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  1. I also have a maxijet 1200 for sale if you want both, that box should fit both. So there would be no shipping on the maxijet. Looking for $15 bucks, used for a couple months in the cube.
  2. I have an aqualife 115 skimmer for sale, used for a couple months in my cube and a month in a 10 gallon. Pulls some nasty green stuff out of the water! It is modified for the air intake ( added a hose to make existing intake hose longer to stay out of water) and a few scratches from taking it in/ out of the cube. Over $65 new, selling for $40 with flat rate shipping box. I upgraded to a 72 gallon and turned the cube into a freshwater tank, so no need for the skimmer.
  3. SOLD

    Would you take $450 shipped?
  4. Leftyfish BC29 updated 4.14.11

    Well...29gallons was too small after a few months, haha. So I have been upgrading to a 72 gal bowfront that I got off CL. I love it! Over 120 lbs of rock in there and everything moved over except my clownfish, as it came with a mated pair, and 100 lbs of rock. I did put all new sand in there, and about 80% new water. So looks like I need a new thread...
  5. Show off your best/worst majano/aiptasia!

    I know, I can't even enjoy my tank anymore.
  6. Ole Yeller

    My yellow maxi mini during the day. It is about 6" in diameter, and was reaching for the sky during this shot.
  7. SC Coastal "Pest" Anemone Tank

    following along
  8. I have a 29 gallon running now for three months, I am buying a 72 gallon that has been running for over a year and want to transfer everything in the 29 gallon into the 72. Here is my question, I get mixed information when I reasearch this online and am not sure what to do. I like a deep sand bed, so I want 4-5 inches. The 72 has 2", my 29 has 4-5". Should I buy mostly new sand and put sand from both tanks in the 72 to top it off with the old and mix a little bit to 5 inches? Can I combine both tanks (set up the 72 after moving it) over a few days (acclimating the livestock in the 29 by drip method into the 72) without getting a cycle? Should I put 80% new water in the 72 and finish it off with my water from both tanks or only the 72 water? I want to put live rock from my 29 into the 72, it has about 100lbs of live rock coming with it, so I may not use all of it (would be like 120-130 lbs...overkill). Is there a thread where someone has done this successfully without minimal stress to livestock? Thanks!
  9. Show off your best/worst majano/aiptasia!

    My majanos...under actinics they are neon green looking.
  10. I have two ballasts for sale, used for a month on biocube and then I switched to T5 fixture for my tank. 1 Aqualight 150Watt HQI MH Ballast sells for over 100 new. 1 Oceanic 36W ballast sells for around 50 new. ONLY THE BALLAST are for sale. Make an offer! Thanks for looking.
  11. friend or foe?

    I have used aiptasia-x to keep them in one area of the tank, I have not noticed them moving around or multiplying, but it's only been a little over two months since I got the tank. They have had contact with my blue zoas and neither seemed to care, but after about a week of that I used the aiptasia-x as I didn't want the others thinking they could get away with moving around, lol!
  12. friend or foe?

    I caught one! I finally caught on of the majanos, does anyone want one? It is a little guy, about the size of a dime. I can try to catch more, lol! Only took me a month?
  13. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Birthday NR!!
  14. Biocube Skimmers?

    Did you try lifting it up some out of the water to see if that helps? Or lowering your water in the tank a little.
  15. Macro Lens 4 My Canon

    I owned the 100mm macro, it is an awesome lens. I sold it to rationalize my purchase of 3 "L" series lenses. I miss that macro lens, one of these days I will find one used. Definitely ask a local camera store if you can try it out (a good local store should let you). IF they won't ask them to let you put it on the body and take a few pics in the store. Go home and compare your images at 100% and see which is better. I compare lenses with my mother in law and she gets sigma, tamron, etc. My canons are always handsdown better, but you really can't tell until you look at them 100% zoomed on the computer.