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  1. oleolson1

    Flow behind rock?

    I have a BC14 and have added a splitter to the return. You can see in this picture I have it running down behind my rock. Maybe something to think about. (If you notice my frogspawn on it's side, I'm playing with different spots in the tank, for some reason it hasn't taken to any spot very well, I've since moved it down to the sand in front of the rock where it is blocked a little from the flow)
  2. oleolson1

    Found small piece of ocean rock

    Thanks for the quick responses everyone.
  3. oleolson1

    Found small piece of ocean rock

  4. oleolson1

    Found small piece of ocean rock

    When I was in Mexico in March I found this small rock on the beach and pocketed it thinking I could throw it in my tank and use it as a frag rock or something. I didn't really think about the impact of a rock this small but thought I would ask about anyone's thoughts. Would a rock this small cause any sort of mini-cycle or anything? Maybe a stupid question but I would hate to find out the hard way. BC14
  5. oleolson1

    HELP! BioCube 29

    Yeah you could. But keep in mind you might end up changing it again anyway when you start getting corals.
  6. oleolson1

    HELP! BioCube 29

    I usually add water to the back, middle chamber in my BC14 as to not disturb the main tank.
  7. oleolson1

    HELP! BioCube 29

    I think you just need to add more water. You may have been close to low before you left on Thursday and by Sunday the water got low enough to where your pump is sucking air.
  8. oleolson1

    How Mean is your Clown?

    I have a pair and both are very mean. I used be timid when sticking my hand in the tank because they go right skin between the knuckles but I've gotten used to their bites. Once I let them bite and they know I'm not a threat, they settle down and ignore me.
  9. Is this the light setup you bought? I also have a biocube 14 and I was wondering what would be best; to go with the additional light upgrade to spring for the LED setup. http://www.nanotuners.com/product_info.php...products_id=620
  10. oleolson1

    Vacuuming Sand?

    Yeah I don't go down 2" when vacuuming, just skim the surface of the sand to kick up any waste, but I only do that once a month at most. My smaller water changes are done in the back chambers.
  11. oleolson1

    Vacuuming Sand?

    If you are asking me, it's about 2 inches deep.
  12. oleolson1

    Vacuuming Sand?

    I just use this siphon to vacuum the sand. Then I watch the sand and make sure I'm holding the siphon correctly so the sand doesn't get sucked past the gravel chamber and into the siphon tube. Right or wrong, it works for me. I've also read you don't want to vacuum the sand too much as it will remove vital bacteria. So I will vacuum maybe once a month during a bigger water change. http://www.aquariumguys.com/siphonkleen1.html
  13. bump...I'm wondering the same thing. I've been running my daylight for 8 hours and my actinic for about 4-5 when I get home in the evening. Is it better to run it all day along with the daylight? I realize some people use it to simulate dawn and dusk before the daylights but is it beneficial to run it all day? BC14
  14. oleolson1

    Vacuuming Sand?

    My vacuum tube has an angled end. When I am vacumming, I hold the tube at about 45 degrees to the sand, the sand gets sifted into the vacuum chamber but then gravity pulls it back down. There is very little sand loss and you can see the dirty particles get sucked up. I then can recover any lost sand in the bucket when done but there is generally less than 1/4 tsp.
  15. oleolson1

    Clown problem

    Did you ever figure out what it was o did your fish get over it? I have had my two clowns for a few years now and never had a problem. Now my smaller clown is developing a red bump on his nose very similar to this one. It's red on his upper lip and the nose is swollen.