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  1. 50x25x16 Rimless

    FTS 1-19-2015 Just about ready for some SPS.
  2. 50x25x16 Rimless

    Thank you. I am still diggin it so far. The good news - The turbo snails and lawnmower blenny destroyed the GHA. The bad news - the super nice hammer did not make the ship over the mountain range. Very disheartening because even with it being retracted the colors looked bright orange. Everything else that was sent over was stressed out but came out of it. I guess these are the risks we take when the temp drops. The box was also saturated like it had been sitting in a puddle. The seller is holding another hammer slightly less awesome but I will be picking that one up in person (Hopefully with a couple more frags).
  3. 50x25x16 Rimless

    The tank is doing ok at the moment. Currently fighting a GHA outbreak on the new rock from BRS. Picked up a couple more turbo snails to help combat it. Dialed the lights back a bit also. Still waiting to purchase the final RMS for the second radion. Once that arrives I can remove the hamilton fixture and go with just the two radions. Putting in an order for an ultra gold/orange wall hammer. The order will also have additional frags to help with the loss of coral during the transfer period since the leaky tank forced me to keep them in subpar conditions longer than I planned for. The seller has done a lot to help the situation and will probably continue to get my buisness even with what happened. Once the unsightly algae is under control and the lights are finalized I will post some pics.
  4. 50x25x16 Rimless

    Far right side Right side Front Center Front Left side FTS Second Radion on the way. Kalk reactor here thursday. Going to give the wallet a break and then work on filling this barren space.
  5. Aussie Metallic Orange Hammers and MORE!

    Are the Hammers Wall or Branching? Would pick up a single head of the orange if there was such an option.
  6. 50x25x16 Rimless

    Was target feeding the dendros and noticed something. This one head has two seperate mouths. Not sure if the mouth just hasn't fully formed yet or if it is two independant mouths. Has anyone seen this before? Anyway, thought I would share.
  7. 50x25x16 Rimless

    A friend runs the bigger version of this kalk reactor from Avast Marine Works and has had good results. Constructing it will be fun. Also ordered the Marinepure Bio Media Block. Have heard so many great things about this product. The 8x8x4 will fit perfect in my sump. I will update when I get the reactor and snap some pics of the construction process. I think for now I will just use the RKL and my doser pump to top off.
  8. Interesting growths

    Excellent sand stirrer or scavenger. Will pop out of the sand when they smell food, or you are feeding the fish. Contrary to popular belief these snails do NOT eat algae. In reference to the Nassarius eating algae-
  9. 50x25x16 Rimless

    Water cleared up enough to start brainstorming where I want to put the old stuff and plan for the new.
  10. 50x25x16 Rimless

    Water was clear this morning. I like the new scape...just not sure how I will integrate the existing rock. I will get some updated pics once I figure it out. Currently using my 36" Hamilton Cebu 2x250W halide + 4 T5 fixture (minus the halides) in combination with one gen 2 radion. Not sure what direction I want to go with light. I really like the pop from the radion and the coverage of the T5s. I would just stick with the halides but there is so much light scatter in our living room that its not viewer friendly. I think one more radion would do the trick. The new SICCE Syncra 3.0 is also a nice addition. Very minimal noise and quite powerful.
  11. 50x25x16 Rimless

  12. picOaquariums custom

    Smaller footprint but what if the suction cup fails?
  13. Toby's 60g SPS Reef FTS 9/19/15

    Have you seen the video done by Than from Tidal Gardens? Real good cross references in that for ATI bulbs.
  14. 135 rimless reef

    Really looks clean and professional. The compound you used for your seams. It looks almost like grout? Is it a higher grade silicone? Very clean.
  15. 63 gallon budget reef

    Sounds like a solid plan