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  1. henryfdez

    Tailless Common Clown?

    Theres probably thousands of clowns born like this every year you just never see them because they get culled......If it werent for culling we'd be seeing a bunch of so called "designer" clowns that are really just deformed ones. Their would be "horned clowns", "tailess clowns", "finless clowns"...who knows what else...Ive see some pretty rare deformations that have never gotten to the market.
  2. Hey guys, I've searched a bit on the internet to see if I could find any info on these guys...Ive had aquariums for a long time and haven't seen anything exactly like these. I've had this Fluval Edge tank for about 3-4 months. Its been empty for a month. I started seeing them a lot now that the tank is empty. I had a snowflake clown in there by itself which was moved to a 12g Aquapod. They are pretty big..I'd say the biggest ones are about a 1/4 inch in length. they have sort of long antennae and the tail is always in that "shrimp like" shape bent towards the front. At night the sand looks like its moving because of how many there are. Pics are from my cellphone sorry if the quality isnt great... the tank is pretty filthy since its been running on its own virtually without maintenance for a month..
  3. henryfdez

    Pick a fish poll

    Grammas dont get enough credit, they are beautiful fish with amazing behavior and an appetite to match I love my gramma...but I have to admit he is a pig when it comes to dinner time, very amusing at the same time hehehe.
  4. henryfdez

    Would You?

    I doubt you hate every single goby, theres like a million of them! Have you checked out the more "uncommon" ones out there such as yashia gobys, draculas, hectors? They really are different from one another and if you research you may find some cool ones. As for the PJ, ive never had one but from my understanding they dont do much swimming at all...soo I would think a small one should be ok if its the only fish in there
  5. henryfdez

    Temperature Question

    Whats up with all the retarded criticism on the liverock...geez give the guy a break, he'll figure it out. Maybe he can even break those into pieces. Whats the point of bashing someone with useless comments?
  6. henryfdez

    purple tang or powder blue tang?

    Purples tend to be more "in control" of what goes on around the tank..atleast that was my experience in the 125g reef I used to have. I had him for 2 years and he never gave me serious problems..he was about 4 inches long..very pretty fish
  7. henryfdez

    purple tang or powder blue tang?

    Powders are kinda wimpy, and purples are really expensive...both are beautiful fish so in my opinion its a choice of personal taste. Ive had both and I enjoyed caring for both.
  8. Hey guys, im in the process of collecting everything I need to start a new fluval edge but was just wondering...what other tanks or setups could I use the nanotuners 3.6 fixture over? I want to know really how powerful this fixture is...what could I keep under it? The fixture is setup as follows: Strip 1- 50/50 Strip 2- royal blue Strip 3 50/50 Thanks!
  9. henryfdez

    [FS] Nanotuners Edge Lights SOLD PLEASE REMOVE

    Cool now I just have to get the Fluval Edge! Ive had my eye on them for a while but I wanted to make sure I set it up with a good lighting system, this fixture seems to be the best for that tank.
  10. henryfdez

    [FS] Nanotuners Edge Lights SOLD PLEASE REMOVE

    pm'd you back bog, let me know what you think. Thanks for the info mmcguffi. It says I cant pm anymore today??? weird...soo whatever, I'll answer through here. Your last msg sounds good bog, let me know what the process will be through my email if you can!! henryfdez@gmail.com
  11. henryfdez


    Ive loved the ocean since I was a kid....I live in Puerto Rico so Im lucky enough to be able to see some amazing reefs. I wanted my own little piece!
  12. henryfdez

    [FS] Nanotuners Edge Lights SOLD PLEASE REMOVE

    replied your PM bog, thx for the quick reply.....by the way, what did you keep under these lights? Are they really strong, like say enough for SPS?
  13. henryfdez

    Which fixture would be better?

    Whichever one you decide on....get some actinic Ecoxotic stunner strips to complement it. Those will surely make your colors pop like nothing else.
  14. henryfdez

    finally got "designer" zoas

    hmm, dont think so, all the blue hornet zoas Ive seen look like this: Edit----I was talking about the yellow ones