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  1. Help with Biocube 14G cleaning, pls

    from what I've read it seems that most people break out the floor of chamber 1, i know i did in my BC 29
  2. Introduction and Mentor Request

    I am also a noob and have never heard of this tank, but from what I have read, bioballs are worthless and will just cause more of a problem in the future. I would see about making yourself a media rack of some sort for some purigen and chemi-pure elite for the spot where the 'filter balls' are. Also, the sponge will get nasty and become a nitrate trap (also from what I have read, I am a noob as well) it might be worth it to invest in some cheap filter floss that can be replaced every 4days to a week or so. Also not sure what the filtration is under the protein skimmer? +1 use RODI from a trustecd LFS or your own, you could also use pink top distilled water available in gallons at wal-mart if you can't get good rodi Good lucky on everything! ~Andy
  3. Live rock and salinity

    yea mine seems to mix about 1/2 cup of salt per gallon, so I wouldn't start with 5 cups for 5 gallons. +1 premixed from LFS to start
  4. How to change water like a n00b

    sounds like some people need to invest in some bigger containers for their rodi
  5. attention new to the hobby.

    Sounds like you should have posted this in the hardware classifieds section of the forum.
  6. Where to buy ro/di water

    I have to ask at my LFSs they don't advertise it anywhere, but I have learned my LFSs dont have good quality water. So I buy gallons of distilled water from wal-mart (pink tops), until I can get my own RODI unit, it has worked well for me and I have seen others on this forum using it a well.
  7. Just ordered corals

    how did everything turn out initial? I lost one of my zoa frags that had fallen off the plug, I think a hermit carried it away. Other than that all others are doing well and opening.
  8. Returning to the hobby.

    hard to tell if you got the tank like new while you were cleaning it. If you haven't I would suggest that you do that now before any of your shipments arrive. It looks pretty clean, but if you want to get it immaculate, just take out about a gallon or 2 of water a put a gallon of white distilled vinegar in there let it run for a few hours then take a gentle scrub brush or toothbrush and any remants of anything will come right off. Then dump it fill with RODI if you have it available, let it run with that for a day, dump it then new salt water. I got a BC29 from craigslist for $65 including stand and after the vinegar bath it looked great. Anyways good luck with your new tank and have fun!
  9. Is this Coral on my L.R. ?

    Well I am sure he had to pay for the LR, so depending on the price of it I would agree.
  10. Just ordered corals

    my laptop is dead so until I buy an adapter for my pc I have no way to get the pics off the memory card I hope your come and are in good shape. Most my my zoa frags opened up except for a few polyps here and there but I'm hoping they open today. Other than that pretty good turnout. I'll post some pics when I can, but I have stock lights so its not so impressive.
  11. Just ordered corals

    well all the corals are in the tank, we shall see if they open up in a bit when the lights turn on... there was one doa that looked like they just put 2 dead coral stick skeletons in the bag and called it a free lps but other than that most looks pretty good. Hard to say for sure yet. The box was drenched from water leaking from inside the bottum almost fell out and there almost no air in any of the bags so they wouldn't float. So far though 17 out of 18 not bad, thats if the rest all open.
  12. Just ordered corals

    yep just checked the tracking number and it says I should recieve it by 1030 AM tomorrow. Although I did place this order last friday the 2nd of march.
  13. Just ordered corals

    I just got an e-mail saying that it is sent out today with delivery tomorrow and I should get another e-mail once it gets to the first location.... I also had to re-arrange my work schedule to get tomorrow off so I certainly hope they arrive.
  14. changing from compact flourescent to led

  15. High Nitrates

    +1 Seriously that temp is way too high, maybe that was a typo. Big water changes for those nitrates, 50% water change should bring them down to 40.