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  1. John's 28g Deep Sea Adventure

    Wow. It sure has been awhile. Now I can finally say that I've updated the thread and have the tank looking right! I will be posting pics of some of the new corals and fish soon, so keep an eye out!
  2. Nanocube 24g 28g HQI

    one more try....
  3. Aqualifters in Tandem on a JBJ ATO

    Awesome. Thanks a ton!!!
  4. Nanocube 24g 28g HQI

    Anybody know?
  5. Aqualifters in Tandem on a JBJ ATO

    I plugged it into the wall and it still stunk. I've had the thing set up for almost a year and it has run dry quite a few times when I left it in the care of others. I think the pump might just be fried. I will replace the diaphragm on mine, but in the meantime, I've ordered two new ones.
  6. Nanocube 24g 28g HQI

    Are these hoods exactly the same between the two? I'm looking to do a DIY LED retro from rapidled and they say their kit fits the 24g, but they are not sure it will fit the 28g. Has anyone worked with both of these and measured the mounting holes on the top? Thanks!
  7. Exactly as the title says. My Aqualifter crapped out on me and the pumping mechanism slowed way down to the point where it was a VERY slow drip. I took it apart, cleaned it, and put it back together, but still nothing. I think it may have just been running too hard to push the ATO water up to the tank. I'm getting two new ones and was thinking of putting them on an extension cord and plugging that into the JBJ ATO, but I don't want to fry my ATO too. Will this work? I don't want to run a MJ600 or Rio or similar pump because it's just too much flow. I was happy with my little Aqualifter, even if it did always struggle to pump the whole way up my stand and into my tank.
  8. Tiny digitate hydroid infestation

    Whoa that's going to be a rough battle. I already boiled all my rock to kill aiptasia on one occasion. How long have you had them? I might just wait and hope they burn themselves out.
  9. Will Cooking the rock kill aptasia?

    I tried using a syringe with kalk paste and boiling water. I also tried aiptasia x. They just made them spread. I would try the blowtorch or lighter method and if it doesn't work, boil the rocks. I boiled mine and then let them cure in saltwater in 5g buckets and it worked great. I didn't lose a single piece of livestock either!
  10. Tiny digitate hydroid infestation

    I can't photograph them, despite my best effort. They're so tiny and thin that they're honestly hard to look at with the human eye. The best representation I could find of these particular ones is this one from http://www.chucksaddiction.com/hitchodds.html. I know it's not great, but it's probably as good as it's going to get. These look exactly like what I have, and I haven't found any solid info on ways to control these guys other than people saying that they eventually exhausted their food supply and went away on their own after a long period of time. However, it seems like others have been plagued with hydroids forever and cannot get them to go away no matter how hard they try.
  11. Contamination

    ^+1 for the hot water FW rinse. FWIW, I did WCs on my QT tank during an ich breakout with the same hose I used for my DT. I have never seen ich again in over 10 months, so I think that I didn't transfer any. If you're super worried, get a new siphon for the DT and use the old one for the QT tank. It's $5 or so and you'll probably sleep better at night.
  12. Ugh. It seems like I'm quite prone to getting nasty little things in my tank. First was the aiptasia on my LR which I took care of over the course of a couple months. Then, I left the tank in the care of my father and wound up with a HUGE population of red flatworms and some hair algae. Now that those have been taken care of, I'm faced with a new challenge.... Okay, so now I've got these digitate hydroids in my 28g nanocube which has been set up for about 10 months. The tank has been broken down 3 times over the 10 months, once to murder aiptasia and two more times to move to new residencies. I would say it's very stable, but not quite as mature as a 10 month tank which has been sitting undisturbed forever. I first saw the hydroids when I introduced some new frags and since then, they have exploded. They are covering every open surface on a few rocks and have begun growing adjacent to my hydnophora and my millepora. They don't appear to be harming them, but they're just kind of ugly and look like white fuzz on the rocks from a distance. Seriously, the population density is that thick. I have some zoos, so I'd prefer for them not to spread to those rocks because I've heard stories of certain varieties of digitate hydroids damaging zoanthid colonies, so it is time to start thinking about eliminating these guys. I've done a pretty comprehensive search on here and 3reef and reefcentral, and it seems like most people who have hydroids have not had these kind. I'm not sure if they're really that much of a nuisance, but any input is valuable. These are not the long brownish digitate hydroids I seem to see a lot of people posting threads about. Instead, they consist of very short (maybe 1/8") white filaments with little white bulbs at the top. Some of them seem to have even tinier hair-like tentacles coming off the bulbs (just a few micrometers thick), but most just look like tiny bulbs on the ends of little filaments. They are primarily in low flow areas, and are starting to encroach upon my corals. They are highly difficult to photograph, even with a macro lens. They do not recede when agitated, or do much of anything except take over entire rocks. For a spot-on representation of the species I have, visit http://www.chucksaddiction.com/hitchodds.html and look under hydroids. They're the third row down on the left. My current stock list includes a tailspot wrasse, which doesn't appear to be interested in them. I have a cleaner shrimp and a pistol shrimp, so a peppermint may not be a good idea, though I've heard they almost never touch hydroids anyway. I've heard about keyhole limpets eating some kinds of hydroids, but I also have some nice SPS frags that I don't especially want to lose (I hear they get an appetite for SPS as well). I'm also not interested in using a toothbrush to scrub my rocks because I'm pretty sure it will just spread them to new areas. I also used the boil-all-your-rocks method to forever conquer aiptasia, but it is no longer appropriate because the tank is much more mature now and that would definitely lead to a crash. Lastly, please do not suggest that I use superglue. I'd have to go through bottles and bottles of the stuff just to put a dent in the population and it have to completely coat a few rocks. For now, I'm going to decrease feedings, especially of small foods like oyster feast and try to spot feed more. My corals won't like that very much, but they're just going to have to deal with it. I've got a pretty heavy filtration system in the tank and do 10% water changes 1-2 times weekly, so they shouldn't be able to filter feed much. I'm also going to add an MP10 in the next week or so to try and eliminate any dead spots that allow them to attach easily, but we will see how that goes. In the meantime, any suggestions are welcome, but it looks like I'm probably just going to end up playing the waiting game and hope the population starves and implodes on itself. If anyone can solve this problem for me, I will be eternally grateful. I understand that this thread was a bit tedious to read, so I thank all of you in advance for any input you may have on the topic whatsoever.
  13. FS - Leaving Hobby Sale

    I'll take the pico and the sump if shipping to 30601 is reasonable and they're still available. Let me know.
  14. Actnics for a JBJ 28 HQI

    Should've probably mentioned that i run a 1/13hp chiller. If I turn it off, the tank will reach 81 degrees in the matter of an hour or so and would probably get up to around 85, though I don't dare test it. Oh yeah, and the temperature in the room rarely gets over 70 degrees. That being said, I'm not so sure that the 2x18w actinics really have much to do with it. I think it's more a function of my 150w MH bulb, the Maxi Jet 1200s on my returns, my tunze skimmer, and the two additional powerheads I run. Compared to all that, my actinics hardly do anything.