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  1. 5.1 Ecopico - New corals, clown hosting!

    Nice zoa colony, love the color.
  2. An Aquarist on Tour in the Philippines

    Very nice, I'm NAUI certified and was able to dive all over the pacific when I was in the service, I enjoyed the beauty of it all but never new what I was looking at. Now I'm in the midwest and I got into the reef aquarium hobby because I missed the ocean.
  3. The Hun's Acropora Heaven 60g UPGRADE

    Gorgeous tank, love the SPS and LPS.
  4. thefilterguys.biz RO/DI

    No leaking, no problems at all.
  5. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday!
  6. thefilterguys.biz RO/DI

    I have an Ocean Reef + 2 that I bought from the filter guys and their service is great. I have had no complaints over the past 3 years . I ordered replacement filters on Sunday and received them yesterday (Tuesday).
  7. GFCI?

    I use a shock buster 5 outlet GFCI that I bought at Lowe's for $15. Plug and Play. just go to lowes.com and put shock buster in search. I've had no problem's with it and have been using it for the past 2 months.
  8. Tigahboy's 35g Project

    Sweet tank, I've always admired your tanks over the years
  9. Calling all 5.5's!!!

  10. Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    That would be cool I did that in my one iteration of my 58. I work at a school district and we will be starting a reefclub. We decided to go with a 20l as a display tank, this thread provided the inspiration. Very nice
  11. RedSlime Battle for Middle Reef

    Chemi-clean does a good job of removing Cyano. But a more natural way to remove it is to increase alkalinity to 8 to 11 Dkh. I had an outbreak about 2 years ago and one of the guys in local reef club suggested that my alkalinity might be low, I increased it and the cyano vanished. I've kept my alkalinity in check and have not encountered any cyano for a long time.
  12. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    Surfed into NR.com
  13. How do you "top-off" your nano reef?

    Kalk drip one gallon per week on my 5.5 http://www.reefwebsites.com/agu/kalkdrip/
  14. How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    Refractometer from Drs Foster and Smith- SG is consistantly between 1.024 and 1.026. I wish some of the other water chemistry tests were as easy to use.
  15. Missing scooter blenny (returns)

    My refugium is loaded with chaeto, I prune it every month. My water top of feeds into the fuge and overflow chamber pumps pods into the tank when the water is topped off. I also feed the fuge small amounts of marine snow and DT's phyto to encourage pod production. I have had virtually no problems with algae and my nitrates have been at 0 since since I installed the fuge right after setting up my tank a year ago.