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  1. Drilled 3gal JBJ Picotope Build

    anecdotally my hermits cleaned the hell out of my acan skeletons upon their initial introduction to my tank. maybe yours are doing something similar?
  2. alfieFIVE - 5g Pico Build

    thanks! bryant (with a T) is the guy to talk to there. he's been a great support for my tank and has passed my "are you an idiot" test, which mostly consists of questions derived from horrifying LFS stories I read on this website. they do have expensive prices for their large corals/colonies (like the aussie scoly's they have right now are something like $400 a pop, although they are beautiful). i have never paid full price for anything i purchased there, love those guys.
  3. alfieFIVE - 5g Pico Build

    my hermit crab assassination squad is doing it's job and tag-teaming the biggest margarita in my tank. it's definitely been killed and is presently being devoured (awesome, i love hermits so much more than snails). since this was the largest snail in my tank (.75'' maybe) and my tank is only five gallons, i'm curious if I should just remove it to prevent it. maybe if i see the CUC start to leave it alone I will take it out so that too much crap doesn't rot in my tank. i just got over a systemic GHA problem and don't want to be back where I was before I got it all cleaned up. anyone with similar sized tanks have a recommendation? thanks
  4. Friar's 4 gallon Finnex - R.I.P.

    awesome little addition to the cuc is it as fast as the ones in my tank are? they zoom around.....................
  5. New Ricordia and Star polyp

    which test kit are you using? test the water you use for a water change, and something i like to do is take my water to the LFS to have them test it whenever I go there. are you adding anything to your water?
  6. CuC and SPS

    i have an emerald crab that repeatedly hangs out on, around, underneath my undata. the polyps retract and come right back out. no noticeable stress to the coral after more than a few weeks of this type of "roosting"
  7. New Ricordia and Star polyp

    my star polyps took three weeks to open. unless the flesh of it is falling apart, don't worry about them. also, i don't think the alk and PH numbers you listed are problematic. my tank had been running at 6.5 alk for a while, which is definitely low, and my rics and star polyps were still thriving. PH is a little high but i am pretty sure you are just waiting for something to open
  8. Is this good skimmate?

    for the love of god do not taste your skimmate. DO NOT.
  9. Snail ID please?

    i learned something, thanks friar1
  10. Snail ID please?

    Synaptocochlea is the one that caught my eye.
  11. Snail ID please?

    learn something every day. i'll have to investigate my stomatellas when they come out of hiding to notice the subtle spiraling in their shells "in real life"
  12. Snail ID please?

    definitely not a stomatella. at first i wondered if it could be an extremely small nassarius because of the comment that it has a long foot, but i have a baby (3mm maybe) nass in my tank and the shell-shape of the species is clear even at that size. i've tried to google what it might be but i'm stumped > > maybe there is a secret snail master poster that i'm not aware of somewhere on N-R.
  13. i don't know enough about the species to be particularly specific, but it is white and pulsates. i notice all types of changes to my xenia even when i do things like change my chemi-pure (without any other treatment) or do other things that clean my water. it's one of the plants that seems to thrive off nutrient-rich water/untreated water and definitely "thins out" (although it doesn't stop pulsing) when i do things that remove nutrients from my tank. i note, though, that i did a spray treatment on the rock only while the tank was 80% drained, so any effect that the h202 would have had on the xenia would have been a result on what remaining peroxide leeched into the post-change water column of the tank, which probably contributed to it not have adverse effects. when i initially read through this post i considered the xenia the only thing that might go ape and die on me (and i wasn't too worried about it! grows like crazy), but i don't think enough h2o2 entered the water column in a way to significantly affect that particular stock in my tank.
  14. there are several comments in this thread indicating that xenia did not survive systemic h2o2 dosing. the xenia in my 5g tank was 100% unaffected by any residual h202 introduced into the system from coating the majority of my live rock in peroxide. you should try it and report your results.
  15. brandon, i am so sorry that i didn't take before and after pictures, but: 1. i completely saved two frags of acans that had GHA growing on the "post-frag recovery" parts of their skeletons. the GHA is 100% gone, the acans are 100% inflated, and they look better than before. this was using 80/20 dips for 2 minutes. 2. i had a relatively consistent GHA problem in my tank since i (as a beginner) cycled it with too heavy of a light cycle. it was growing on everything. 3. later, i did your recommended 80% water change and spray h2o2 method on the rock in my tank. the GHA that infested the crevices in my live rock is 100% gone three days later. i am SO HAPPY to see my rock in it's true form. i do note that concurrently with the water change i replaced my chemi-pure elite. THANKS. I think i was able to make appropriate repair measures concurrently with appropriate systemic changes and I *LOVE* my tank as a result.