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  1. Beef's Reef

    How does a grey, inflatable... ummm... mannequin become stark white? Nevermind.
  2. Beef's Reef

    I think Beef's LSE (Life Sized Edition) Twig and Berries Stylophora would be more appropriate. What's next... Peg's Got a Slow Leak Cyphastrea?
  3. DSB vs Skimmer Research

    My RDSB is 72" x 18" x 10" totaling total about 13,000 cubic inches (over 600#) of Oolitic araganite. Even combined with the 400# of Kaileini live rock, it could not keep pace with a moderately stocked (three small tangs, a lawnmower blenny, and 5 or 6 damsel sized fish) 210g SPS system with an undersized skimmer. At that time I was changing 55g of water every two weeks and still having algae and Cyano problems.
  4. DSB vs Skimmer Research

    Bitts, you just made me rethink beaches as nature's skimate collection cup. How big of a DSB do you propose you'd need to process all the waste produced by a tank with more than just a fish or two? I'd imagine that the ratio of DSB to display volume would make it rather impractical on anything that wasn't sparsely populated.
  5. DSB vs Skimmer Research

    +1 for DSBs and Shimeck. While I can say that I have no issues using a skimmer as the sole means of filtration, I would never rely on a DSB alone. Think of the skimmer as doing the bulk of the work, while a DSB will help polish the water (kinda like the roles of an RO membrane vs. DI resin). The place where DSBs have skimmers beat is that a healthy, well established DSB will provide a constant live food source for corals and fish. However, a stagnant DSB is a ticking time bomb that can potentially wipe out a tank.
  6. The FTS Thread!

    A view from the side, just before the AEFW.
  7. Do you currently maintain a quarantine tank?

    I lost over 100 colonies of coral after getting hit by Monti Nudis and AEFW. Vowing that I would NEVER allow this to happen again, I now keep a 58g LPS tank that I use to QT Acro & Montis in. All incoming Acro and Montis get dipped before entering the QT. If I see any sign of AEFW or Monti Nudis, the corals get dipped once a week for 4 weeks. They then get dipped again a month later and inspected for Red Bug. If that dip comes up clean, then they can go into my display tank. Either way, I utilize a two month minimum QT on SPS. I do not QT fish.
  8. I have a skimmer

    It's an external recirced Skilter 400.
  9. I have a skimmer

    Hi. I have a skimmer.