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  1. Bio cube 29 Gallon return pump

    I installed the Cobalt MJ 900 today. It is purrrring like a kitten! I need to look into those ratchet clamps. Thank you for the help!
  2. Bio cube 29 Gallon return pump

    Ir popped off once. Now I'm parinoid is about it....
  3. Bio cube 29 Gallon return pump

    What's the best way to plumb the new pump into the existing piece that goes through the back wall? Is there a loc line that can be used to replace the hose to prevent it from popping off?
  4. Bio cube 29 Gallon return pump

    I had a marine land one. I have a circulation other then the return pump.
  5. I have read a million articles on this subject, but I can't find any now. I want to replace my return pump. I do t want a MJ 1200. The last one I had was terribly loud. I was also wondering if anybody has used loc line instead of tubing for the return pipe. Thank you in advance.
  6. Restocking Bio Cube 29 Gallon

    I ended up going with 2 Picasso Clowns!
  7. Aiptasia

    The blow torch would have been more fun.....
  8. Restocking Bio Cube 29 Gallon

    I have been thinking about it only one pair of clowns would coexist. Anything more would result in casualties....
  9. Restocking Bio Cube 29 Gallon

    I recently had a disease ich kill my two clown fish of 5 years. I managed to save my Hawfish. I'm trying to figure out which direction to go with restocking my tank. I want to have SPS corals in the future. Is it possible to have a clown fish tank with 5 clown fish? I would introduce them all at the same time at an extremely young age. I really have no idea which direction to go..... Thank you
  10. Aiptasia

    Thank you!!
  11. Aiptasia

    I'm aquascaping today. I have had peppermint shrimp that won't touch this stuff. Does anybody have any ideas on how to kill it for good since the Rock is out of my tank. It seems to only be on the one rock as of now.
  12. Controller recommendations for a bio cube 29

    It's to easy to justify the Apex Gold...
  13. Controller recommendations for a bio cube 29

    ThAts what I was thinking also.
  14. I have been considering buying a controller for my tank. So far I have been leaning toward the Apex Jr. or Apex Standard. Which features are necessary? There seem to be son any options. Is there another option that makes sense? I would like to control my lights, heater, moon lights, and possibly monitor salinity. I plan on getting into more coral in the coming months.
  15. Coral Banded Shrimp

    I am thinking about adding a Coral Banded Shrimp to my 29 Gallon Bio Cube. My tank has been running for about 4 years. I have a 6 Line Wrasse, and a pair of Black Clown Fish. No coral currently. I added a cleaner shrimp 3 weeks ago. I never witnessed any aggression towards the cleaner shrimp, however one morning I came down to find body parts on the floor of my tank. Until a year ago I had a cleaner shrimp with these three fish without any issues. Does anybody have any experience with a banded shrimp that they could share?