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  1. SWC 160 Extreme Skimmer

    I have a 1 year old SWC 160 Extreme for sale. Skimmer is a beast and works awesome. It is built like a tank. Comes with a spare Atman 2500 pump, and a Pinwheel impeller, just in case you prefer one over the two needle wheel hybrid mesh impellers that come with the pumps. I am asking $260 shipped for everything.
  2. Here is a video of it running in a vinegar bath. I am cleaning it up to sell. And the skimmer body is not white, it is clear like the collection cup. That is just how dense the bubbles are in the skimmer, they look like milk. -Brian http://s25.beta.photobucket.com/user/Brianflipside/media/004-2.mp4.html
  3. I have a SWC extreme 160 skimmer, with spare pump and impeller I am selling if you are looking for a good skimmer.With the extra pump and impeller it cost me almost $390, will sell it for $250 shipped. -Brian
  4. nickjqz feedback

    Good guy, fast shipper. Communicates fast and well.
  5. Kessil a150w

  6. Kessil a150w

  7. Kessil a150w

    Back up for sale, Person could not use Paypal.
  8. Kessil a150w

    Lights pending Paypal payment.
  9. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Umm, who is it sold to then? This guy who posted after me? Or, me?
  10. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Paypal money sent.
  11. FS: 500 mL - BRS Biopellets

    Would you take 90 shipped for Skimmer?
  12. Kessil a150w

    PM's replied too.
  13. Kessil a150w

    There is only one hanger. And shipping them separately will result in a higher shipping cost. But I would separate for two serious buyers. $178 Shipped each. The best bang for the buck is too buy them both with the hanger shipped for only $340.
  14. Kessil a150w

    Some one PM'ed me about how they are hung, and if the hanger is included. Here a couple of pictures, and yes, it is included. It allows me to adjust how far it hangs from the tank easy and i do not have to attach anything to the tank itself.
  15. Kessil a150w

    24x24x16- one is technically enough for a tank this size, but i like the added brightness and my corals responded well. With proper coral placement both these lights would be fine over a 4ft long tank. I would not keep any high light demanding corals, unless the tank was shallow (16 inches high or less). They are truly amazing lights that give off a great shimmer, and no disco ball color banding like the Cree fixtures do.