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  1. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Did a bit of a facelift on the sump again. I added a second timer power strip for the moonlight. The moonlight was on for too long before.. Lots of unwanted algae growth. We will see how everything does with the change. Also added a micro powerhead to the fuge section of the sump. The water seemed too still and stagnent thought it may help a bit.. Otherwise everything is doing real good. I didn't get any pictures but I will tomorrow afternoon.
  2. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    The lights are on for 7 hours. I really want to order the 20k bulb soon. I'm working on a real big project right now and I'm self employed, soooo when the job is done I get paid. Money is a bit tight with the family and all. I don't have any play money's right now. I changed the water tonight and made some changes with the flow. I took off both flat return nozzles and just have a couple peices I loc line on. It's giving a more random flow. I am hoping all the coral respond well to it. The hammer was getting a bit blasted before and I knew the flat nozzle was kind of "directional" flow.. So we will give it a try like this.. Everything is doing real well. I am going to be making a cool eBay order in a little wile here. I think I'm goin to pick up 5 more different chalice frags. I would be stoked to have multiple large colonies of chalice along with some zoas and lps coral.. The few sps coral I have are doin ok but if keeping sps doesn't work without dosing I think I'm just going to stick with the lps.. I really like chalice corals. The goby was totally sitting in the middle of the hammer tonight. It was funny
  3. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Got some pics for everyone. I think I'm going to decrease my lighting an hour. I'm getting some algae growth. Also going to raise the moonlight a bit. Right side http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n540/zjdlobik/9FA03F11-5284-42CC-84E7- 3CB38AB7FA44.jpg The new moonlight. Fts Gilbert sitting in his chalice. This frag is growing lots and lots of new eyes. War coral expanding nicely also. Right side
  4. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Thanks! The bird nest is real nice! I will get a better picture tomorrow. And I did think of running the light wen the halide is on for color. But I think my ultimate decision is to get a 20k bulb. I think that will b the solution.. The light is very high power for the tank size so I don't think I need the grow power of the 14k, the 20 will probably give me good growth along with having the color I want.. The build my led fixture is for sale still. 125.00 shipped.
  5. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    No love? ?
  6. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Got a pic of the moonlight on. The iPhone doesn't do well with the spectrum. It's a 460nm 3w light. It's perfect for the tank! Really makes the coral glow nice. The moonlight was one of the last things I needed to add to the tank and I'm glad it's on there.. Looks so awesome when it's on. The new frags settled in really nice. All zoas opened up. The birds nest is always super bushy with polyps extended, I have 17 frags now so I think I'm done for a little wile, at least until the frags are glued to the scape.
  7. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Here are the spongodes
  8. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Here are some pictures of the new frags I picked up. Everything is open now. Some of the pictures aren't the best. But I think I'm done with buying coral for a little wile until all this stuff is settled in and glued to the scape. Spongodes Zoas Purple tip hammer. And Gilbert in the background. Not positive on the id but it's really cool.! Nice blue birds nest. It looks a tad rough in the pic but I'm pretty sure it will be a real nice peice. I got it for 8$
  9. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Went to a few stores this evening. One was changing ownership so their stock was really bad. The other was a store that I go to often to look, the prices are pretty high. I picked up 4 hermit crabs and a purple hammer. The hammer is fully extended still and looks happy. I will get a few pictures when the light is on tomorrow. I might be heading to the other store Monday to hit up the sale.
  10. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    I don't like the color. The LEDs also didn't blend together well. They have a disco ball look. I'm just going to stick with a 20k bulb and get a moonlight real soon. The coral and fish are doing good. Im stRting to see some noticeable growth on the chalice frags and Favia/war coral frags. The Lfs I have been going to has another big sale going on. Hopefully I can make a trip there this weekend. I also need some hermets and a few sand sifting snails. The skimmer has been working real good. I would definately recomend it.
  11. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    A lot of people have asked about the reef octopus bh50 skimmer I am using. This picture is after 5 days of running. I do feed my coral and fish on a regular basis. Full sump The rocks in the sump are growing a ton of the white sponge, along with some really cool red sponge. The chaeto I have has gotten really dark green. I think it's doing really well. Not growing much but healthy looking none the less.
  12. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    My buddy is going to buy the light for his fish only 72g he has 2 par bulbs now.. This will be the icing on the cake for his tank. I am thinking about heading to the Lfs this weekend. I actually discovered a new store the other day. It's called reef pro. Hopefully they are a "pro" shop. We will see what happens the weather is supposed to b real bad ? Here is a comparison.. The 20k bulb will be best!
  13. Drilled and sumped 8 gallon

    Here is a picture of the tank with the light on.
  14. t8raff's chi - light is done!

    Some of the pics look like you have some diatoms growing on the rocks.. Light is nice! Te stNd is clean look also. I think u may har stated but what are your stocking plans. I'm also listening to your babbling. So keep updates flowin in. Just read your stocking plans. I have a crintrini clown goby.. He is really cool. I would recomend a clown goby. He likes the coral in the tNk a lot.
  15. Trav's Mr. Aqua 7.5g (Now Making Waves!)

    Did you receive your coral that you ordered?