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  1. Lighting 20 Gallon Long

    i have the 36 inch fixture over my tank a little light spill over but not bad
  2. Evolve 4 or Fluval spec 5.6

    If your'e looking for a evolve i have seen them on clearance at every petco ive been to in the last few weeks going for about $35 *edit Evolve 4s
  3. Advice please

    5-7 Kilos
  4. EcoSphere

    I know several people have talked about these in the past but groupon is having a special on them now. http://www.groupon.com/deals/dc-pt2-gg-eco...;utm_source=rvs Figured i would pass it on
  5. CUC

    Www.reefcleaners.org use quick crews
  6. thirdchild

    Awesome Seller, first time buying from NR member and would deal with her in a heart beat if given the opportunity! Great packaging, fast shipping All around A+ seller much better then any vender ive bought from!!
  7. I'M DONE!

    i sense trolling no one else caught on that he said all his frags were gone too
  8. Bleached zoas or invading anemones?

    let um be makes your other ones look better by comparison
  9. Bleached zoas or invading anemones?

    they just look like a plain brown paly to me
  10. Par38 fixtures?

    Doesnt hurt to ask
  11. Par38 fixtures?

    Just bend it in store grab the bender off the rack bend the pipe put bender back on rack
  12. Need to bend PVC into any shape?

    You can also heat up sand with a tourch pour it in and it bends easy
  13. Do I have Sperm?

    Odds are they are pods
  14. Is this zoanthus opened ?

    I would agree favia
  15. Green & Purple Mini Mini Carpets

    Add me to the list if you decide to ship I'd love to get some of these guys