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  1. Looking great, but have a question for you. How do you acclimate the oranges and bananas?
  2. thanks. Its getting pretty damn big!
  3. Today is the 1 year mark on my 28 cf quad. Pretty pleased so far.
  4. got inspired by urbaneks pic. Not at all the same quality, (taken on iphone), but still a cool pic i thought.
  5. 271

    green bay packers?
  6. Love the tank as well as the bull terrier!
  7. Haha. I also have a clown named Homie! But more fitting, he is a black and white!
  8. Nope, no help at all. They just started rubbing up against it, and now are in it all the time!
  9. Thanks! Its taken them about 2 months
  10. Clowns finally starting to show some interest in my Duncan. (sorry for the crappy phone pic!)
  11. Like the scape! How long has it been set up?