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  1. What is it ?

    My first thought as well.. A baby one? I did get LR and LS and have many things coming out of nowhere lately.. dusters, worms etc.. I see no feet unless they are directly underneath in the sand
  2. What is it ?

    It came out of no where when a Turbo died and I left it to decompose to help kick up the last part of the Cycle and feed my crabs.. Wormish about an 1/2 - Inch long with a "blunt front end" and tapering rear end Cylindrical about 1/4 diameter Coated with sand, kinda poc marked looking Moving almost inperceptably slow towards the snail.. No visible means of propulsion aka Legs
  3. Anyone use a eclipse hex 5 for a nano?

    Below are the bulbs.. Petco is where I got mine.. The rubber gasket is very tight so you have to press in on the bulb hard while screwing it in, but it does fit.. Not sure if the newer models of Hex 5's have incand or Flores bulbs.. Mine had the Incandes.. http://www.franksaquarium.com/coralife_min...scent_lamps.htm http://www.fish-supplies.com/buy-906140.aspx
  4. Anyone use a eclipse hex 5 for a nano?

    Almost done with the cycle (almost 3 weeks) on mine.. No Bio Wheel Stock Filter pad 3 lbs LR 4 lbs LS 7 lbs Aragamax select Sand Hex sits prefectly at eye level on a Standard Computer Monitor stand. 3 Turbosnails went in last week 1 tiny Hermit went in Yesterday Amon is nearing 0 Nit's also real low.. Have not measured this week Upgraded the stock Incand light by simply replacing the bulb with a Coralife Mini Compact fluorescent 50 50 10 Watt . I'll post up a Pic later this week. Nothing Impressive really
  5. Floating Hydrometers

    Big mistake with the floater is leaving the pumps on, and it's just bouncing all up and down.. LOL
  6. Floating Hydrometers

    Bottom of the meniscus(where the water climbs up the sides) according to the instructions on mine.
  7. Nano Cube or Eclipse?

    I went with the Eclipse 5G hex because it fits on a standard computer monitor stand real nice and high on my desk..
  8. 5 gal Hex, First fish, Yellow Watchman Goby

    ok.... thanks I just like the gobies and blennies... I may just go with a couple cheap damsels
  9. Too many shrimp in a 12 gallon?

    My first critters in my 5 hex will be 2 sexies...
  10. $50 refractometer!

    Ask her how much she spends on clothes or whatever..
  11. LFS hate nanos

    And those Irresponsible LFS owners don't last long. These 90% D.Rate species are very high $ and only sell to irresponsible tank owners that also don't last long.. Every hobby, interest etc has it's share of people that make the rest look bad. Be they hunters to equestrians or Matchbox car collectors roughing up elementary kids for their collection.. Most of us understand the depletion of the reefs and the desire for aqua cultured vs captured. But not all of us have the luxury of living 30 min from the coast or owning a boat to go get our own stuff or the facilities to raise them. Valid point on some species being inappropriate for captivity..
  12. Good Tank Care

    Several co-workers around me have small FW tanks so when I'm on business travel, they fed mine gladly.. Now that I'm going salt, I hope they don't decide to share their alge pellets..
  13. Capturing Damsel this weekend