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  1. What Did You Get For Christmas/holidays?!

    I totally agree with you. I have been looking at EcoTech over a year now but just could not justify the cost. I was planning on doing a diy led setup but now... I truly had no idea she was doing it.
  2. What Did You Get For Christmas/holidays?!

    My wife got me a MP-40 and 2- Radion G2 lights. I was totally shocked. My current tank is a 29 with 4 t5 bulbs over it. She know this and said "it looks like it's time to upgrade to a 90" I am a very blessed man. Lucas
  3. Alaskan reefers

    I'm from Alaska. The Anchorage area has quite a few reefers. We have one good store in the area, Alaska Coral Finatics. Look up alaska frag swap. You'll find some of our local reefers there. Send me a PM if you have any more questions. Lucas
  4. Hitchhiker snails

    Atela, thanks for the reply and info. I looked for quite some time and could not find these snails. Now that I know the name of them a search brings up all the info I need. Rymah, they have white feet.
  5. Hitchhiker snails

    I need some help identifying these snails. I purchased my entire tank setup off craigslist one year ago. I didn’t have these snails when I first got my tank but I started to notice one or two after I put a few corals in my tank. They started off real small but I have recently noticed there are about 12-15 pencil eraser sized snails and last night after all the lights went out there were an additional 12-15 much smaller size snails on the glass. It appears that they are grazing on algae. Are these snails reef safe?
  6. My 29 Softies and LPS

    My first Coral courtesy of Tim at Alaska Coral Finatics. Video when it finally started to grow. Video when the frag plug was full. What it looks like today. I have made two frags off it. I'm currently letting it overtake the rock it is on.
  7. 29 gallons of awesome

    I do agree with you on this. When I go to purchase corals I have a couple of things I assess. I like to see movement, I find it very relaxing. The size is important, my xenia is getting almost too big but I still like it and may frag it out a little. Color, I almost have too many green corals but I’m going to keep them. I like to vary the colors up like you and keep the eye moving. I think I might sell some of my frags and add some King Midas Zoa's this week. The yellow would really pop against all the purple and greens. I hope to upgrade to a 40 breeder by mid summer.
  8. 29 gallons of awesome

    Thanks for the reply on my tank. I had to come over and look at your 29 and I really like it. You did a great job getting a lot of corals in a fairly small space and the color differentiation really keeps you eyes moving. Awesome tank.
  9. My 29 Softies and LPS

    I'm going to start showing my coral growth as I have time to upload photos. I'll start with my Zoa's. I got three heads mounted sideways on a frag holder. I have fragged this twice and finally I mounted the entire frag holder sideways to a rock and let it grow. Today I counted 32 heads on this rock. My goal is to upgrade to a 40 breeder with LED's this summer and have the whole rock covered with Zoa's. When I first got the frag. Couple of frags I made off the first. What they look like today.
  10. My 29 Softies and LPS

    I purchased this tank off craigslist in March 2011 and did some upgrades and have added corals. Tell me what you think. Info about the tank. Started off with Prizm skimmer that came with the tank. Currently running an Aquaclear 70 power filter with sponge, ammonia remover, carbon and GFO. 2- Hydor Koralia Evolution 750 powerheads Red sea wavemaster pro. Fish need it 4 bulb 36" T5 light with 2 blue 2 white bulbs. Corals Xenia Green Star Polyps Duncan Hammer Torch Clove Couple of different Zoa's Fish One Ocellaris Clown One Kaudern Cardinal. Had two just lost one. All my fish and corals have been purchased here in Anchorage at Alaska Coral Finatics. What it looked like before I purchased my tank. What the tank looked like when I first got it home cleaned it up and added more sand. Not long after I got it home and added some upgrades. Video of what it looks like today 3/1/2012. Click on photo for video.
  11. Duncan Coral

    The tank is 29 gallons and they are about 18" apart. There is a large Hammer coral and a rock in between them. Here is an shot of my tank from a couple months ago.
  12. Duncan Coral

    I does look like a Torch but I can assure you it is a Duncan. Here is a pic of my Torch coral. Here is a pic of my Duncan from the other side. You can see one of the heads is normal.
  13. Duncan Coral

    I purchased this coral 4-5 months ago and it was pretty much a normal 4 head Duncan coral. I have had it in one corner of my tank and it has had decent one direction flow. I recently changed my flow around and it is now a nice variable flow. My question is the tentacles on my Duncan have grown from 3/4-1" to anywhere from 2-4". I think this might be because of flow but I really don't know but is there anything wrong with my Duncan. One other bit, the tentacles have been growing since I got it. There are also what looks like knots in some of the tentacles, is there any problem with that? I have included a pic and a Video. Thanks Lucas Photo Video
  14. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    I purchased some 5x1W blue and white bulbs in the past to test them out but have never gotten around to it. I now see there are some 3x1W true royal blue 460nm bulbs we can get. I guess it pays to procrastinate. I have a 40 breeder and am planning on 32 bulbs (2 rows of 16) with 60 degree optics (I plan on mounting my bulbs 4-6 inches from the water). In the future I plan on adding 4 of each deep red, True Violet and Turquoise from LEDgroupbuy to better improve color. I contacted the seller of the true royal blue 460nm bulbs and he said that he can put in 60 degree reflectors if I would want and to make a note when I put in my order. From what I read I wonder if he could make up 16 bulbs with 2blue and 1 white bulb and 16 bulbs with 2 white and 1 blue? Anyways, what is the ratio I should use with the new 460nm bulbs 1:1 or 2:1? Question #2 is 32 bulbs going to be enough for LPS and in the future maybe a SPS, clam and/or RBTA? Thanks Lucas
  15. LIGHTS/PUMPS/Koralina

    reply sent via email.