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  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That was great/ mean. Thor has learned that I am the food master and has become so sweet to me after our time together. I love him It is so fun to watch him while I watch him. I am mesmerized his amazing animal
  3. i heard a story about why Kat changed her shoes from the pink ones to the black ones Some guy paid her 20 bucks to do Cleavland steamer on her feet... the shoes didn't make it true story...or not... you decide
  4. Did you see the new Nat geo video! so awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...p;v=KVy9qSySSK0 i am so excited for you!
  5. Hi C Cap =) no water change till all ammonia and nitrite at 0 for a few days at least i know the waiting game sucks! trust me. I waited a month on both my tanks.
  6. Marty Mcfly > wiener warrior > tuba battle > squirrel ketchup > shart graffiti > Cleavland steamer sandwich > elephant trunk styled rock penis > Cape horn
  7. i guess its amazing how they could ever survive in the wild without us burring the rock for them They smash and burrow through LR, and as they burrow they can hit the glass tank bottom and try to smash/burrow through that too. From what I've read, having 2" or so of sand helps prevent this, because once they hit sand they stop burrowing. I'm still very new to all this though.
  8. I have heard of people using Plexiglases sheets on the bottom. Plus try to keep you live rock on top of the sand. That way if they are smashing their way down they will hit the sand and know when to stop. I just learned this yesterday. keep your thermometer and heater hidden in a sump... or up high. They don't like the color red...mine just broke my thermometer i am no expert but there are some really amazing threads with tons of people with experience on here with tons of great info... shout out to "theunfocusedone".. he has helped me tons!
  9. The only advise i can give if you ever want to put the MP10 back on is to use the foam cover that comes with it. It can calm the flow down quite a bit but u have to remember to clean it often
  10. I belonged to the west coast polyps when i was younger. i got out because that whole east coast reef / west coast reef thing almost got me killed. the I <3 NR gang was so hardcore or a Sasquatch!