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  1. Shrimp Stocking in a 10g Softie Tank

    Be aware that sexy and peppermint shrimp will eat coral if there is not enough scaps for them to munch on. In that size of a tank you'll be watching closely how much you feed. Just so you know.
  2. Hello all! I had a Canary Blenny in a bc29 for a couple of years and he was a great fish. He was always out in about active and would swim right up to the glass the second he saw movement outside the tank. He was the best fish I've ever put in my tank. But unfortunatly the same curious nature that made him so fun was what killed him. He swam into my mp10 one day when it was on a very low setting. Be warned about this if you have one, I've heard of others doing this too! I would like to get another one but he did have one problem. He would nip the nassarius snails nozzle things off when they were buried in sand. Trust me he was well fed by the way. It did seem to kill them over time. So i never had any in my tank for the life of him. Fast forward to now and I have six nassarius. I would like to get another Canary but don't want it to go after my snails. I also do not want to get rid of my snails do to the service they provide. So has anyone had their Canary do this? Is this normal behavior for this fish or was mine a isolated behavior? Thank you for your responses ahead of time!
  3. Brown Algae "diatoms?"

    Could be a break out in Dinoflagelates. Which thrive on silicates. Which are rampant in tap water. Which is one of many reasons that everyone tells you not to use tap water. Which now may have wiped both your tanks. Sorry friend, but there's reasons for some reefkeeping staples. Like do not use tap water.
  4. Too late to add addition Firefish?

    @apgaug You rolled the dice and ended up with a pair. Other people will do the same except they'll end up with a same sex pair. And this being nano-reef put them in a 40 gallon and under. They will not have the same experience as you did. The reason they are fine in a large group at the lfs is they've probabaly not been there long enough and or with nothing in tank, have no territories and the like established. I was told they would be fine too. Bought two for my bc29. They fought constantly but never did serious damage to one another. Until three months later when one fell ill. The healthy one relentlessly attacked it till it was gone. Happened very fast. The second the healthy one had the upper hand, it was over. Just my experience. I can't speak for larger groups in larger tanks ect. But for a nano of any sort, one and done. Or an established pair. Other wise you risk same sex fighting.
  5. I'm not saying all pictures but alot are taken after prepping tank for said pictures. As in I have a weekend fun car that I've put a lot of money into. If I take some pictures of it to show people, It's going to be detailed, waxed, and in the best light. So alot of the pics you see are after someone has just scraped glass, stirred up top layer of sand so it's extra white, etc.. Also, few people take pics of thier algea or cyno battles. You see the pics after they have fought the battles and have got the tank dialed in. It's not everything but take this into consideration when seeing people's pics.
  6. tunze 9002 skimmer... again

    Shot in the dark. When I did the airline mod for some reason I thought the line ran through the circle cut out. Which then creates a very nice kink that you can't see when the pump is put in place. I tossed out the stock air line which is very "bendable" ( sorry, it's late and can't think of better word). The stuff I got from my lfs was black but much more stiff hence more easily kinked. I either swiveled the top of pump piece around and or just ran the line up the open area next to circle cut out. Ran like a champ then. I've had a 9002 in my bc29 for about three years now and it took me several months of screwing with it before I got it dialed in. But once it was, it's been great. It pulls out Singlefin's #45 pic amount on my heavily stocked bc29 every couple days. If you can get it dialed in, it can be worth it's weight in gold. Just my experience and maybe some hope for you. Other things that gave me the problems you are having: -Water in clear elbow and or tubing that connects pump to line. Just pull it apart and physically blow out water. Put back together. -Snail or garbage blocking up pump inlet. Disassemble and clean pump. Just my experiences.
  7. Where to buy 18" UVL T5-R bulbs?

    Sorry fellas. They are called UVL T5VHO 18" bulbs. They are for my 20" Nove Extreme Pro fixture. Thanks!
  8. I've looked all over and can't find any place that sells the uvl T5VHO 18" bulbs. The ones nanotuners used to sell. Only place is one company named d& something.Are they discontined or something? Thanks for any responses.
  9. Brittle star fish breeding

    No worries. In my bc29, everytime I disturbed the sand or messed around with sludge in back chambers, they did this. Would actually fog water up for a couple hours. Never any ill effects on tank. Just brittle stars at the prom and somebody snuck in booze.
  10. Rio 6HF Pump

    Same thing happened to me. Flow was great but very loud and not in a hum way. Clancky loud best way to describe it. Went back with mj1200. It's silent quiet with good flow in my opinion. I've only tried both of them for my bc29 so limited on experience but am very happy with the mj1200.
  11. porcelain crabs are aggressive

    I have three blues in a bc29. The only time they are aggressive to each other or anything else is when something gets in the wake of its fans. And even then its more they wave their arms and claws around, nothing serious or latching on. I did alot of research on them before I got them 6 months ago. Never came across anything or anybody having overt aggression or killing things with them. Mine hang out together ( at a small distance from each other) and have been nothing but a treat in my tank that includes 5 fish and tons of coral all over the place. Have you actually seen it kill a crab in your tank? Not just a little pushing around? Are you sure you have a positive id on the crab you have?
  12. FS: King Midas Gold Zoanthids

    Midas zoas arrived healthy and opened up right away. I've ordered many corals from forum members and online shops and you by far had the best packing. If I ever ship anything I'm gonna copy your system. Take care and thank you!
  13. ecoxotic panorama led module strips

    +1 on the power supply or "transformer" question.
  14. Chemipure and Brown Algae?

    Hello. I'm kind of a lurker here but I have something you should look into. I recently went through a very bad spell with my bc29. It took me forever to figure it out and damn near got me out of a hobby I have loved for two years. Do some Google research on "Dinoflagellates". If you suspect you have this, contact me and I can walk you through how to beat it. I did but you have to do a multi step project or they just keep coming back. Good luck!
  15. I don't really know. I haven't played around on the website in awhile. It sadly seems though that due to low demand (poor economy) nanotuners is having to scale operations down a little. Still there though and have always been more than helpful. That includes just emailing them with what you're looking for and what they could do for ya. They have me hooked for life on the uvl T5-r bulbs! LOL