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  1. Sun Coral planula

    Ok this may seem like a dumb question but does anyone know what the average time frame is for sun coral planula to form into a polyp once it has settled and attached somewhere? About 3 weeks ago when I shut my pumps off to feed my sun coral it started spitting out a large number of planula. Since then I have a number of orangish yellow oval shaped spots throughout the tank that do not appear to be getting larger and show no reaction during feeding time. I'll try and get soem pics up later.
  2. My Biocube 29g HQI

    No. I have never posted anything on youtube not even a comment. Also tank has only been up for about a month and a half, so no there has not been an anemone in it before, and there won't be for a few more months yet.
  3. My Biocube 29g HQI

    just updating with new tank pic with two newest residents a BSJ and yellow polyp colony.
  4. what is this

    little blue and whiteish banded arms? not sure on the species, but yes it is a mini brittle starfish. I currently have an outbreak of the little guys, that started with 2 on a shroom rock I got a couple month ago, now they are all over in and under my live rock. I have caught a few of them sifting through the sand bed late at night.
  5. How do you keep filter floss from main tank?

    well a little over a week later and figured I should pop on to say that everyone was right. The Rio has settled in and hardly noticeable, and the skimmer has stopped with the micro bubbles (depending on water level), and has been pulling an obscene amount of skimmate since the second day. still obnoxiously loud but the performance far outways the noise.
  6. Tube Worm? ID

    Depends on how the light hits them, but yeah I can see them from the other side of my house.
  7. Tube Worm? ID

    That was what I had thought originally given the number of smaller barnacles, but was second guessing that due to the layout of the cirri, the fact that they do not fully retract even when disturbed, I can see no signs of opperculum, and a lot of whishful thinking. oh well they still look cool. Thanks for the help.
  8. Tube Worm? ID

    The Christmas tree rock I got yesterday, while lacking much in the way of Christmas Tree worms seems to have a lot of small barnacles, 3 or 4 tiny brittle stars, and what looks like some kind of tube worm that I have never seen before. The cirri are very long eliptical, and irridecent. The attached photos are the best that I can do so hopefully someone can recognize them.
  9. Trying to get away from my aggressive fish ways

    Personally I have never had much luck with Pajamas not turning on one another eventually or from the outset, even in larger tanks with more than enough room 125+, but then I know people that had kept 2 or 3 in 55 and 75s for a few years. YWG are great low maintenance fish, as are scooter blennies if you can get one that already takes prepared foods. Mine is even less subtle than my rottweiler when he thinks it is time to eat, and just goes nuts when he sees the Rods package dancing up the side of the glass flashing his dorsal fin and flushing his cheeks. Downside is depending on coral selection they can be a bit of a nuisance as they run all over looking for pods. Green and yellow clown gobies make for colorful couch potatoes, although can be proplematic for SPS particularly if you get mated pair. If you have a DSB or better yet a PVC burrow you can't go wrong with a jawfish for simple quirky personality. Maybe an urchin clingfish or possible one of the pygmy wrasses. Hope that helps.
  10. My Biocube 29g HQI

    Added what was supposed to be a Christmas Tree Worm porite rock, that does not appear to have made the transistion well. Waiting to see how the worms do, however is also covered in other tube worms, 4 or 5 tiny bristle stars, and what I think are barnacles kind of hard to tell at the moment. Also aquired a alveopora frag from the original colony I had in my 125G I gave away when I took that tank down. Had full extentions from all polyps with an hour and a half of moving into the tank. CBS will be getting exchanged at the LFS for a skunk cleaner later this weekend, since I caught him taking a run at the scooter blenny again, have to wait since she decided to molt while I went to get the kids from school so I want to give it a little recoup time. With any luck the Blue Spotted Jawfish will be coming home tommorrow, was too busy playing hide and seek so didn't want to stress him out any more than necessary, even if it is only a mile drive. Also hoping chaeto finally shows up today, more to the point hoping mailman didn't screw up and deliver tot he wrong address again. Got new pics right after lights on.
  11. How do you keep filter floss from main tank?

    Thanks. Tried that last night, for the record the 5 minute estimate is 4 minutes 30 seconds removing the friggin thing from the chamber, and like 30 seconds for the mod. Also thinking about trying to find a better way to clamp the front and back pieces together to get a bit better seal and remove the need for the upper and lower brackets since they are more for holding it together, since the suction sups are useless and the bracket can be permanently attached. That woud make getting it in and out for maintenance a lot easier, plus plug some of the small gaps that are letting bubbles out. Seems to be more stable but oddly enough it has developed a much louder intermittent gurgling sound, hoping this is something that will work itself out over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for the suggestion bioload Oh and StevieT going to be ordering a replacement retention bracket since my 7 year old stepped on and broke it while trying to "help" last night. Any chance of getting it cut from bullet proof glass?
  12. How do you keep filter floss from main tank?

    I think there is some confusion to the space I am referring to since you could never any skimmer in that small of a gap. My finger is in the gap I am referring to between the basket and the front chamber wall. Either way as I said I am more than happy with the basket it performs it's job perfectly it is I guess you could say more of an aestetic preferrence.
  13. How do you keep filter floss from main tank?

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions guys! Just a side note my comment about whishing the media basket was a bit wider had nothing to do with it wobbling or causing any real problems with funtionality since it had parts to guide water flow over the basket it was more a personal prefference for filling the chamber.
  14. Biocube 14 Water Changes

    StevieT's post pretty well covers everything you need to do. My experience was a little different because I bought the tank used and had a problem with insanely high nitrates, 180 before 50% change and after, until I got all of the built up detritus cleared out of the bottom chamber on chamber one. Becuase of this I was doing 7% water changes daily and blasting the heck out of the bottom grate. Not sure about Oceanic salt as it has been a few years since I have used it, currently using Kent. However I start the water a day or so ahead of time adding the .5 cups per gallon and then using a tablespoon of salt to bring it up to desired salinity about every half hour just to make sure it is thourougly mixed. My preference is to do frequent small water changes to reduce the amount of dosing done to the tank, 1 or 2 cups a day. Really it comes down to your water parameters dictating when and how much you do. As to how, I shut off the return pump and use a turkey baster to agitate any detritus in the back chambers and siphon from there first. However if you have better filtration, ie filter floss over stock filter you should have very little in chambers 2 and 3. I also use the turkey baster on the live rock to gently blow off any accumultaion from live rock and sand once or twice a week, so even with filter floss I sill hit chamber 1 and just siphon anything that get blown back into the tank otherwise just agitate chamber 1 and siphon directly from there. The to replace what was taken out I just pour it slowly into chamber 2. Hope this was sumewhat useful.
  15. My Biocube 29g HQI

    1" Black Argonite LS on top of 3" black argonite sand. 30 lbs. Live Rock Live Stock 4 Astrea Smails 6 Nassarius Snails 12 Creith snails 5 Florida Certih Snails 6 tiny Blue legged hermits 1 Emerald crab (smaller than a quarter) 2 Pepermint Shrimp 1 Banded Coral Shrimp 1 Nemo 1 Scooter Blenny 1 Yellow Watchman Goby Kenya trees mushroom rock Trachophyllia Zoa rock Fern caulerpa Recent upgrades Rio 6hf pump Media basket Aqualife mini 115 skimmer JBJ fuge light waiting on chaeto Most of what is in the tank except LS was transferred over from 14g Biocube I had bought used over the course of the last month and a half after live sand had cycled. Basically moved 1 peice of rock and a couple of snails ever 3-4 days, and one fish every 2 weeks. Future changes planned: Fern caluerpa will be slowly removed witht he addition of chaeto later this week. Blue Spot Jawfish (will be bringing him home next week depending on if he is still doing good in LFS quaratine tank) Pulsing xenia Cocoa worms possibly christmas tree worm (this is more of a want, but due to scooter blenny's penchant for invistigating everything probably not going to happen) Mandarin Goby/Dragonette (LFS has been holding one for me for 3 months, he readily accepts rods and is fat and happy there, just waiting to make sure the biocube 14g is able to maintain a stable enough pod population) candy canes blastos finger leather and possibly a Tridac crocea Will also most likely be taking the CBS back to LFS to exchange for a skunk cleaner or possibly a Fire shrimp since after her larvae dispersed and getting evicted by the watchman goby has become a little aggressive towards the scooter blenny and the the peppermint shrimp. As much as I like the Fire shrimp I am leaning to the skunk cleaner after the last Fire shrimp pulled a leroy jenkins into the trachophyllia. (yeah I know I posted it was the lobo that ate him, I always get them bassackwards.) Will grab some more pics of the back of the tank when battery recharges.