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  1. how do you get a mushroom to stick to a rock

    I usually just try to find a crack or crevice of some sort in a lower flow area. Stick it in there and they are usually attached in a couple hours or so. (I know....Thats what she said!)
  2. new acan i picked up

    Looking great, but have a question for you. How do you acclimate the oranges and bananas?
  3. FS full setup JBJ 28g Nano Cube

    Somebody better snatch this up! The damn chiller alone is worth the price!
  4. Crazy Duncan-

    Mine grows like crazy! In my avatar pic it has 2 heads. That pic was taken about a year ago. Now I would guess it has around 25, but its too hard to count to get an exact number.
  5. What kind of algae? And how do I remove?

    It kind of looks like cyano the way its matted up.
  6. Fish hitchhiker help

  7. If you wait awhile between adding them, you should be fine. I have a 28g nano cube and currently have 2 clowns, ywg, and a red fairy wrasse. No problem with bioload, just make sure you dont overfeed
  8. WTB: 28g nano cube led hood

  9. WTB: 28g nano cube led hood

    Yea, I kinda figured im probably going to have to go with a diy, but you never know what someone may have lying around that they want to get rid of.
  10. WTB: 28g nano cube led hood

    I am trying to part ways with the stock pc lighting and am not really wanting to do a diy. Figured just swapping out the hood would be the way to go. If anyone has an extra one, or one to sell just let me know.
  11. jbj 28 after a year

    thanks. Its getting pretty damn big!
  12. corals to choose

    Start with lps. Mushrooms, zoas, hammer, torch, frogspawn, acans, favia, etc...
  13. jbj 28 after a year

    Today is the 1 year mark on my 28 cf quad. Pretty pleased so far.
  14. ywg

    got inspired by urbaneks pic. Not at all the same quality, (taken on iphone), but still a cool pic i thought.
  15. Hitchhiker crab removal

    Yea its a pain in the butt. Good luck man! Just load the bottle trap with all kinds of brine/mysis, or whatever other tasty fish treats you have on hand.