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  1. Wow! this thing is mint! super awesome job! cant wait to see it grow out a bit!
  2. Is this the nano with teeth? looks really nice. do you have some sort of floss in there also?
  3. I like your tank!
  4. WOW!!!
  5. wow nice rics!!!! awesome picture
  6. kick ass!!!
  7. Yeah I like how he looks like he is always grumpy.. He needs a smoking jacket and a pipe haha.. Thanks.. He is awesome. Cool personality for a fish.
  8. My fish.. Wish the photo quality was better.. Using my iphone
  9. The photo doesn't do it justice.. It's huge.. The largest head is about the size of a silver dollar
  10. I have it pretty well established.. Everything kinda just grew on it's own all over.. The candy canes are doing amazing.. I have a yellow watchman goby, a maroon clown, and a sixline wrasse.. They love eachother haha. And my clownfish hosted to the huge mushrooms on the left.. He just lays on them. It's hilarious.
  11. Looks nice.. I love my 14 .. Just wish it wasn't full