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  1. Is it vodka? 10
  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. great job SS!
  4. looks like one of those pencil trolls! LOL!
  5. i'm so glad my mouth dosent look like that!
  6. :3

    Very nice!
  7. Amazing shot! Gmv
  8. just so you know that is not a hermit crab i only say that because it's entered in the hermit crab photo contest
  9. It rubs the lotion on its shell or else it gets the air again
  10. Sweet!
  11. very nice! look like its just a baby!
  12. how do you like the lights?
  13. I think it's pee! =)
  14. looks like a rose! wow!
  15. looking great! especially for only being 2 months old (y)