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  1. Boostled

    Im planning on putting 3 par 30's over my 40 breeder. Ive been told that this is perfect for any growth, you could definitely have 2 or 3 over your 29.
  2. Top Crown Snails

    Anyone know anything about these snails or does anyone have any of these in their tanks? Thanks
  3. Yellow watchman goby puffing up

    Haha YWG's are badass
  4. Use sand or don't use sand?

    I have Aragamax, I think its fine it covers maybe 3 inches of the bottom of my tank and its heavy enough to not cause too much blow around from my power heads. Id say as long as your tank is big enough and setup your rock formation in such a way that your power heads dont need to be pointed at the sand, it works fine. I have no complaints with sand just keep the right workers in your tank to keep it clean and dont over feed.
  5. Oscellaris not eating

    My Oscellaris were a little strange when i first introduced them to my tank, I feed them semi sinking granual pellets they seem to really like it now, they even eat my mysis shrimp now. It took a while for them to get used to the tank because they were one of my first fish when the tank was cycling. I dont know if this will help but i remember being a little worried about them at first too.
  6. BoostLED 40 breeder setup

    Nice I was planning on getting three and exactly that light formation. Thanks

    wow thats pretty cool, I will probably end up adding another to my tank

    Thanks alot I like the idea of the fairy wrasse. My tank is full of hiding areas, its just that i like where my YWG has chosen to live its a perfect spot and id rather not worry about aggression from either the YWG or a 6 line. Thanks for the comments both of you
  9. YWG faded almost clear

    Alright cool, I'll have to do some searching and if not than ill just pick up a variety of food.
  10. NEW FISH

    It says it in my signature lol i figured i wouldnt write it in the message. I had a Sixline wrasse but i bought him for really cheap because he wasnt healthy, I wanted to see if he would survive but he died maybe 4 months later during a move, i was sad.. I think wrasses will be really aggressive towards my YWG in my opinion, dont you think?
  11. YWG faded almost clear

    Nice im going to look for that variety block thanks
  12. NEW FISH

    I have a YWG, 2 clowns and a cleaner shrimp, what would look nice with those guys, i want a bigger fish but not to aggressive and who will do his daily business in a different level of the tank than the goby and the clowns. Much appreciated
  13. YWG faded almost clear

    Same here my YWG goes greyish at night and when the lights come back on in the morning it takes a bit for him to go nice and bright yellow again. I didnt know i should be feeding 3+ foods in his ration.. i feed nutrafin max and mysis shirimp. but mainly the nutrafin granules. Recommendations on food to add to the diet??
  14. YWG Acclimation To New Tank

    he seems alright today haha i can see him poking out of the middle cave in the rocks
  15. BoostLED 40 breeder setup

    Anyone out there who has a BoostLED par30 setup on their 40 breeder? I'd like to take a look, post some pictures and let me know what bulb formulation you prefer. Feel free to post pics even if you dont have a 40 breeder. Thanks