not eat every day.. But if you're being serious, then I guess I'll start feeding more. But my anthias possibly starving isn't the topic of this thread
  15. Tank not looking like what the Parameters read...

    How come? They eat what I feed them... and are fat. Enlighten me