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  1. pat_man_ta

    Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    wow, i guess i picked a great time to log back in!
  2. pat_man_ta

    Is this a Majano Anemone?

    i am thinking that tulip anemones are just pretty mojanos. I got a few. now I have a few too many.
  3. pat_man_ta

    Haitian Tube Blenny

    Has anyone ever heard of a Haitian Tube Blenny? I saw this creature at a good LFS last week and was wondering if anyone has one of these (I avoided the impulse buy using The Force® ) . They are terribly cute, stay small, and seem to not stray too far from their cave/tube, which makes me think they would be a good nano fish. I did find it in one place Via Google. Pet Solutions apparently carries this creature: http://petsolutions.com/product.asp?pn=109850L I am considering getting one...think it will do ok in my 10 with my Blue Neon Goby?
  4. pat_man_ta

    Sea Water vs Mixed Salt Water

    http://www.catalinawater.com/index.html this is their website, I use it in both my systems with no problems. I may switch to getting water from my LFS though, cheaper... (my tank is in my office at work and I don't wanna mix there)
  5. pat_man_ta

    Dedicated Pest Tank

    OMFG, you're kidding right?!?! where is this?
  6. pat_man_ta

    .7G tank with Clowns and Tangs.

    were they babies?
  7. pat_man_ta

    Bigger Tank....Need Help!

    Well, I'm about to go from a 5.5 to a 10. So i'm gonna tag allong and see what I can add here. I have sufficient LR for a 10 in my 5.5 already so i'm just adding some inert sand for my transition. What, if any LR i'm going to add, I already have cycled in another system.
  8. pat_man_ta

    Fish Stocking a 20gal FOWLR

    depends on what kind of clowns i'd say. Ocelaris don't get too big but tomatoes/maroons get @ 7". in principle i'd say yes if you stick to smaller clown speceis you could try something that won't compete for territory.
  9. pat_man_ta

    Are you going to MACNA?

    i live just a short trolley ride away, so, yeah, after running my monthly goth event [plug] Xmortis. www.xmortis.com [/plug] I think most of the Boston Reefers are going, as well as BRS non members from all over the state and New England. Allot of people on ReefCentral seem to be going.
  10. pat_man_ta

    Gorgonian Placement Q?

  11. pat_man_ta

    Gorgonian Placement Q?

    Where should I place my yellow gorgonian in my 5.5? It is a 2" frag that looks to have broken away some time ago but never been oriented or planded or attached anywhere so the foot, well ehere one would expect a foot, has a polyp obstructing it. At the moment i have it in an area in a large open cave getting good flow and lower light, on the sand bed. I would like to have it upright but I don't know how to deal with it. Should I: -Plant it upright in the sandbed by burying its "foot"? -leave it just sitting in there? -Glue it to some LR? Then place it: -Toward the back of the tank (a little less light) -In a cave -In or on the rockwork?
  12. pat_man_ta

    Porcelain Anemone Crab

    I just got an anemone crab! mine's a sort of drab purble and spotted. So far i am loving it.
  13. Ok, that thread with all the nifty pix and stories about porcelain crabs has me coveting one. (This thread here i mean) I have an AGA 5.5, 12 lbs LR. I have a 1.5" Ocellaris, and a 1.5" Peppermint shrimp that ignore eachother nicely. Also some micro brittles, a couple assd snails, and 2 blue leg hermits. As for corals, i have GSP, Yellow Colonials, Yellow Zoos, Brown Polyps, a green/brown monti, and a red lobophyllia. I would like to add more critters, say, a pompom crab and a porcelain crab, or one or the other. Anyone have any advice? should i go for it?
  14. pat_man_ta

    hair green algae problem

    I have observed THESE CRITTERS tearing that stuff up like little sea goats in my nano. It's the bristle hair algae right?
  15. pat_man_ta

    Boston Area?

    There's also Boston Tropical http://www.seadreamsboston.com/looking_for...nd_unusual_.htm