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  1. Fluval Spec V Lighting

    In a tank that small, pretty much anything except maybe certain high-light corals, which I probably wouldn't keep in a Spec 5, but that is another discussion...
  2. Fluval Spec V Lighting

    That light is one of the better options over that tank, especially with your restrictions for mounting - being on sale at DFS makes it even better...
  3. Lighting for 20g

    A couple of Par30's or Par38's would work (might be a bit "spotlighty"), as would a "black box" fixture, but neither of those options are "sleek" over a 20L. The 24" AquaMax NemoLight would look better aesthictically over the tank, but I simply do not like the color rendition or timer function on that light. For just a hair over $125, Drs. Foster and Smith have the 24" 1st gen Current Marine Orbit on sale ($128), with a much better timer function (with remote) and color rendition - would be my pick for a rookie keeping lower-light corals in a 20L...
  4. Jebao DC 2000 or Sicce 2.0 for Return Pump?

    Maybe it is just me (I have ridden motorcycles for 20+ years), but I have a Sicce Syncra 2.0 running on my 50 cube (2 years now), and I can't hear it at all, and especially not over my skimmer (BM Curve 5), which isn't that loud either. I wonder if some of you have fantastic hearing, or are imagining things, or did Sicce have a bad batch or two of the Syncra's? I know this - I will never own another Jebao product (independent of the whole intellectual property theft issue) because every single one I tried has failed in under a year (own multiple tanks and like to experiment). I also know a couple of retailers that also refuse to stock them because return rates were so high, coupled with the multitude of reviews available here and elsewhere.
  5. Maxspect Razor Owners thread

    I have a Gen 1 pair still going over my pair of 40B's (and another Gen 1 over my 45g frag tank), hanging them 12" over the aquariums, and I have had great results, with most of my stuff growing like weeds. My 40B pair max out at 65W:75B for 4 hours (midpoint of 35W:40B for 3 hours before and after the peak ramp time) - I think you might need to increase your settings, and keep your light 12" or more over the aquarium to increase spread and cut down on any "disco" (or use the white reflectors if still using a Gen 1 and have it on the mounts). Here is a recent pic before I added a couple of additional corals to each, and after we moved and they had been up a couple of months...
  6. Just by using Current's PAR numbers (if accurate, and I have no reason to doubt them) in your PDF attachment, I think you have your answer. I would go with the Orbit Pro, and having the light stands already is helpful due to the narrower lenses on the Pro version (60 vs 120 degree on the non-Pro). None of your other options will get you the spread on such a long narrow aquarium without copious light spill or distinct "hotspots", and I think that $280 (30% sale FTW!) is a pretty good deal for a light with the options and power it has. To be honest, if you don't like it, it is returnable, but it should give you what you have currently with the non-Pro Orbit Marine (slim form factor, easy to mount, simple control), but with the power you want, and possibly slightly better color rendition (from what I have seen at least).
  7. New arrival of RFA's at VIP Reef 12/21/2016

    Many thanks to you both...
  8. New arrival of RFA's at VIP Reef 12/21/2016

    This thread only has one page... If you meant the first thread in this subforum, I did check there too, but maybe I am just blind...
  9. New arrival of RFA's at VIP Reef 12/21/2016

    What coupon? Seriously, I looked and didn't see one...
  10. Sicce Syncra 2.0 adaptor dosn't fit Reefer 170 tubing

    I have found that if you heat the tubing up a bit that it will become much more pliable and therefore easier to fit over the hose adapter...
  11. where is serial on the Bubble Magus Curve Skimmers?

    No problem, glad you found it (never turned any of mine in!), and you are welcome (for the little good I did) - I find it best to break-in a new skimmer with a diluted vinegar-water solution (cup of vinegar to 4 gallons of water in a 5-gallon bucket for me) before throwing it in the sump...
  12. where is serial on the Bubble Magus Curve Skimmers?

    Geez, been a while since I had my original boxes (threw them out when I moved), but I seem to remember a small box in the package that had the pump and another for various bits, and I thought it was associated with one of them. Maybe on the underside of the base? No need to be so dramatic - I have 3 of them still going strong, and they have been running for more than 2 years now. I find them no different than any of the many of the other similarly-sized skimmers, and many others have used them successfully as well (check the reviews available from many vendors). For example, mine perform about the same as my Eshopps S-120, which performs about the same as my friend's Nyos Quantum 120, which performs about the same as the AquaMaxx ConeS CO-1 I tried previously, which performs about the same as the Reef Octopus Classic 150 INT I borrowed years ago from the same friend that now owns the Nyos. The same Vertex you claim to be superior (if comparing like-size skimmers - so I assume the Omega 130) actually tends to get worse reviews than any of the skimmers I noted above, suffering from what is assumed to be an improper air/water ratio, or simply being difficult to adjust. Mind you, this is not my experience or opinion, just what others have noted, and every skimmer tends to have its own fanclub.
  13. Radion Gen 3 on 25g Lagoon

    No problem, you are welcome, and that is one of my "issues" with the presets - don't show the individual channel settings, or at least I don't know how to bring them up - my page doesn't offer the individual colors tab for some reason when using the "deep reef natural template" under Schedule Templates. Live Demo Presets seems to, but I don't use it...
  14. LED Biocube 16 Lighting Retrofit.

    No offense to RapidLED, but I would talk to Dave at NanoBox directly before writing it off. You could also check with Steve'sLED to see what they think... I would not think it would be too hard to find mounting points for the retro heatsink - heck, I wonder if the one already in it would work...
  15. I don't notice any "disco" with my XR30 Gen 3 Pro using the RMS over my 50g "cube", and from what I've seen of the Gen 4, the spread is even better, so I imagine there would not be any with it either. As for sound, I can't really hear my Gen 3, but then again, I didn't really notice my Kessils (A160 or A350) either - I only hear/ heard them when I got up close to the fixtures, but then again, my hearing is not what it used to be after riding a motorcycle for 20 years...